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Though the weather outside the Yen offices is gloomy, dark, and spooky on this Friday the 13th, we have a feeling all you manga and light novel fans might just consider this your lucky day!

We know you’ve all been waiting patiently for word on the Kingdom Hearts series, and we’re happy to finally announce the next volumes of KINGDOM HEARTS 358/2 DAYS by Shiro Amano! Left alone to ponder the purpose of her existence and desperate for answers, Xion journeys alone to find out who—or what—she really is. But little do she, Roxas, and Axel know that her quest will lead to the close of one tale and the continuation of another… Find out how their story ends in the final two volumes of KH 358/2 Days due in late 2014!

Amano_KingdomHearts_358-2_v4_TP NOTFINAL Amano_KingdomHearts_358-2_v5_TP NOTFINAL

KINGDOM HEARTS II picks up where the previous volume left off with the Hollow Bastion Restoration Committee having discovered something that could help everyone in their quest to save the worlds: Ansem’s computer. But Sora, Goofy, and Donald are in for a surprise when the computer pulls them inside of it! The next omnibus installment is also just around the corner in winter 2014!

Amano_KingdomHearts_II_v3_TP NOTFINAL

SECRET is the latest psychological thriller by Yoshiki Tonogai of Doubt and JUDGE fame. When six survivors of a tragic bus accident are called into a meeting by their school’s appointed therapist, the last thing they expect is to be told that there are murderers in their midst! With this declaration comes an ultimatum: the murderers must repent their crimes and find some way to answer for them within one week, or the evidence of their sins will be given to the police. Is this a twisted joke or a haunting reality? And just who can you trust when everyone has a secret? If you can’t wait for the first volume to come out in early 2015, be sure to check out the latest digital chapters every month simultaneously with Japan!


Now onto the new stuff. ;)


AKAME GA KILL!, written by Takahiro and illustrated by Tetsuya Tashiro, follows teenage country-bumpkin Tatsumi, who dreams of earning enough money for his impoverished village by working in the Capital—but his short-lived plans go awry when he’s robbed by a buxom beauty upon arrival! Penniless, Tatsumi is taken in by the beautiful and kindly Lady Aria, but just when his Capital dreams seem within reach once more, Lady Aria’s mansion is besieged by Night Raid—a team of ruthless assassins who target high-ranking members of the upper class! As Tatsumi is quick to learn, appearances can be deceiving in the Capital, and this team of assassins just might be…the good guys?! Expect the first volume out in early 2015!


Though we’re certain this next title needs little introduction, SWORD ART ONLINE: PROGRESSIVE, written by Reki Kawahara and illustrated by abec, is a retelling and expansion on the events that took place during Sword Art Online: Aincrad. Expect the light novel and the manga adaptation illustrated by Kiseki Himura in 2015!

SAOProgressive1(novel)_OrigCover SAOProgressive1(manga)_OrigCover

KAGEROU DAZE, written by Jin and illustrated by Shidu, joins Shintarou Kisaragi, a NEET—person “Not in Education, Employment, or Training”—who has refused to leave the comfort of his room for two whole years. But Shintarou’s easy and solitary life is about to take an unexpected turn when his computer crashes and he is forced to venture into the world he was happy to shut out forever…and stumbles into the middle of a hostage situation! Find out what the world has in store for Shintarou in the original light novel and the manga adaptation illustrated by Mahiro Satou in early 2015!

KagerouDays1_OrigCover KagerouDaze1(manga)_OrigCover

Our last treat on the list is one that we’re absolutely thrilled to announce! ABSOLUTE SOLITUDE is the latest light novel series announced by Reki Kawahara, the acclaimed author of the Sword Art Online and Accel World series. With illustrations by Shimeji, the novel will publish for the first time in Japan in the very near future, and we could not be more excited to be bringing this one to you right from the jump!


We hope that was enough good luck to get you through the rest of the day! Happy Friday the 13th!

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  1. Happy to see Kingdom Hearts on here. I was getting worried that it would be left unfinished. You done good as usual Yen Press.

  2. OMG KAgerou Daze yes please, thank you so much, need to preorder LN + manga right now!

    And Absolute Solitude!
    Light novels for thw win! (SAO Progressive LN) too.

  3. Any more digital Square Enix stuff in the near future?

  4. [...] was just announced: Akame ga KILL! has finally been licensed by Yen Press. The first volume will be out in early 2015, so please buy it to support the English manga industry [...]

