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Join The Yen Press Team!

We are looking for someone to join the awesome Yen Press team in New York. To apply to be an Editorial Assistant, click here. We look forward to hearing from you!

Important note: Please read the job descriptions carefully and confirm that you have the required experience, skills, and attributes before you apply!

The Yen Press Team


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18 Responses to “Join The Yen Press Team!”

  1. Jellorific Says:

    Do editors have any say in what gets licensed?

  2. if i lived in America, I would apply, but I don’t, so I cant

  3. Ace Darkwin Says:

    I have all the requirements except the Adobe Suite and databases as well as a minimum of 1 year of publishing experience or other editorial work experience (Internship). Plus I’m a fast learner and can multitask.

  4. i wish all the remaining higurashi volumes were releasing sooner, the festival accompanying arc is the final answer arc, and i must know the answers, they’re so close, and yet so far

  5. That would be soooo cool!!!! :) good luck!

  6. @Abby, my mom asked me a question while i was working on a manga for TC, that I’ll be sending to you when I send in to you with my portfolio;
    Do you guys just hire an artist by project or like a stand by (like you still the artist inbetween jobs/projects)?
    Yet again, sorry for all the questions. ^^;

  7. *still pay the artist
    oops typo, mind fixing that for me?

  8. This does not particularly pertain to this news segment(need a forum :) ) but i recently bought DRRR!! 1-4 Then DRRR!! Saika Arc 1, The Dark Hunters: infinity 1, and Doubt. Man-oh-Man let me tell you ALL of these are absolutely astonishing, the character design is amazing especially in Doubt. Stories are intense and my love for YenPress has grown stronger for these books. When i saw assistant posted i thought “OMYGAWD i want this so bad” and i do but i don’t qualify for a lot so, oh well maybe next time. YenPress keep the awesome publishing up! soon to be bought are Nabari No Ou and Olympos! i love you Yen Press!

  9. @hackwolfin Artists are hired on a project-by-project basis. Most artists work for a number of companies, so when they aren’t working for us, they might be doing work they’ve been contracted for with another company. As you can tell, though, we do try to keep our artists working steadily when we have projects come up that they’re a good fit for.

  10. This would be such a perfect job if only I lived in New York! I have years of editing and “gofering” experience ;)

  11. Hope this goes well for people on board :)

    Also hope the Talent Search comes soon!
    I’ve nearly finished uni for the summer and I’ve been developing ideas for a comic pilot.

  12. Just picked up the first volume of Beautiful Creatures, so far i’ve only read the first chapter, but i’m loving it, it has one of my favourite manga/graphic novel covers of all time, and the paper you used was just a plus (i like how the story is set in a country/rural town, and you used really high quality paper(not your intention, but i like it))

  13. My Favorite Manga By YenPress Is Alice In The Country Of Hearts: The Clock Makers Story. And Alice In The Country Of Clover My Fanatic Rabbit. I Wish They Made “Alice in The Country Of Diamond” A Manga And In English!

  14. Silarial Says:

    Just wanted to post here to say how much I’m enjoying the Another light novel! Can’t wait for the second volume. :) Are there any other light novel announcements on the horizon? (I’d be particularly excited if Durarara!!, Hataraku Maou-sama, Sword Art Online, or the Monogatari series were ever licensed…)

  15. Just going to suggest Aphorism for licensing

  16. hobgoblin Says:

    Just wanted to find out if you guys are planning on doing reprints of Black God, as some volumes seem to be out of print.

    I’d also like to suggest Blast of Tempest for licensing

  17. uminekofag Says:

    Thank you for licensing umineko!

  18. Yes, there are already reprints of Black God in the works!

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