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In love with love, in love with YEN PLUS!

Tsugumi Harudori, age fourteen, in love with love, graces the cover of YEN PLUS this month, which means there’s a brand-new chapter of Soul Eater Not! inside! It’s another chapter of Short-Short Shorts, this time featuring Akane and Clay! It’s still a mystery what those two boys are up to…and Clay’s convoluted explanations aren’t helping clear things up…

We’ve also got new chapters of all your favorites, including a special chapter of Maximum Ride focusing on Ari’s story (plus a studio diary from artist NaRae!), two gorgeous color pages in Soulless, the truth of Will’s curse revealed in The Infernal Devices, and the conclusions of The Dark-Hunters: Infinity Volume 1 and Jack Frost Volume 7, both available as collected editions next month!!

Thanks for checking out this month’s issue of YEN PLUS! Enjoy!

*There is no information yet about the New Talent Search. When we have further details, we will let you know.

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55 Responses to “In love with love, in love with YEN PLUS!”

  1. i was reading about the another novels getting localized and I was wondering if they’re going to be printed?

  2. Yeah!!! New manga pages! I love infernal devices!!! ^_^
    And yeah…im stilling voting that you guys finish B.O.D.Y. it was soooo good but no ending.
    And thanks sooo much Abby for posting about the Goong books. I will wait for the reprinting to buy 7, 8, 12 and the ending…sooo exciting!!!
    Cheers! Happy v day!

  3. another soul eater at last. Btooom! is finally coming out soon. Dusk Maiden and Zetsuen no Tempest, any chance of serialization?

  4. best cover ever

  5. Hi there, what are the qualifications that are required when someone submits artwork or story ideas to Yen Press regularly? (As in not by the rules of the Talent Search competition.) I’ve read the page, but I was just curious if anyone could submit, or if that method is kind of limited to professional artists.

    Thank you for taking the time to read my post! Much appreciated!

  6. obligatory “don’t base the physical copy on the digital release sales” post.
    Please don’t. A lot of people want this book physically, and many won’t buy it twice.

  7. @Jellorific
    Yup, that’s true.
    People who want only physical copy won’t buy digital one.
    And people who know that maybe you eventually will release a phycical copy if digital sales are good won’t bu it as well thinking that one day they’ll be able to buy physical one.
    So only a few people will be interested in digital book.
    I personally really hate reading things using computer and well, I don’t even know what to do to buy digital book. And I don’t have the warranty that it will work. So no, I won’t buy it.

  8. i was reading about the another novels getting localized and I was wondering if they’re going to be printed?

    Amazon has Another (720 pages!?!) published by Yen Press listed for October 29, 2013

  9. Is there any chance of the early volumes of Book Girl getting a reprint??
    I’ve been interested in the series, but stores/websites are either out of stock or selling volume 1-2 for over 100 dollars!

  10. Abby, any chance you can put the first chapter of beautiful creatures in the extras?

  11. @Detrimont Actually, you can check out a preview of the first chapter of Beautiful Creatures: The Manga here:

  12. @Shw Anything that you currently see as “out of print” will be back in stock soon. We’ve had some delays with our reprints, but things are rolling again, and you should be seeing those volumes available again within the next couple months. Sorry for the delays!

  13. @jo bhosle I believe the Amazon listing you’re seeing is for the MANGA adaptation of Another, which we are releasing as a big ol’ omnibus containing the complete four-volume series. As of this moment, we do not have any news about a possible print release of the Another novels.

  14. So, any news on the Talent Search yet?

    ….Just kidding!

  15. @Abby This whole Another Novel thing is going really well for your company, hm?

  16. @Jellorific Guess we won’t know till it’s released!

  17. @Abby I mean, its not getting a positive response..

  18. @Jellorific, just leave it alone already. Abby doesn’t own yp, if you really wanna voice your opinion, email yp.

  19. @hackwolfin Actually, I man the email box too ^^
    There’s really nothing to be said that hasn’t been already. We’re aware that there are people who want to see the Another novel in print. We’re also not ready to make a call yet one way or another until the digital volume is actually released. You can be sure that when there is news, it will be posted here and on the Another series page.

  20. @Abby, oh.
    I just don’t like people giving you guys such a hard time over something as small as one book. It’s up to you guys on how you wanna run yp C:
    Oh, i think i’ll be sending you some work in march or april, i hope you enjoy my art and keep up the good work ^^

  21. I’d rather have the Another novels on my shelf, but I’d take digital-only over never getting it any day. Anyway, on to a topic that’s not a dead horse.
    When is Soul Art going to be released? Your site says May, Right Stuff and Amazon have the date listed as late June, and my Amazon pre-order says I shouldn’t expect it until July. Which one’s the real date?

  22. @Serene Soul Eater Art is actually going to be a June release, sorry about that! I’m not sure why the preorder is listed so late, maybe something with when their anticipated shipping-out schedule is…?

