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Worry NOT! October’s issue of Yen PLUS is here!

The NOT girls are finally back with not one, not two, but THREE brand-spanking new chapters of Soul Eater NOT! And if that weren’t enough to get you reading, we’ve got another spine-tingling chapter of Another to whet your appetites before the complete omnibus hits stores on October 29th. Jacob makes his ultimate decision for his future with the peculiar children in the very last chapter of Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, the complete, full-color, hardcover edition of which also hits stores on October 29th! While Max is still struggling with the cold, Alexia and Conall finally (finally!) reunite in the last chapter of Soulless. But don’t despair, we’ve got all this and so much more in this month’s jam-packed issue of YEN PLUS!


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27 Responses to “Worry NOT! October’s issue of Yen PLUS is here!”

  1. I think you guys should get a Yen Press tumblr. I see kodansha, vertical and seven seas on there, and its pretty neat to be able to ask them questions directly.

  2. @jellorific
    Wow that’s really a good idea.

  3. Licence Request:

    Super Danganronpa 2: Chou Koukou-kyuu no Kouun to Kibou to Zetsubou

    Super Danganronpa 2: Nanami Chiaki no Sayonara Zetsubou Daibouken

    The story of Chiaki is drawn by Karin Suzuragi (Higurashi – Abducted by Demon Arc)

  4. Licence request: Kyoukai no Kanata light novel, Kill la kill manga

  5. Yen Press, can you please license works by Yukiru Sugisaki like D.N.Angel and 1001 Knights.

  6. Another request to take up publishing for Yukiru Sugisaki’s works, such as Candidate for Goddess and DNAngel.

  7. You should license Yukiru Sugisaki’s work, like DNAngel or her newer stuff like 1001Knights!

  8. Please license works by Yukiru Sugisaki!

  9. License request: Yukiru Sugisaki’s works, such as DNAngel!

  10. Please license works by Yukiru Sugisaki!

  11. Yen Press, please consider licensing manga by Yukiru Sugisaki. Specifically D.N.Angel

    Thank you

  12. Could you guys license rescue Cross x Break by DUO BRAND, Cantarella by You Higuri, Silver Diamond by Shiho Sugiura, and Red Hot Chili Samurai by Yoshitsugu Katagari.

  13. the last 7 comments sound like they’re the same person and just changing their name… because it’s possible to do that on here

  14. For some reason I got a feeling that all people wanting DNAngel are the same person… Hm…

  15. so me and Hiera now sound like the same person OTL
    (we even want some of the same series licensed)

  16. Oh really? :D

  17. VivaLaRaisinettes Says:

    Either that or the people on here really hated Tokyopop’s translation.

  18. the translation of it wasn’t bad though, it’s just that it was incomplete.
    the 7 people just sound the same.

    but anyway.
    Aphorism, license it YP please (it’s a Square Enix title(one of their online free series(like Watamote)))

  19. @jellorific —
    I agree with that idea :D .
    I’m already addicted to tumblr as it is, so why not?

    I don’t know if I requested any of these before, but could you consider the Josei/Shoujo manga:
    “Karneval” by Mikanagi Touya,
    “Bokura no Kiseki” by Kumeta Natsuo,
    Illegenes by Kuwabara Mizuna, and Ishizue Kachiru,
    and “Shinrei Tantei Yakumo” by Kaminaga Manabu and Oda Suzuka.

    And for Shounen/Seinen:

    “Ouroboros” by Kanzaki Yuuya
    “Iris Zero” by Piro Shiki and Hotaru Takana

    …I’d ask for “Koe no Katachi” too, but that doesn’t have enough chapters yet, and it’s also Kodansha >.>…

    …I’ll try not to throw so many requests at you guys next time~~.

  20. lol I also want to complete my DN Angel collection. I bought the first 11 books in Swedish, then they stopped publishing it. So I bought vol 12 and 13 in English. After that Tokyopop stopped publishing as well.

  21. Or we could be part of the D.N.Angel tumblr group, ya know.

  22. Hey guys! One of the commenters about DNAngel here! The Tokyopop translation was fine – The tumblr DNAngel fans are just hoping that a renewed licencing of the series might help kick some fan interest back into action – and renewed fan interest might lend to a renewed interest from the creator as well! If it does, great if not, ah well, we’re got the manga back in circulation and the new interest may lead to a better anime adaptation…which is the thing most DNAngel fans are upset about in terms of adaptations.
    But the main motive here is due to the hiatus. As of the shutting down of Tokyopop, the manga’s getting a little harder to come by since they’re not printed anymore.
    Thanks for the spam cocern, though!

  23. Uh, to the people complaining about the people requesting DNAngel: EXCUSE ME, that’s really rude! It just so happens that the (VERY ACTIVE) fandom decided to try reviving the series (and yeah, we don’t like the TP translation that much. But we also want it relicensed because TP didn’t finish translating the rest of the volumes!). The lot of us talk a lot through various places, and if you don’t believe us, next month’s newsletters will still have the same people requesting it and we’ll be linking our personal pages (and a lot of us don’t want to be spammed with friend requests or follows or whatever else, so thanks for forcing us to prove ourselves as real people)–so stop accusing us of being one person. There’s a reason YenPress requires people to enter emails–they can confirm it themselves if they think someone is using spambots or spam emails or whatever. And besides, of course the requests are going to sound the same! How many words can you find to say “I want ___ published” or “I would like to request ___” or “Please license ___”! Honestly!

  24. @Detrimont; hiera: nah, actually I recognize several of the commentors from the community i’m in. They’re all just really passionate about dnangel, as am I. I would really, really love to see it continue being published.

  25. Not a clone, but also fourthing (fifthing, sixthing?) the request for D•N•Angel to be licensed. It’s really frustrating trying to complete the (so far) collection when all of the available copies are overseas and will cost upwards of $20 just for the book, AS WELL AS $40+ in shipping. It’s a shame, since the series is really quite beautiful despite being incomplete.

  26. Do you think that you could license the Kagerou Days manga? Please and Thank you.

  27. wow for the other posts. ok, so i dont really know where you make requests for licence ing manga but it seems to be here so….
    please licence (after finishing the other stuff like bloody cross, inu x boku, etc)
    Bokura no Kiseki” by Kumeta Natsuo
    “Iris Zero” by Piro Shiki and Hotaru Takana

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