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Is it hot in here, or is it just the new YEN PLUS?

June is getting steamy!

Alexia and Madame LeFoux are bringing the heat to this month’s cover of YEN PLUS, and it’s only getting hotter inside! The kids from the flock have found a way to cool down as they head for the Antarctic, but somehow trouble seems to find those kids no matter where they go… Nick is weathering the humidity down in New Orleans, but with a killer out for his head, things are probably gonna get a lot worse before they get better. And speaking of getting better, it seems like Lord Maccon has finally emerged from his formaldehyde-fueled bender. Maybe he can even find a way to make amends with the lovely Alexia…

We’ve got all of this, chapter 24 of SOUL EATER NOT! and much, much more inside this month’s issue. Not a bad way to kick off a long, hot summer at all!

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23 Responses to “Is it hot in here, or is it just the new YEN PLUS?”

  1. What a beautiful cover~
    *goes to read*

  2. That cover~ & plot ? *(´?`)~*

  3. If they sell out, will reprints of Soul Eater Soul Art be hardcover?
    (wont be able to get it for awhile :( and i’m expecting this to sell out quickly)(also hoping there will be reprints of it)

  4. OreoDipper Says:

    Ah… the girl’s arm on the left is freaky looking. So long!

  5. I cant wait for the rest of Goong!!!! I cant till sept. Ive never ever wanted the summer to go by fast before…:) thanks for finishing this series out. Its one of my fav. :) im so excited. Have a great day.

  6. Will you guys ever pick up the “A Certain Magical Index” manga adaption? Sure, it’s not the best adaption, but what with the anime in America now, the Railgun manga selling, and Index’s scanlations always being behind…

    It’s something I’d love to see.

  7. License Requests
    1. Savage Garden
    2. Nobody Knows

  8. I would like to see “A Certain Magical Index” too, but not the manga, I would like to get the light novels.

  9. @anon
    you’d have more luck asking Seven Seas Entertainment, seeing as they publish railgun

  10. Absolutely love Soulless, even more so with Rem’s stellar artwork (of course, NaRae Lee’s is a close second!). While I think I missed some of Jack Frost (the new Jack and plot line have me a bit confounded) I’m still enjoying its dark, action-packed, and sexy story. XD

    Yen+ has definitely gotten me into series I might never have discovered otherwise, thanks to their comic book counterparts. Picked up vol. 1 of The Mortal Instruments a ways back and I can’t wait to get the next one.

    Hope your trip to Tokyo is fruitful and fun, everyone! You deserve it. <3

  11. Amazing Umineko release as always. I love the translator, can’t wait for more.

  12. @OreoDipper – WHOA. yeah her arm is freaky long hahah

  13. @Detrimont

    Seven Seas has already said that they cannot do Index because it belongs to Square Enix, which Yen Press has the rights to.

  14. The cover of the magazine is gorgeous!! I wonder what happened to the Otaku pimp & the “shrimp art” 4 panel strips, though.
    Also, Aniplex has licensed the “Servant x Service” manga! YP needs more 4koma manga because, i’ve read them all, so far.

  15. Jellorific Says:

    I was wondering why the second volume of Thermae Romae doesn’t have a translucent slip cover like the first did…

  16. @YP, I haven’t seen Abby reply to anyone in awhile. Is she doing alright?

  17. Yen Press should totally get Baka and Test!!~

  18. So, sorry to ask because loads of people must have, but what is the likelihood of a published Another now that the ebook has been out for a while.

  19. License Requests:
    -Kagerou Days

  20. You really need to publish Aphorism

  21. I was waiting for soul eater not X3

    also I was woundering could you guys License Gravitation Ex please.

  22. How come on the blurb for Haruhi Suzumiya manga v14 it mentions Mikuru’s kidnapping, but it doesnt happen until halfway through volume 15, is it a error? because that seems like a spoiler for the next volume

  23. Please, please, please, licence Katekyo Hitman Reborn manga.
    I know that 42 volumes is quite lot, but releasing it in 2 or even 3 volumes in one omnibus will make 21 or 14 volumes, which isn’t that many. KHR really has lots of fans and Viz’s volumes didn’t sell well only because of bad translation, but I’m sure that if it is Yen Press translating this it will sell really well.

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