  5. Kagerou Daze?? OMG OMG best news ever, thank You very much, You’re the best, I love You <333

  6. MORE LIGHT NOVELS :D thanks for the new licenses! just wondering but would yen press consider licensing the baccano and/or durarara light novels too?

  7. Thank you Yen Press

  8. [...] -Source: Yen Press [...]

  9. Solid list of licenses! Very excited for Akame ga Kiru! Will definitely be picking up Kagerou Daze (LN&manga) and SAO Progressive (LN&manga). Nice work, YP!


  11. inter4ever Says:

    Fantastic new licenses. Even more LNs! Can’t wait to see what you have at AX!

  12. Rose Spinoza Says:

    Please, please, PLEASE tell me you got the rights to release the Kagerou Daze novels digtally yen press ;_; .

    Paper books are just too impractical and inconvenient for me at this point in my life ;_; .

    Please, please, please, *continues chanting*

  13. Oh you guys!!! Progressive, and Isolator? Great! (By the way, “Absolute Solitude” was already published in Japan 3 days ago, under the name ?????????????????, with the English title “The Isolator”)

  14. Nice announcements Yen! I know a couple friends who’d die for Kagerou Daze, SAO, and KH :D So I might try ‘em out and even buy them as presents ;) I have a couple license requests if you wouldn’t mind :)
    Manga: Tokyo Ghoul, Rose Gun Days, Hibi Chouchou, Karneval, Elfen Lied, and Brynhildr in the Darkness.
    LN: Baka and Test, Is This a Zombie?, and Kyoukai no Kanata.
    Novels: Shiki and From the New World(Shin Sekai Yori).
    I know it’s a lot of requests(sorry ha ha) but I only want the best from you guys! :D I know you can do it!

  15. Thank you so much for licensing the Kagerou Daze manga and light novels! This is all I’ve been dreaming of!

  16. Neat, Progressive was picked up faster than I expected.

    I wonder what its release schedule will look like?

  17. More light novels are always nice to see! Hoping titles like NisiOisiN’s Monogatari series and Kino’s Journey would be licensed too. Looking forward to reading the Index LN later in the year and I hope more Index franchise LNs will be licensed as well.

  18. Best brithday present EVER
    AND KAGEROU DAZE (NOVEL!!! and manga..)

    and also secret.
    (only way to have topped this would have been durarara)

  19. Both adaptions of Kagerou Daze and SAO Progressive? I can already tell who’s earning my wallet in 2015. For more LN suggestions, I’d TOTALLY buy:
    -Utsuro no Hako to Zero no Maria by Eiji Mikage and Tetsuo
    -Gekkou by Natsuki Mamiya and Shiromiso
    -Black Bullet by Shiden Kanzaki and Saki Ukai

    For manga:
    -Qualia the Purple by Tsunashima Shirou (OMG please, instant pre-order)
    -Iris Zero by Piroshiki and Takana Hotaru (this would hold a special place not only on my shelf for sure)

    Other than that, hope for more manga on iBooks(especially for those living in the Caribbean, Latin, and South America). You guys are seriously turning out to be my favorite US publisher right now!

  20. Akame ga Kill, More SAO, AND Kagerou Daze?

    You have made my day and now the waiting game begins!

  21. [...] Press had a big slate of new licenses to introduce on this Friday the 13th. The violent Akame Ga Kill!, set to become a summer anime, and [...]

  22. AKAME GA KILL!!!! I love you guys!


  24. Holy shmow, Kagerou Daze !! Yen Press, I love you !!(?°?°?)?*?

  25. Yeah Kagerou Daze <3~~.
    I'll also pick up SAO: Progressive too~~.
    Thanks Yen Press~~.

  26. Although I’m happy for kagerou daze, I would like it better If you guys could bring “Lying Mii-kun and Broken Maa-chan” Novel.


  28. Great! New light novel series and more SAO!!!
    Black Bullet will add the strawberry on top of the cake! ;)

  29. [...] Press had a big slate of new licenses to introduce on this Friday the 13th. The violent Akame Ga Kill!, set to become a summer anime, and [...]

  30. Just wanted to voice a quick thanks for continuing to license and release light novels. Your efforts are greatly appreciated, Yen Press team.

