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June titles and Bloody Cross Volumes 1-3 are now available digitally!

Hey ebook fans, many of our June titles and the first three volumes of BLOODY CROSS are now available digitally! Purchase them for your e-reader today through the Yen Press App or from the following retailers:
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20 Responses to “June titles and Bloody Cross Volumes 1-3 are now available digitally!”

  1. meddlechoes Says:


    I was wondering if Judge vol.4 is correctly listed on Amazon for the Kindle edition. The previous 3 volumes sell for $6.99 each and vol.4 also sells for $6.99 on nook. However, for the Kindle, volume 4 sells for $12.99 at this link .

  2. Shelly Marsh Says:


    I would like to know if the price for Judge vol.4 on Kindle is correct. It is currently listed at $12.99 though prior volumes are $6.99 each and vol.4 is also $6.99 each on nook. Please respond to my question rather than deleting it without a response. Thank you.

  3. @meddlechoes – Thanks for pointing this out. We’re looking into the issue now!

  4. @Shelly Marsh – We’re looking into the issue now.

  5. That’s phenomenal news! Keep up the great work, Team Yen!

    By the way, I wasn’t sure if this was the right place to ask or not (please forgive me if it’s not): Is there even the slightest chance we could see Yen license Crash ‘n’ Burn by Mikiko Ponczeck? ( I would dearly love to own this series and I’m always rooting for Yen Press’s titles. XD

  6. Shinji Ikari Says:

    Hey titles I’d like you to release please (in order from the most important):
    -Horimiya (manga)
    -Monogatari (novel)
    -Kino no Tabi (novel)
    -Higurashi side arcs (manga)
    -Madoka Rebellion Story (manga)
    -Black Rock Shooter: the Game (manga)
    -Umineko Chiru (manga)
    -Gosick (novel)
    -Sayabito: Sword of Destiny (manga)
    -Dantalian no Shoka (novel)
    -Orange (manga)
    -Shuuen no Shiori (manga)
    -Baccano (novel)
    -Dangan Ronpa and Super Dangan Ronpa (manga and novel, everything)
    -Taiyou no Ie (manga)
    -Hyouka (novel and manga)

  7. Any AX announcements?

  8. Hey, is there a chance you licensing No Game no Life Novel if Seven Seas got manga?
    I’d love to read the novel!~
    And you seem to be releasing more of these (good job!)

  9. Awesome! Hope Kurokami will be available digitally for those in the Caribbean (specifically Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, etc.) soon!

  10. Hi, do you guys plan to release the Sword Art Online novel in ebook like you did with the graphical novel version ?

  11. Some other Light Novels I’m interested in:
    Back Stage!!
    Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi
    Haiyore! Nyaruko
    Kino’s Journey
    DDD (Decoration, Disorder, Disconnection)
    Eclipse Hunter
    The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor
    Maria the Rose/ Bara no Maria
    Mushi Uta

    And I second Ashen-phoenix’s request for the Crash ‘n’ Burn manga.

  12. Will you be on San Diego comics con?

  13. Am I the only one wanting Yen Press to get Koe De Oshigoto? It’s not like it’s too adult for them since they have Sundome and Highschool DxD xD

  14. Oh please could you publish Corpse Party?

  15. Things i would love to read and would sell one of my kidneys to pre-order:

    siesta by: lee YoungYou (same person that did moon boy)

    Sunday without God light novel

    No Game No Life light novel

    Hitsugi no chaika light novel or manga , or both


  16. Please release the Sword Art Online and Spice and Wolf light novels digitally. That would be so awesome if you could. Thanks and keep up the good work.

  17. I would also very much love to see the Spice and Wolf novels on Kindle. SAO too, though to a lesser extent.

  18. I’d also love to see the new light novel pickups available digitally. I really want to purchase Accel World and NGNL, but I don’t want a physical copy.

  19. “UMINEKO WHEN THEY CRY Episode 3: Banquet of the Golden Witch Volume 2″ ebook edition is missing from the and kindle stores. Episode 4 part one has just been released but there has been no sign of Episode 3 part 2.

  20. Hey you know not everyone likes reading manga online you know. On computers and laptops I mean, because there are websites that let you read translated manga online for free. But I have a feeling that the translations are wrong, also some of those websites contain viruses, worms, and other stuff like that. But ebooks like nook and amazonkindle, well that’s different because people would have tablets for them and that’s totally fine. Anyway as for me I prefer to have actual manga books in my hands while I read them, because of my point on the free manga read websites. Don’t you agree?

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