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Should auld acquaintance be forgot
and never brought to YEN PLUS?!

~HAPPY 2013~

After her holiday hiatus, Alexia Maccon is back in the pages of YEN PLUS, ringing in the new year with beautiful new cover art from Rem, four color pages, and the first chapter of Alexia’s third adventure in the Soulless series! Also rejoining us are the students of DWMA in SOUL EATER NOT! 20, the latest chapter straight from Japan! And! Maximum Ride and the flock (and their un-winged allies) take their first steps toward bringing down Itex, Will pursues his demonic quarry in The Infernal Devices, and Wisty faces The One in Witch & Wizard! And more! Enjoy reading this month’s issue of YEN PLUS!

*There is no information yet about the New Talent Search. When we have further details, we will let you know.

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91 Responses to “Should auld acquaintance be forgot
and never brought to YEN PLUS?!”

  1. love soul eater not! and when is soulless 3 coming out

  2. LOL I guess we nagged you guys enough to put a side note down so we would not ask about it. Well, more time to improve, that works for me.

  3. just received the first volume of Blood Lad, and i want to thank you for introducing me to such a unique series, cant wait for the next omnibus.
    But other than that, Blood lad doesnt seem to be on the books page, the pnly way to get to it’s proper page is through the new releases page

  4. @anna Soulless 3 should be coming out as a collected volume in September~

  5. I love Infernal Devices!!!! Smiles. And the cover art is Wonderful!
    Have a great day!

  6. I look forward to the 2013 talent search, and I already have te pages I want to submit inked and toned. When you have the information, let me know and I’ll be sure to submit! (Look up Death Children Fanbase on Facebook for some of my work)

  7. Really like the cover! Also, great more time to prepare for the search ^.^

  8. aaah i can’t wait for info about the new talent search, please get it up soon!

  9. @Christy, i could not fine your work on fb, do you mind posting a link? Or better yet, do you have a dA?

  10. I just wanted to say that I have pretty much all of Kaoru Mori’s work released in english, so far. I think her next project should be an adaptation of that show “Downtown abbey”.

  11. Hi, I was wondering… is it true that the first volume of spice & wolf has been reprinted with the original japanese art and a western dust cover, and if so, where would I likely find these stocked? Amazon UK? Amazon US? Bookdepository? Also, I didn’t receive a dust cover with volume 7, have you decided to drop them?

  12. @Harimau When we reprinted the first volume of Spice and Wolf, we did indeed match the treatment done on subsequent volumes (with the Japanese art printed on the actual cover). While many retailers are probably stocking the reprinted edition, unfortunately we have no way of guaranteeing who has new vs. old stock. Also, it is correct that from volume 7 (and on subsequent reprints of earlier volumes) we will not be including the photographic dust cover.
    Hope you’re able to find a copy of the edition you want!

  13. Nick Marshall Says:

    I want to know more about this talent search such as requirements and guidelines.

  14. @Nick Marshall
    “There is no information yet about the New Talent Search. When we have further details, we will let you know.”

  15. Hi there, Yen Press!
    Thanks for releasing so many wonderful mangas! I’ve read lots of your mangas and I’m really grateful :)
    Maybe you can also release those titles:
    Deadman Wonderland
    Another (manga)
    Shinsekai Yori (manga)
    Black Rock Shooter
    Madoka Different Story
    Thanks for reading, I hope for any of those to get released, especially Deadman, it’s just a masterpiece needed to be on a bookshelf :)
    And by the way, when are you going to post new licenced mangas?

    Sorry for my bad english.

  16. I do have a Talent search question. If you do find talent, is your plan for them to draw their own original stories, or draw stories that yenpress/hachette books has?

  17. @Zulla Yen press has already licensed both the manga and the novel of Another, and I think Abby said the manga would be released in either Q3 or 4, in a 4 volume omnibus

  18. @Harimau
    If you are still interested: I purchased the YenPress ver. of Spice and Wolf from Book Depository and I can confirm that they sell the new edition (with original Jap art on actual cover)

    On another note: is there any chance of YenPress picking up the Light Novel “Maoyuu Maou Yuusha” as it is very Spice&Wolf like?

  19. Don’t forget to localize Corpse Party~ I think a lot of people would buy , The games just came out in English and it has positive reception…

  20. My copy of Book Girl 6 arrived today and I when I looked at the color pages I noticed that the there were two copies of the first color pages (the one that has the title on in and on the rear are contents). The other that is a spread is okay.
    Is it a print mistake in my copy only? Was there supposed to be another color page?

  21. but anyway
    Corpse Party
    Corpse Party: Another Child
    Corpse Party: Blood Covered
    Corpse Party: Book of Shadows
    baccano Light Novels
    Durarara Light Novels
    Bakemonogatari Light Novel series
    Liar Game
    Silver Spoon
    Persona 3 Manga
    Persona 4 Manga
    Devil Survivor Manga
    Devil Survivor 2 Manga
    Iris Zero
    Dolls by Naked Ape
    Judge (spiritual sequel to Doubt)
    these really should be licensed

    and then for the series that need to be relicensed
    Battle Royale
    Dragon Head
    Future Diary
    Deadman Wonderland
    Fruits Basket

  22. @aa

    Yup, Corpse Party’s a good idea ^^

  23. Thank you for translating so much manga, I absolutely love being able to read them~
    Like “aa” said, I would be very excited to see Corpse Party’s manga (Blood Covered to be more specific, but any of the series would be nice) translated in English!
    But even if Corpse Party isn’t a release any time soon, I look forward to new releases!! ^-^

  24. @Shw: Thanks, I’ll go ahead and make the purchase there then. Did you get the photographic dust cover with yours?