  31. THANK YOU SO MUCH, i love youu guyss
    Really looking forward to Sword art online, Kagerou daze and akame ga kill :3
    I hope you can get more light novels (since they seems to be popular now, and i love them to :3)
    I hope you can license LN’s) Durarara, Is this a zombie?, High school dxd, Aria the scarlet ammo,Shakugan no shana, No game no life, Problem children are coming from another world, aren’t they?, Date a live, Devil is a part timer!, Bakemonogatari and Oda nobuna no yabou,,
    I know it was many xD But i really like light novels, i know i can read some of them on baka tsuki, but im not a fan of reading online on pc, ipad etc,,, :3

  32. Kagerou Daze AND both Sword Art Online: Progressive works? Holy f***, I can die happy.

  33. with more Reki’s works coming, how about getting the accel world’s side story manga magisa garden?

  34. OHMYGOD thank you guys so much for licensing Kagerou Days! The entire series will be a sure buy from me!

  35. I would like to see Madan No Ou to Vanadis LN

  36. Yess!!! More Sword Art stuff, now we just need the Monogatari series, Kagerou Daze and Absolute Solitude look great as well c:

  37. [...] Press had a big slate of new licenses to introduce on this Friday the 13th. The violent Akame Ga Kill!, set to become a summer anime, and [...]

  38. Richard J. Says:

    How much more of my money do you want? Sigh, guess I’d better talk to that black market organ guy again. ;)



  41. CTRL + F “Date A Live”
    No results
    Disappointment intensifies

  42. -Shuuen No Shiori.
    -High Speed (Free!).
    -Kyoukai No Kanata.
    Some LN That Are Worth Translating.
    & Thanks For Kagerou Daze.

  43. Almost forgot to mention, but it’d be awesome if you got the Yumekui Merry by Ushiki Oshitaka too, especially for digital format.

  44. Nice selection of new titles.
    Some light novel suggestions:
    Kyo Kara Maoh! (Also the manga)
    Sohryuden: Legend of the Dragon Kings – Viz was going to release this but cancelled for some reason
    Legend of the Galactic Heroes

  45. Ibreaker9736 Says:

    Will you be making SAO Progressive digital?

  46. Chances of licensing Durarara!! or Baccano! ?
    We beg you guys haha.

  47. [...] YenPress írta az oldalán, hogy felkarolt néhány új mangát, amiket 2014. végén/2015. elején fognak elkezdeni kiadni. Igazából annyira nem izgat a dolog, [...]

  48. i really hope you’re leaving some big series announcements for Anime Expo
    (aka, durarara and baccano)

  49. I’m glad to see Kagerou Daze being licensed. I hope you get more light novel licenses like Highschool DxD and Is this a zombie?.

  50. Sweet Kagerou Project! One Week Friends please!!

  51. [...] Yen Press New Licenses [...]


    Light Novel License Requests/Suggestions~

    - Durarara
    - Hakushaku to Yousei (Earl & Fairy)
    - Hyouka
    - Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei (The Irregular at Magic High School)
    - Hataraku Maou-sama!
    - RDG: Red Data Girl
    - No Game No Life
    - Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru. (My Teenage Romantic SNAFU)
    - Log Horizon


    - Chihayafuru (TT v TT)


  54. please…for the light novel
    no game no life
    ELYSION virtual region
    Shokugeki no soma A’la Carte
    Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei

  55. i see no one suggesting love live school idol diary light novel?

  56. Shuuen no Shiori, pls^^

  57. Vaiyoretto Says:

    Please license Horimiya!!

  58. Would be awesome if you guys picked up Nichijou by Arawi Keiichi.

  59. @Vaiyoretto
    Yup I want Horimiya too~
    And Monogatari novels.
    But right now I’m just so happy about Kagerou <3

  60. guess it would just fail to translate monogatari novels for obvious reason…

    as for suggestions:

  61. One thing I gotta love about you guys is that you read the comments and print manga that people ask for.
    It’s really nice to see one month people will ask for someone, and a few months later you will announce that you got the license for it. c:

    One, of the many reasons I really wanna work for you guys. c:
    Ahhh tired of waiting, going to send you guys a email now. (after I type it out)

  62. Riley Wood Says:

    Now, not sure if you read these or would pay any attention to my requests if you did, but, here’s the novels I’d love to see!

    Manga: Rose Guns Days, Monogatari, Baccano, Vamp, Higurashi, and ESPECIALLY Umineko. I know you’ve already licensed the Higurashi and Umineko manga series, but I’d love you guys even more if you’d license the novels! Rose guns Days is a series that has a manga version too, and if you’d rather get that, I’d be just as happy!

  63. Riley Wood Says:

    Oops, I had meant to say Light Novels, not Manga.