  23. @Abby, Okay, thanks for the clarification! The late date probably has something to do with the shipping option I chose and my location. So long as I get the book and it’s in good condition, then I’ll be happy, even if I get it a little late!

  24. @Abby, i now you man both the comments and email, but does any of the yp staff ever sit down and read all the lovely things us readers say? Even if i don’t leave a comment all the time, i still enjoy reading the questions asked then answered C:

  25. @Abby
    at least the art book is being released, and i’m hoping there will be reprints for future fans of the series, i hate viz for not reprinting the One Piece Art books.

    Also, this is to do with the Another Manga, will it be hard cover? what volume of the original will you take the cover from(i’d pick volume 4′s cover), and will you include volume 0 at the back(which was just a prequel that was one chapter)?

  26. @hackwolfin It’s a small team, so we share fan feedback with each other all the time~ Plus, we all check out the Twitter/Facebook/web comments pretty regularly on our own, and we very much appreciate all the comments you guys have for us~ ^^

  27. Abby-san, do you like Umineko yourself?

  28. @Levani22 I do like Umineko~ But as with Higurashi…it is hard watching your favorite character…endure tragedy…over and over…
    You just know things are going to get worse before they get better…

  29. A little license request as always, seeing how well you guys are doing, with reprints coming up and all!
    I came across Watashi ga Motenai no wa d? Kangaetemo Omaera ga Warui! a while ago; it’s going to be an anime this summer, and I think it would fit Yen Press quite well :) It’s strange, niche, but definitely funny, so I hope you guys could take a look at it ;) (Plus, it’s Square Enix ;) )

  30. @Abby, is there a way to draw picture for one of the yp magazines? (Like how the artist of MR drew one for december) Or would one have to be working for yp already.

  31. Hey, a license request over here, too! Just wondering if you could take a look at Karneval by Touya Mikanagi. Its highly anticipated anime adaptation is airing this spring btw~
    And although not realeased yet, a manga adaptation of the otome game/ongoing anime Amnesia is coming soon. As an avid fan of the games, I would really appreciate owning the manga, too. And it’d be nice to read it in my native language. (There are many who can’t play the games, so the manga is great alternative!)
    Also there’s lots of hot shoujo that have peaked the interest of many! It’s a huge genre, so there’s lots to choose from.
    Thanks guys, keep up the amazing work!

  32. And oh I realize I’m getting really selfish here, but Inu x Boku SS would be a great, seeing how it fit right into Black Butler/Pandora Hearts fans. Plus it’s Square Enix :D

  33. I gotta say that bad cover choice for EP1 VOL2 and EP2 VOL 1. Jessica and Kanon are not even relevent in EP1. There was such an awesome Beato cover you missed >< Well It's a small detail but… XD

  34. @Levani22 But in the beginning of the second omnibus, the family is still looking for who’s responsible for the carnage, so we wanted to keep the mystery ^^
    Don’t worry, all unused covers do appear in full color as an insert~

  35. YAA!
    ok, there are like IDK 7 new chapters of soul eater not. please tell me there is going to be a new vol soon!
    I mean they should have at least said something in japan already. it’s 2013 the last new vol was in 2011 (in japan)
    a can NOT wait for a next one! and the last book ended so amazingly I want to know what happens after.

  36. Hello. I just wanted to say thanks for all the releases. I was also just wondering if there is any news on Milkyway Hitchhiking by Sirial. I never heard anything on it for a while and was wondering if there is any updates on it :D Thank you for reading.

  37. @Levanni22
    seeing as how they’re omnibus’s and the second volume is volumes 3 and 4 of the japanese versions, using the volume 3 cover makes sense

  38. But that Jessica and Kanon cover isn’t necessary in Episode 2 volume 1. Can you exchange it for that Maria or Beatrice one?

  39. @Hiera I think he was asking about the second omnibus of Episode 1~

  40. @anne The last few chapters have been really short, so we’re not sure how long it’s going to be before Japan announces the book release. As soon as we have a date scheduled, we’ll post it!

  41. @Abby
    Yes, I know you’ve been talking about Episode 1.
    I understand why you’re using that Kanon and Jessica cover on tat volume.
    But if you’re using it 2 times in a row it doesn’t really make sense.
    But well, I’m still thankfull for releasing Umineko, so I’m fine with it even if I would have chosen different cover.

  42. @Abby, I have some questions I want to ask you guys about submitting a portfolio to you guys, but I’m not sure what email to email you the questions ^^;

    But quick question, in the magazine it says to send 30 pages, but on the contact page it says I can send 5 to 10 pages. (I hope I can to 5 to 10 as I’m still in High School) To apply for an artist, how many pages should I send?
    Thanks for your time~

  43. @Detrimont
    Yen press sometimes did avoid that logic, for example in Higurashi’s Minagoroshi case or EP2′s VOL1 cover. :) That is why I asked. I’m not an idiot ya know.

