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Sakura-Con Schedule: 2013

Yen Press is headed to Seattle, WA this weekend for Sakura-Con! Visit us at booth #226/228 to meet the staff and pick up some awesome free stuff including these magnets from BTOOOM!

There are five different magnets in total and you’ll want to collect them all. We’ll also have buttons at the booth for Dark-Hunters, Another, and Are You Alice? and a special, secret item for our new series Doubt! You’ll have to swing by to find out what it is because I’m not telling.

I will tell you that there will be loads of fun to be had by all this weekend. Come by the booth and have your photo taken with some of your favorite Yen Press characters.

The Yen Press panel is on Saturday at 1:00 PM in room 4C-3. So take a midday break with the Yen Press crew for a Q&A, new series announcements, and of course more giveaways.

Hope to see you there!

Check out con photos on the Yen Press Facebook page!


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39 Responses to “Sakura-Con Schedule: 2013”

  1. I’m excited. Yp’s panel is on Friday (3/29), right?

  2. My bad. I just reread your post. How could I miss that.

  3. If only i lived in the states.
    Come to New Zealand next time (i’m joking of course, but if you did, that would be amazingly unbelievable).

  4. Jellorific Says:

    Here’s to hope for physical releases, Madoka Different Story, Baccano, Durarara, SAO, KnK, and Hyouka novels, Oyasumi punpun, space bros, kuragehime, Karneval, Darker than Black, and Onani master Kurosawa.
    Any of these will make me cry tears of joy~

  5. Are you going to be announcing any new licensed series?

  6. Oh! Im soooo jealous! I wish I could come! Doubt manga stuff…sigh…I bet its going to be sooo cool! I love those books. Have fun!! :)

  7. Yup, announcements will be made after the panel on Saturday.

  8. Deadman Wonderland
    Madoka Different Story
    Higurashi Side Stories
    All I wish for.

  9. i’m hoping for dragon head, even though i found (and bought) all the Tokyopop releases, i still think it needs to be available to everybody easily.

  10. Light novel please

  11. Makise Kurisu Says:

    Hey Yen Press-san! Can you tell me if Umineko is doing well? Were a god amount of copies sold?

  12. Well, no good announcment for me, but I guess people are happy about InuxBoku and maybe others.

    Is releasing Deadman Wonderland possible?
    If there’s no chance please, just say. It’s one of my favourite mangas and such a shame it’s not available in english…
    So if possible try to get it next time ^^
    It’s bound to be a top selling manga :D

  13. So I just read the announcement of the new licensed series at ANN. And whoooh, I’m super excited about Inu Boku SS! Granted, it was bound to happen seeing how it’s a Square Enix title, but I don’t know how many times I bothered you guys with licensing it, though. So thank you so much, it’s going to be a great seller! :)
    And I love that you also picked up the manga about the misfit girl with the really long title, super stoked for that as well!

    You never fail to impress me, Yen Press, with yet some new terrific additions to your already impressive catalogue :)

  14. Still hoping to hear Sora no Otoshimono (Heaven’s Lost Property) get licensed, but I was happily surprised to see WataMote be picked up!

    Also hoping that the first digital sales of the Another novel are doing well because I really want to own a physical release!

  15. I was surfing in animenewsnetwork, i saw it and i drop a tear, i was sooo shocked when i saw Inu x Boku licenced.. and Motenai also (!!!). i always wanted to see Inu or Bakemonogatari or Hyouka licenced by Yenpress. So ill wait for it to buy it. TY so much. Think i wont sleep tonight

  16. That’s pretty cool. Too bad I’m not from that area…

    The first DtB manga is pretty bad, just gave it a read and I really didn’t like it. Not sure about other people’s opinions, but the second with the art and story by the actual character designer is loads better. Wondering if you guys might take a look at that, but if the first one sold really badly… maybe not.

  17. Checked out the announcement just now. I’m going to buy Watamote. It’s not, “I’m thinking”, “I want to”, it’s I’m going to. I never would’ve expected you guys to license that. That’s so awesome!

