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So Long, Farewell, YEN PLUS!

It’s been five years since YEN PLUS first began, but though this marks an ending to this particular iteration of the magazine, it doesn’t mark the ending of Yen Press’s mission of getting great content to the fans. We’d like to thank all of our readers for supporting YEN PLUS—to those of you who subscribed to our digital magazine and those of you who were with us from the very print beginnings: Thank you so very much!! We wouldn’t have made it this far without you, and we hope you will continue on with us as we embark on greater, more exciting ways of getting you more great content every month!

In the last issue of YEN PLUS, Tailor’s true motives regarding Noh-A’s parents are finally revealed in the latest two chapters of JACK FROST. Speaking of great reveals, the truth behind Mortmain’s plans with Tessa and who Tessa really is, is also revealed in the latest chapter of THE INFERNAL DEVICES! And when Max and the flock awaken in the latest chapter of MAXIMUM RIDE, they’re in for an icy cold surprise! And don’t count the NOT! girls out yet—they’re up to their usual antics again in the next two chapters of SOUL EATER NOT! There’s all this and even more so dive on in to the final pages of YEN PLUS!!


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51 Responses to “So Long, Farewell, YEN PLUS!”

  1. WHAAAAAA~~!! jack frost(characters) is on the last cover of your series !! this is very memorable for me i LOVE jack frost and have always wanted people to recognize it more :) , anyways im going to miss this magazine :’/

  2. Question: what about the manga/manhwa that was being serialized in the magazine (Soul Eater Not! and Jack Frost) as well as has been in the past (Black Butler, Pandora Hearts, and Yotsuba&!) that are still, ongoing will they be serialized individually as well? And will new titles be introduced?

  3. So sad….. I will miss the magazine.

  4. Manga Man, to answer your question, yes they will still be coming out with new manga and volumes. In addition, they are licensing new titles as they said in New York comic con. They are just canceling the magazine. The same thing happened to shoujo beat magazine back in 2008 and they are still coming out with new titles. So don’t worry. ?? ? ??

  5. opps the question marks are a typo XD

  6. I will miss Yen Plus. I have every issue, all the way back to the original print run. Very sad to see it end. The magazine’s biggest asset for me was that it allowed me to read the marginal series — i.e. series that I don’t want to buy as volumes but that I did want to read. I will miss having that option in the future.

    Setting aside Yen Plus for the moment, I have a question about Bloody Cross. Will Bloody Cross be released in digital formats? Or is it print only?

  7. What a great run Yen Plus was, I loved every minute of it, and so proud to have been a part of the launch. Thank you for all your amazing work and all the great things you’ve done with the magazine, guys!!

    All the love <3 <3 <3,

  8. I’ll definitely miss the magazine. I’ve been subscribing since the first issue was released. That being said, I’m curious about the new direction they’re taking.

  9. I’d say I’m sad to see Yen Plus go, but I never read it, even when I had a subscription. I dislike reading manga online. I want to hold the book in my hand!

    And on that note I’d like to request YenPress to licence some manga: Akaya Akashiya Ayakashi no & Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha. I guess both have a Kitsune undertone, but very different in their overall stories. I’m sure Inari, Konkon would be popular enough, the anime is coming out soon in Japan.

  10. I wish Yen Press had the Manga series Arisa, it’s an epic series.

  11. Merry Christmas! Yen press!

  12. @cecelia Arisa is being released by Kodansha USA.

  13. I would love to see Ryuushika Ryuushika published, but I assume since it’s full color each volume would cost a lot. It’s cute like Yotsuba&.

  14. So sorry to see the YenPress magazine go—so will Hachette Book Group still be releasing serialized manga? I know the magazine will no longer be here, but what about the series? and does that mean the IPad app will also be no good anymore? Will the Yen Plus back issues be available to read?

  15. Does this mean you’ll have time to license and release the Index manga now?

    Seven Seas’ Railgun sells well, so why not Index? Honestly now.

  16. I loved Yen Plus. I have been a subscriber since the very first issue when they hadn’t quite gotten the subscription process worked out yet. I am sad to see it leave, but to be honest, in the end, I didn’t love Yen Plus the way I used to.

    I don’t know exactly what happened during the digital switchover, but Yen Plus lost a lot of amazing series and they were never quite the same after that. Looking at the first issue and then looking at the last issue you can clearly tell that Yen Plus had lost that something that once made it special.

    When I think back to reading that first volume—the one I just had to buy the very moment I laid eyes on the Soul Eater cover—I can’t believe how excited I still get. In comparison when I think about reading the final volume it almost feels like a chore—I paid for it, and should read it, I enjoy most of the current series, and should read it, I used to count the days until the next issue came out, and should read it, but that mystifying appeal that Yen Plus used to flaunt has just faded over time.

    Yen Press is amazing for bringing such wonderful series over to the United States—as both manga and light novels—I thank them for that and hope that they will continue to bring us more in the days to come. This rant has all simply been the opinion of a zealous fan, and I mean no offense by any of it. Yen Plus will always have a special place in my heart, and I will always remember how it used to be. Farewell, Yen Plus I will always love you.

  17. Please, release Higanbana so Saku Yoru ni manga by Ryukishi07. It’s only 6 volumes!

  18. [...] Yen Plus [...]

  19. Animerica, Raijin, Newtype USA, Pulp, Shojo Beat and now Yen Plus. I’m so sad! Every time, I am stunned – it almost feels the same as when a pet dies. And yet, I will still revel in the birth of the next English anime/manga anthology or magazine somewhere, someday. It must be a challenging business, especially with the internet having completely changed the landscape.