  64. I am so happy to hear about the new Kingdom Hearts Manga volumes, I do hope you will consider translating the Kingdom Hearts Novels would make all us fans really happy <3

  65. It would be cool if you had the rights for the light novel:
    Shakugan no shana
    Sunday without god
    The devil is a part-timer
    Kamisama no memo-Chou
    Dantalian no shoka

    There are a lot of light novels I would love to read!

  66. [...] the weekend Yen Press announced several new licenses, including Kingdom Hearts II, Secret a series from the creator of Doubt and Judge, Sword Art Online [...]

  67. To be honest it would be nice to see the BlazBlue light novel’s localized.

  68. I want to see Tsuki Tsuki LN localized.

  69. A light novel I want to see is Maou na Ore to Fushihime no Yubiwa localized.

  70. Aya! Kagerou Project! I will wait for it.
    BTW! I’m still hoping that you can get the light novel of Kokoro Connect. Its a good series..

  71. I’m happy about these announcements but honestly it really is a shame you gave a try to Kagerou Project while you didn’t even consider DRRR!!, Baccano, Vamp (or anything about Narita really) and Hataraku Maou-sama = =

  72. [...] past Friday the 13th wasn’t unlucky for Yen Press, who made a post about some on-going title updates, and four new [...]

  73. Thanks so much for Kingdom Hearts and Kagerou!!!! <3
    I am so excited to buy them ^^ I hope to see more LN releases in the future (especially the Kingdom Hearts novels! I would love to read more!!! *u*) Thanks so much again. I look forward to 2015 ;)

  74. i know it’ supposed to be Shintarou (well, Shintar?), but can you leave it as Shintaro, that’s the romanization everyone else gives it, i know it’s just nitpicking, and it’s minor details… but still (it just doesn’t look right)


    But anyway… thanks for KagePro…

  75. Light novels that like I to see be license by you guys: Date A Live, Durarara, Tokyo ravens, Black Bullet and No Game No Life.

  76. Also please consider licensing Shiina-kun no Torikemo Hyakka.
    Thanks :)

  77. Thanks a lot YenPress, glad to read Sword Art Online :D Tokyo Ghoul, Black Bullet and No Game No Life please ! xD

  78. [...] Akame Ga KILL! – Yen Press [...]

  79. [...] Akame Ga KILL! – Yen Press [...]

  80. [...] Akame Ga KILL! – Yen Press [...]

  81. SoraFinal99 Says:

    Thanks for Kagerou, SAO Progressive and Akame ga Kill!!!!

    And please, consider licensing No Game No Life light novel, it’s fantastic ^^

  82. Thank you so much for Sword Art Online :D !!
    I hope is not too big favour to ask but it would be nice if you would consider licensing Aki’s Aruosumente(Sage Dream?) or other works.Tokyo Ghoul(Sui Ishida) would be great too.And again thank you so much!!!!!!!You made me very happy!

  83. I like to see Is this a zombie LN localized

  84. Sword art online, Akame ga kill and kagero days. A lot of great titles. good job yen press.

  85. professorClayton Says:

    Nice light novel licenses. When you’re considering the next few to license, please think of me, little Professor Clayton, wishing for the Monogatari (Bakemonogatari) series and Classic Literature Club series to be licensed and released in english.
    Pretty please?

  86. Hey are you going to licence Corpse Party one day? Please!!!! It’is awsome it would have as succes as Higurashi when they cry.

  87. Kagerou Daze?! I’m very happy about that… The manga and light novels? Have my money. Take all of it. Keep it. Drink my tears.

    I would, like Clayton, like the Monogatari series to come over. Considering Spice and Wolf, etc, works like it will be pretty successful here. Monogatari isn’t all that niche (and if you like, NIS has Katanagatari under its belt anime wise and the light novels would be splendid to have). Please take my money. And my first born child.

    Speaking of Spice and Wolf, Kino no Tabi would be pretty good too…… Though, to see the Monogatari novels come out in English in any form will have me running to get a tablet to read if its digital only.

    Speaking of Nisioisin, Zaregoto has its first two novels translated too… There’s a translation work (if you know if it) that is also really nice, but I would love to read the Zaregoto novels professionally translated.

    Please have my money.

  88. I like to see Fate/Apocrypha LN

  89. I’d love to see the Black Bullet novels in English, if that’s doable!

  90. Novel requests:
    -From the New World (Shin Sekai Yori)
    -Is This a Zombie?
    -Baka and Test
    Manga requests:
    -Tokyo Ghoul (Please oh please!) :D
    -Rose Guns Days
    -Brynhildr in the Darkness
    Thank you so much for Yen On! :)

  91. Still would like to see ‘Carnival’ manga. Another person suggested ‘Chihayafuru’, that one’s really good too. Kodansha seem to refuse to license Kuragehime so I’d really like to see that one as well. Not enough josei manga these days in English.

