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A new Infernal Devices scorches July’s YEN PLUS!

The Infernal Devices returns to YEN PLUS, kicking off with the first installment of Clockwork Princess! We last left off with a marriage proposal, an untimely love confession, and the unexpected arrival of a certain little sister—you definitely won’t want to miss what new surprises await the Infernal cast!
But that’s not all! As Jacob gets to spend more time with the peculiar kids in Miss Peregrine, he’s finding more reasons to stay in the past than return to the present, especially with mysterious occurrences and a new stranger in town. A reunion may be in the works between Lord Maccon and Alexia in Soulless, but something more sinister may be waiting for Max and the flock beyond the South Pole’s snow white mountains in Maximum Ride… And who knows sinister better than Nick Gautier who, aside from having recurring visions of his own death, still needs to survive high school in Dark-Hunters!

While the girls are on a break in Soul Eater NOT! this month, there’s still so much more inside this month’s issue (you won’t believe it!) that if you haven’t subscribed yet (we can’t believe it!), you’ll definitely want to!

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14 Responses to “A new Infernal Devices scorches July’s YEN PLUS!”

  1. Jellorific Says:

    Uh, is the second volume of Thermae Romae supposed to have a translucent slip cover like the first volume did?

  2. I have a few questions.

    Is Kingdom hearts II vol 6 that came out recently in Japan included in the new omnibuses?

    Could the new Blood lad volume possible come out any sooner? Waiting until February seems a little too long…

    Are you allowed and do you want to licence Karneval manga? I’ve asked it before but I’m asking again, I think it will fit right into the Yen library. Existing fans of your titles will probably be interested too.

  3. T. Hotori Fangirl Says:

    License request for Zwart Closet, please?

  4. Is Festival Arc the last arc of Higurashi you’re going to publish? Or are you thinking about releasing more of side story arcs?
    Some other arcs are great, especially Kataribanashi-hen, since the story wasn’t included in anime. And seeing again Yutori Houjyou’s or Mimori’s art will be great!
    I hope you won’t end Higurashi here, after Festival Arc ends.
    Till now I’ve collected every single volume~

  5. @Jellorific – No, that was just a special touch for the first edition of the first volume.

  6. @seny – KHII v6 is not included in the first two omnibuses of KHII.

  7. Is it possible to release Umineko Ep. 3 Volume 1 and the new Blood Lad sooner? I understand that it takes time, but all those months seem pretty far. Especially Umineko. Because weren’t you going to release a new omnibus every 2 months?

  8. Hello. I am wondering which chapter Milkyway Hitchhiking by Sirial is on in the magazine. Thank you C :

  9. @nicki – The final chapter of Milkyway actually ran in the June magazine, so there is no new chapter of Milkyway in the July magazine.

  10. Hurray! A new Yen+! Thank you guys so much for continuing with so many stellar series!

    I’d like to ask if there’s any possibility of Yen lisencing the competitive karuta josei manga Chihayafuru by Yuki Suetsugu?
    There’s been 2 seasons of the anime so far and thru that I’ve fallen utterly in love with it to the point where I’m seriously considering importing the DVDs from Australia (since the anime has yet to be licensed in the US).

  11. @Tania – thank you : D

  12. I’m probably the only person who still cares, but is volume 9 of Comic by Ha SiHyun going to be released at all?

  13. Hello, I was wondering if Yen Press could possibly license the light novel kamisama no inai nichiyoubi by Kimihito Irie since Yen Press had already lisenced great light novels such as Book Girl and Kieli.

  14. Oh…is Comic not competed?? I was getting ready to read those….I have 1 through 8…

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