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As you can see from this cool new cover art, The Dark-Hunters: Infinity is back (with color pages!) as Nick discovers that Mr. Hunter is just one of the people in his new life who isn’t quite what he seems…
Also be sure to check out the second chapter of Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children as Jacob closes in on the mystery of his grandfather’s childhood. If you subscribe to this month’s issue, you’ll still be able to catch the first chapter from last month, so be sure to check it out!
You’ll also find new chapters of Soulless, The Infernal Devices, and you won’t want to miss the sparks between Max and Fang in Maximum Ride!

Soul Eater Not! is taking a break this month, but Highschool of the Dead fans should be excited to hear that Yen has partnered with Kadokawa to simultaneouly release the new chapter of HOTD!
This chapter DOES NOT appear in the magazine, but is available as an e-book at a number of e-tailers now! Check it out!

Also, thank you to everyone who stopped by the Yen booth and came to the Yen panel at Sakura-Con! You can check out pictures from the booth on Yen Press’s Facebook page!

Thank you for reading YEN PLUS!

*There is no information yet about the New Talent Search.

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32 Responses to “New DARK-HUNTERS, New YEN PLUS!”

  1. Talent Search Info yet?

  2. Hi there!

    I was just wondering if Yen Press is planning to do the Talent Search this year? I know in the last couple issues you stated that there was still no information. I don’t want to be irritating or anything, I just think the Talent search is a great opportunity and I would be sad for it not to happen. Thanks for being awesome yen Press!

  3. Jellorific Says:

    Updates on Another?

  4. @Jellorific If we have any announcements to make on Another down the road, we will certainly let our readers know, likely in the form of a separate post. Until you see information to the contrary on the site, there are no new updates.

  5. @Abby, i don’t know why i didn’t think to ask this before, but, if i were to get a job working for yp, would i be able to even thou i’m still in hs?
    Next year is my last

  6. @hackwolfin If an editor is interested in someone’s work, the scheduling of a project is something they can discuss together. There may be some legal restrictions depending on an artist’s age, of course, but those things would be worked through in conversations before someone is hired on for a project.

  7. @Abby

    Gahhhhh, don’t say “hired for a project!” You make me excited for the talent search again!

  8. Its probably better to assume that no news is bad news. Its a shame because i really want that book..

  9. i just got higurashi when they cry, atonement arc volume 1 from the library, and i was supprised to see it was a hardcover volume released by Paw Prints, yet the credits and the ISBN on the credits are for your original release. do you let them release a batch of hardcovers for your releases or something, i just found it strange, that’s all

  10. @Detrimont Because library copies of books pass through so many hands and can sometimes take a beating, there are some companies that convert paperbacks into hardcovers specially for libraries so that the books hold up a little better and can stay in circulation for a good long time. Same edition, just made more durable ^^

  11. What’s going to happen with Spice & Wolf novel volumes 10 and up? Aren’t you going to release them?
    Awaiting news.

  12. @non8 In most cases where you aren’t seeing ongoing volumes for a series, it just means we haven’t finalized the dates for those volumes yet. Once we have, we’ll be sure to update the site!
    Tentatively, expect to see the next Spice toward the end of the year.

  13. Here’s a fun question, what is everyone at the offices favourite series(from both what series you have licensed and what you don’t)

    and also, you should try and license Silver Spoon, since the anime is going to be coming out in this summer season, it’s by the artist who did Hero Tales, and her own series FullMetal Alchemist.

  14. question, why did you decide to put the beyond midnight arc in the main series whereas it was originally published as a side story like the demon exposing arc

  15. @Detrimont While Beyond Midnight is not one of the original game arcs, the order of the main series was relayed to us by the original publisher. Demon Exposing (and the other side-story arcs that have not been published) were published by a different company in Japan, which is why they are separated on our site. Also, since Demon Exposing deals with a completely different set of characters and only uses Hinamizawa as a setting, it made sense to separate it to avoid confusion ^^

    Also, asking us to pick our favorite title is like asking us to pick our favorite child! :P

  16. @Abby LOL Abby, this is why we love you XD
    I’m sorry I haven’t shown you anything yet, school is giving me a headache DX


    Would you guys consider transulating Pandora Hearts novel Pandora Hearts ~Caucus Race~ (there are two and third in the way) plus the guide book? I’ll Buy them With my soul!!

    And what’s the future of bungaku shoujo? will the short stories volumes be published (hopefuly)
    and where can I buy the second volume online? is it out of print?

  18. @Hino While we can’t make comment on any licensing requests, I can tell you that the second volume of Book Girl will be back in stock soon.
    We had some delays in our reprints last year, so any volumes of Book Girl, Zombie-Loan, Sunshine Sketch, etc. that were listed as out-of-stock or out-of-print at some retailers will be available again soon. We’re very sorry for the wait!

  19. Brandon Smith Says:

    Hi guys! I have a question concerning the dark-hunters manga: any reason why the ‘chronicles of nick’ title head wasn’t used (just curious).

  20. Jellorific Says:

    Another Digital only service going under…
    Think its a bad idea yet?

  21. @Jellorific
    As has been previously announced, Yen Press is collaborating with Square Enix to release English-language digital editions of Square Enix titles worldwide. Stay tuned.

  22. Hi Abby, I was just wonder if there is going to be a 3 alice in the country of hearts my fanatic rabbit…or if number 2 was the end in that series. Thanks sooo much. I love the alice books! :)

  23. @anna sky As far as we’re aware, the second volume is the last volume of the series. We’ll just have to trust that Alice and Elliot live happily ever after~ <3

  24. Thanks Abby! Will do. I was just hoping for more…I love those books. :)

  25. Book Girl 2 was back on stock and I added it to cart and just while I was gone to recharge my credit card it was sold out…
    Was it an illusion!!!?

  26. Is there any chance you’ll publish the manga “Karneval”? Please consider it. =D Since it just got an anime.

  27. I know I’ve asked these questions before but is there any plans to release Milkyway Hitchhiking as compiled volumes? And will Yotsuba&! be returning to Yen Plus? I really enjoy both series…

  28. Yes, we are planning to release collected editions of Milkyway in print. Just nailing down the publication schedule now. As for Yotsuba&!, unfortunately we do not currently have plans to reintroduce it to the pages of Yen Plus although we are having conversations with the licensor.

  29. Jellorific Says:


    Do you have anything to say about a physical release of the Another novels?

    And going on with it, if/when you license other Light Novels, are they going the “digital only” route as well?

  30. Okay, thanks.

  31. king cronic Says:

    is there a release date for high school of the dead, act 31 yet?

  32. When is the release date for HOTD 31? Can’t wait!

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