  92. batriesyia Says:

    Please please sell Mahouka Koukou No Rettousei & No game No Life light novels. I bet you guys are going to get a lot of fans from it.

  93. hngg please publish aria & aqua ; v ;
    It would totally make my dream come true

  94. I would like to see Rail Wars light novel license

  95. I would like to see Rail Wars light novels and Asura Cryin light novel license

  96. Great for SAO !!!!

    One Request, just one, please consider it

    ~~Kokoro Connect~~ Light Novel :)

  97. Thanks so much for Kagerou <3 ^^^
    But, i hope you guys could license Kemu voxx novel and shuuen no shiori to :3

  98. Oh my gosh!! THANK YOU!! Yen Press always has my favorite manga, like Pandora Hearts and Black Butler!! And I’m over here wondering if Akame ga kill will ever get published here because of the content then bam!!! En press to the rescue!! Also I Love kingdom Hearts really excited for that too!! Interested in reading Kagerou Days

  99. Oh and also please get Tokyo Ghoul! It’s my favorite Seinen/Horror manga at the moment and I am like obsessed wih it!

  100. @brandon and @ Roxas-
    I would love to see Tokyo Ghoul picked up as well. But, Ghoul is a Shueisha title and that means only Viz would have the option to publish the title in North America.

  101. Oh my goodness thank you so much for bringing over both the Kagerou Project novels and manga! I’ve been dying to read the novels and I’ll be getting the manga as well.

  102. @sevi I’m sorry but could you explain to me why that’s so? I don’t like Viz :/

  103. @brandon-
    Viz is Shueisha’s branch in North America. Unlike Kodansha, Shueisha does not allow any other companies to license their titles here. Ask anyone over at Seven Seas, Vertical or DMP and they’ll tell you the same thing.
    Shueisha also decides what ratings the manga have and any censorship is them too.
    Same reason why Reborn! will never be license rescued. Or any other title that the anti-Viz crew might boycott.

  104. @sevi
    Really?! Aw man~ Well that certainly sucks :/ Thanks anyway :)

  105. RootBeerMaster Says:

    Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, I have Always wanted to read Light Novel but no one was publishing anything I would have been even a little Interested, I can’t wait to read A Certain Magical Index, Log Horizon, No Game No Life,Kagerou Daze.

    I hope the next time you guys pick up more titles, that you will also pick up Invaders of the Rokujy?ma, and Problem Children are Coming from Another World, aren’t they?


  107. Damn, soooo goood, going to pick SAO Progressive, Log Horizon and No game no life too, thanks so much.

    I would love to see Horimiya here someday ; _ ;

  108. You guys are awesome. Any plans with the Kingdom Hearts Novels?

  109. Hey what about Dusk Maiden of Amnesia? When will it’s announcement come, because I’m still waiting for it to be published in English here!

  110. Hello still waiting for Dusk Maiden of Amnesia here!

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  112. Yen Press has licensed Akame ga Kill! this year, and it’s a manga series from Square Enix. It’s first volume came out in Japan, a year after volume 1 of Dusk Maiden of Amnesia did… I don’t understand. Shouldn’t the older manga series get licensed in the U.S. before the newer ones do? What’s up with that?!

  113. I´ve just bought the Sword Art Online: Aincrad novels. I must thank you for editing it, as I really love this series and enjoy the SAO world; congratulate you for the excellent edition; encourage you to continue making us fans happy; and thank you again for being about to release the SAO: Alfheim Online novels. Thanks

  114. Hey I heard that the anime version of Akame Ga Kill wasn’t that good. Check out for yourself on anime news network.


  116. Akame Ga Kill!! Thank you so much! I don’t suppose we’ll ever see DRRR or Baccano? Karneval manga would be great too!

  117. @Tiff – Actually, we already announced KARNEVAL! We’re publishing it in 2-in-1 omnibuses, and the first volume is out in March 2015! :)

  118. Just one Request: Rail Wars Light Novel please :D

  119. I would soooo buy Narita Ryouhgo’s stuff, like Baccano and Durarara ; – ;

  120. However then in fact, Minecraft is use to meta-narratives.

  121. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on cat. Regards

  122. Great announcements! Although it’d be even more awesome if you brought High Speed, from Free! :)

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