    Thank you Yen Plus and to all the artists for all the hard work and awesome titles! I hope the rising stars will continue to flourish. Good luck with whatever direction you may take your publishing giant in the future!

    Could you please let us know in what volumes/chapters/etc and in what forms (print, electronic) we can expect to continue reading the stories from where they left off? Thank you!

  20. I’ve never read Yen Plus since I didn’t know about it until now but this will be disappointing. I’m sad to see this news.

  21. @cecelia
    Kodansha USA already owns the rights to Arisa and is putting out the 12th and final volume in January. This is the second time at least that you’ve asked Yen Press to publish something that’s already available from another publisher.


  23. Please licence Gosick light novels!!!

  24. What is next con you’re going to attend?

  25. Please consider licensing Amatsuki by Shinobu Takayama. I think it would fit in well with your other titles. And fill in for the fact that Black Butler, Pandora Hearts, and Uraboku will be coming out less frequently now.
    Thanks ^-^v

  26. What is next con you’re going to attend?

  27. please consider releasing some of these novels, there’re pretty popular and soooo good!
    Juuni Kokki, Baccano, Densetsu no Yuusha, Durarara!, Ghost Hunt, Hyouka, Hataraku Maou-sama, Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei, Shinrei Tantei Yakumo

    Japanese novels are just great! I buy most of what you release of them and hope to see more

  28. Fasterrrr with Uminekooooo -_-

  29. @Monster – Our convention plans for 2014 are still being finalized, but when we have some news, we’ll be sure to share it on the website and/or on Twitter.

  30. Ok thanks :D

  31. Last I asked Yen Press I was told you were negotiating. How long does it take to negotiate the last volume of Oninagi?

    I’m asking since I’ve bought 3 volumes of the manga and need the last one to be have it complete. The last volume, 4, came out 2010/5/12 in Japan according to, we are in 2014 now…

    I hope you aren’t doing a Tokyopop or an ADV on the readers of Oninagi. Specially not at the end of this title. It would be quite unfair to do this to us who bought the first 3 vols and only need the last.

    So I ask; when can we expect Oninagi volume 4?

  32. Will there be a Souless manga volume 4 and what about volume 3 of THE INFERNAL DEVICES manga?

    As well Witch & Wizard volume 4?

  33. It would be awesome if you could get the licence for ‘A certain magical Index’ and ‘Shakugan no Shana’

  34. You think you guys could take a look at the Tokyo Ravens light novels and manga.
    I would really like to get these in print. owo/

  35. @Amy – Witch & Wizard is complete at three volumes. Volume 3 of The Infernal Devices will be out later this year. And as of right now, there are no plans to continue the Soulless manga past volume 3, but the window’s still open, so that may change down the road!

  36. @zoomzoom – Unfortunately, I don’t have any updates on Oninagi at this time. License negotiations are extremely complicated and involve many things, so there’s also no set time I can put on the process for you. The talks are ongoing, and when there is news on the Oninagi front, we’ll update the website to reflect it!

  37. Hope you can license the Chuunibyou! light novels as it’s a two volume series & has had two anime so far so hopefully it would do well for you.

  38. Forgive me for asking, but does Yen Press still have the rights to do the simulpub of Soul Eater Not! every month? And if so, what platform/format will this be?

  39. The first Haruhi Suzumiya novel seems to be OOP on quite a few stores in Hardcover, will there be a reprint soon?

  40. I would also like to know about the current status of Soul Eater NOT!, especially the status of Volume 3.

  41. @sevi – Soul Eater NOT! 3 is out this July.

  42. Thanks,tania :)

  43. @tania: Is there an ETA on the new volume of Shoulder A Coffin Kuro? I love that series and was very happy when Yen brought over the third volume after it was in limbo for so long. I’d love to be happy again so I’ll buy volume 4 when it gets out.

  44. @Richard J. – I don’t have any dates for you right now, but Volume 4 is definitely on the radar! Hopefully soon!

  45. @Tania

    I apologize in advance if this had been asked heaps of times but I just finished Daniel X sometime this year and was wondering if there will be a Vol. 4 of it or does it end with Vol. 3? :) Thank you so much in advance! And thank you for all the wonderful manga! You always pick such good manga!

  46. @cathrel – Our Daniel X adaptation is complete at Volume 3! Thanks for reading!

  47. Do you plan to release more novels in the future?
    That would be awesome ^^
    I’m especially interested in Monogatari and Gosick!

  48. You should license the Durarara manga spinoff based on the spinoff game
    Durarara – 3 Way Standoff

  49. When is Yen Press going to announce the manga/manhwa/comics it’ll be serializing?

  50. @tania
    Thank you for the answer, albeit a standard answer.

    I know it’s a bit cruel but “license negotiations” are not so complicated that it can take you more than 3.5 years to get the license for the last volume. Specially not when I see new titles popping up like crazy since 3.5 years ago. Plus Yen press haven’t really posted anything about the title negotiations for 3.5 years.

    I can only conclude from your answer that it’s dead. Someone screwed up in the process ala Tokyopop, you lost the license for the title and no one finds it worth paying more for this title.

    It is a bit surprising when Maoyuu Maou Yuusha – “Kono Watashi no Mono Tonare, Yuusha yo” “Kotowaru!” from the same author is doing quite well.

    Since I know that the title is dead, I will now stop asking about the last volume and move on.

    I thank you again for your answer.

  51. @zoomzoom – Make whatever assumptions you want, but license negotiations really are that complicated. Moving on! Now that it’s been finalized, I’m happy to report that we will be publishing the final volume of ONINAGI in October 2014!

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