  18. Thank you so much for licensing Inu x Boku SS!!

    ?*:.?. o(???)o .?.:*?

  19. So Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Manga this year, and the rest of the Kigndom Hearts series Manga next year right?
    Or are they all coming out this year, there is a lot of conflicting articles online.

  20. THANK YOU FOR INU X BOKU SS <3 you get all my love YP. I'm pleased about Wolf Children, Kingdom Hearts, and WataMote as well! You guys really know what manga to choose ^^

  21. wat about

    The World God Only Knows????????

    i dont know japanese verison name, sorry

  22. @Detrimont The Kingdom Hearts releases will begin this May 2013 with the release of both volumes of Final Mix. After that, there will be almost monthly Kingdom Hearts releases leading up to the publication of the first volume of 358/2 Days in late fall. Well get dates for everything up for you soon, but you can start looking for those Kingdom Hearts books in May!

  23. @ Abby: As a promotional idea, would Yen Press be willing to use Kickstarter or other crowdsourcing tools to raise money for light novel licenses or physical releases? I know some companies consider crowdsourcing to be unprofessional, a number of very successful projects from publishing to major film productions are taking advantage of it. It would be a very effective way to address the numerous requests from fans that might seem risky investments.

    And on the strictly consumer side, I’m glad to see more titles coming that I can buy from Yen Press. As a consumer, I feel that Yen Press has consistently put out a product that I want to buy. I’m especially impressed by the dedication shown in light novel publishing. Yen Press is the only company publishing manga that I buy from ASAP and I’m not reluctant about spending the money on.

  24. YAY! Inu x Boku SS! I will definitely be buying this! (I have the first four volumes in Japanese but want the English version.)

  25. Just wanted to say that you guys are great. Saw at ANN the series you picked up and I knew someone was going to grab It’s not my fault and I had a feeling Inu x Boku SS would come to the US someday as well.
    Also looking around online Vol 8 of Blood Lad will be coming out on 04/04 so I was wondering if you guys might published volume 4 this year? I know the 3rd will be in May.

  26. @Lia – Since it’s a Shueisha title that ongoing in Weekly Shonen Sunday, the most probable publisher that would release it is VIz, even though they havent picked it up yet despite it’s popularity(I also really want an english version).
    (Though YP, if you can somehow get the rights to it, i really would love it on my shelf.)

  27. was just wondering about the pictures taken at con? where can i find them?

  28. @Kristina You can find con photos and more on the Yen Press Facebook page~

  29. Thank you for picking up WataMote and Wolf Children!! Will definitely pick those up once they are released!

    Just wondering, but would it be possible to license Kino Nani Tabeta by Fumi Yoshinaga? It’s another foodie manga like Not Love but Delicious Foods that you licensed by her.

  30. Hi, Abby. I want to ask if Bunny Drop vol 5 is almost out of print If it is, will you reprint it? Thank you.

  31. Please licence Devil Survivor 2 and Persona 4 <3

  32. @DarKraD
    A number of volumes that have been listed as unavailable or out of print will be available again very soon. We don’t have an exact date for that particular volume, but the reprints are rolling out, so it shouldn’t been too long now. Sorry for the wait! Hope you’ll enjoy!

  33. Jellorific Says:

    Any news on Another now that its been released?

  34. Thanks for licensing Inu X Boku SS!!!
    Another license request: Horimiya (GFantasy)

  35. Please bring the yen press app to android

  36. @BJ M While the Yen Press app isn’t available on Android just yet, you can check out many of our titles by downloading other e-reader apps (Nook, etc.) and purchasing titles from there. We know there are lots of Android-users out there! (Myself included!) You’re not forgotten!

  37. More light novels please~

  38. i see the cover of turn of the golden witch volume 1 has been changed after the fan demand, i must say i’m glad, the witch beatrice needs to be shown in her full glory

  39. @Detrimont Fan demand not the reason, but we’re glad you like it~

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