  44. @hackwolfin The submissions guide in the magazine is for creators who are already working professionally to submit a proposal for a 30-page short story. As with the guidelines under the “About” tab, we only ask to see 5-10 pages of their previous work, not a completed story.
    If you’re looking to submit more generally for work as an artist or with a particular project pitch, you only need to send us a sampling of your work, 5-10 pages or so. The best advice we can give on submissions is to present the best aspects of your work and project–show us what sets it apart.

  45. please, you really have to license Yozakura Quartet, it’s by Suzuhito Yasuda, who did the character designs for durarara and the SMT devil survivor series, and was originally released by Del Ray, but when they went under, Kodansha didnt pick it up, and only 3 volumes (i think) came out, and are now impossible to find. i wouldnt even mind if you released them in omnibus form

  46. @Abby, thanks a lot. I’ll start working on it then~

  47. @abby Kay thank’s

  48. Any possibility for Madoka Different story, Higurashi Kataribanashi-hen or Deadman Wonderland?

  49. Seconding the request for Karneval. I think it would be very appealing to Pandora Hearts fans and the like (as well as being a fantastic manga in and of itself!). :)

  50. @Abby, you said your a small group of people and i was wondering just how many people work on the translations alone? i mean you guys get everything done so quickly, and it comes out so well

  51. @hackwolfin Almost all of the translation and lettering of the books is done by outside freelancers. (You can check out their names on the copyright pages ^^) The amount of time it takes varies by translator/letterer, but it’s usually around 2 weeks or so for each part. In-house, there are four of us on the editorial staff who check against the Japanese/Korean to make sure everything’s correct, that it reads well, and that it looks good before it goes to the printer. Occasionally we’ll letter or translate a series too, but it’s rare. It’s a lot of work, but it’s rewarding when we see those finished books come in~ And when our readers tell us how much then enjoy them~! ^u^

  52. @Abby, wow i had to idea that’s how it was done!! Maybe you guys could post a blog about it some time? (Come people, second this XD)
    This makes me feel a bit better about wanting to work for you as a comic/manga artist (or maybe just an artist) ^^

  53. just somebody Says:

    I’m with Zashiki on Amnesia!

    It would be awesome to actual read and own the Manga, since many people like me don’t play the game, but many people watch(ed) the anime! The Anime is a smash hit at the moment in Japan and my bank account is crying here because I order to much merchandise related to this series O_O” The big amount of merchandise you find is also proof for its popularity! Also I’m looking like crazy for the Artbooks and Visual Fan books, which portray the gorgeous art of this series! All in all it has a really nice concept (story) with great artwork and for once, without having to include ecchi elements to be popular and good.

    And speaking of license requests! Yen Press has already published some yaoi Manga from Hoshino Lily, who also did the art for Mawaru Penduindrum. So if you don’t reject the genre, I have as a request about an even lighter title (because it’s more shounen ai than yaoi) and that is ”Super Lovers” by Abe Miyuki. She also draws the series ”Hakkenden Eight Dogs of the East”, whose anime is currently airing in Japan. God if you license Super Lovers, all the fans will go crazy with enthusiasm, since it’s also a story that appeals to people who are not mainly into boys love. The series also enjoys a deserved great amount of popularity in Japan. It has one of the best artworks I’ve ever seen (and I’ve seen a lot), very realistic drawings, with great proportioned bodies, beautiful facial expressions and nonetheleast a story and an original one to that. Also the french are going to release ”Super Lovers” this year, but my french is awfully bad, so to read it in English would be heaven on earth.

    Yen Press, if you want to earn a lot of money, license Amnesia and Super Lovers, or else other publishers like Digital Manga or Viz will snatch it from you. I just have a problem with the other two, since it’s always so uncertain if they’re going to pull the series through or silently drop it. Best example for that would be Reborn! and D. Gray-man which Viz droped and Digital Manga also started ”Pure Heart” by Hyouta Fujiyama and I never got to see the light of day of the other 2 volumes. And the list can get really long with these two publishers… -__-” And because of that, I’m with Yen Press! :D You guys haven’t even dropped ”Chocolate” and I’m sure that the series wasn’t a goldmine. So respect for that and think about the proposals.

  54. @”just somebody”
    Viz didn’t drop d.gray-man. They just caught up with Japan release-wise. They did drop Reborn! though.

  55. just somebody Says:

    @ Jellorific

    My mistake there. I got D. Gray Man mixed up with other series, since a friend of mine collected it and I collected Reborn. But the point is, that Viz and other publishers dropped a lot of series, even ones you wouldn’t have expected and in the end the buyers have to suffer the most, since they have to live with the fact of giving 50 – 80+ $ for something that has been finally dropped.

    Ok, another selfish license request and I expect some support from other fans on this one ^^, since it’s one of the best stories out there. Psycho Pass! You have a great plot, mixed up with brilliant dialogs (among others classical philosophy is being mentioned and connected to the futuristic society), likable characters (even the bad ones are interesting for their intelect) and fantastic artwork. The Manga would sell like warm bread, since it follows the anime 1 on 1 (story + art) and the anime is a masterpiece! Just think about it.

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