  25. Thank you Yen Press for so many great titles, which were not licensed in my country so I can count only on you guys. My favourite ones are especially Nabari no Ou and A Bride’s Story, but recently I fell in love with your edition of Interview with the Vampire: Claudia’s Story. And I can’t wait for the release date of Are You Alice? and Another :)
    For future titles please think about Orange from Takano Ichigo. This manga is so sad, sweet but also heart-warming at the same time and have really high marks on many sites.

  26. Hi.
    I can’t found second volume of Book Girl in any shop. You withdraw that book from sale?

  27. @non8 Looks like your copy must be an anomaly, as the samples we have from the printer look to be fine. Aside from the title page/contents page, there is only the fold-out color page, so if you have that you do have all of the color pages…plus an extra bonus :P

  28. also, could you please license Sket Dance, i know that it’s from WSJ in japan so Viz media probably has the rights to license it if they so choose, it it seems they wont.

  29. Yes, definitely Corpse Party. Even Another – when would the manga be coming out because I remember Yen Press saying they’ve licensed both the manga and the novel, though the novel will be for Kindle. Also Ef’s manga, Relisence Life also, please and many others by Suenobu Keiko, please, she’s an amazing Mangaka!!

  30. @Stuart Another novel will be released to digital early in 2013, and the Another omnibus will be in the fall of this year~

  31. Cue the push for a physical copy of the Another novel!
    Basing the physical copy on digital sales won’t get you anywhere, since the people who are willing to buy the digital won’t buy the physical too. I imagine more people would like to have the physical book on their shelves rather than on their harddrive. (you can also get it for free online if you look hard enough)

  32. Hi Guys!! I just wanted to suggest something…maybe you guys could finish the manga B.O.D.Y ??? like you did with Chocolate or Alice in the Country of Hearts. I got both of those…I was soooo thrilled you guys finished them! ^_^
    PLEASE consider B.O.D.Y next…its one of my all time favs…and it just stopped…no ending. so sad.
    Anyways…Have a great day!!

  33. exactly as jellorific said, it’s easy to pirate digital novels, but pirating would take way longer and you wouldnt lose as much money as you would woth the digital release

  34. my point was more that, if the novel is already online for free, why would I pay for the same thing?

  35. @jellorific Because reading stolen content is illegal and does not ensure that the creator is paid for the work he put into creating such a wonderfully creepy novel? :(

    @Another-in-print supporters
    Even if you aren’t a fan of digital readers, you can still support the Another digital release by telling your friends, families, and librarians who ARE fans of digital readers to check out this amazing novel! Regardless of their feelings toward manga and anime, who doesn’t love a great creepy mystery?! Also, I mean, one look at these amazing covers, and who can resist?
    Spread the word to show your support!

  36. @Abby
    Downloadable content =/= novel
    I’d be more than willing to spend $20 on a hardcover copy of the novel. I just find it ridiculous to pay for something I can easily, emphasis on easily, get online for free.

  37. @jellorific Emphasis on “illegal” and “stolen”. A novel is a novel, whether it’s text on a screen or text in a book. As publishers and supporters of authors’ rights to their work, we hope that you will make the right decision and not steal content, however easy pirates have made it to access.

  38. @jellorific Since when has doing wrong become alright? Just because it’s easily available online doesn’t mean it’s ok to just take. The person who is putting it online is doing it illegally.

    It is not ridiculous to pay for something that was never physically or intellectually yours in the first place. The author worked hard to create a original piece of work and as a fan I will pay for it digitally or for a physical copy.

  39. I love how you assume I’m going to get it online. I don’t want to read it on a monitor so why woukd i get something, albeit free, that i don’t want? I’ll pay as soon as you you publish a physical one. Until then, I wont support the digital copy while a physical novel is being based on the sales of it.

  40. Cool, you updated the series’ title signs to the books page!
    Although, My Fanatic Rabbit is still not listed there? Did you overlook it?
    Also, the cover image for Soul Eater in the March releases doesn’t link to the series.
    Sorry, I always seem to write about mistakes on the website. LOL I guess, that just shows how much I like your website.
    Yen Press is my most favorite manga publisher (Shojo Beat is right behind though.). Keep up the great work! :)

  41. computerandy9 Says:

    Abby Says:
    January 24th, 2013 at 10:07 AM

    @Stuart Another novel will be released to digital early in 2013, and the Another omnibus will be in the fall of this year~

    So another is coming out in physical form? SOLD!
    I do love reading books on my kindle but as a collector nothing beats having the actual book in one of my many bookcases.

  42. @non8 We appreciate you keepin’ tabs on us! Thank you! :P

  43. @computerandy9
    Ah, I’m sorry that I wasn’t more clear.
    The Another omnibus I was referring to is the manga, which will be released as a single volume in October:

    But we do have covers and dates up for the Another digital novel releases!

  44. another is 4 volumes in 1 right? and only for $30! thats really cheap!! since such a big book is being binded, woud we need to put more care in handling the volume??

  45. @computerandy9
    It’s probably best to give up on getting a physical copy of the novel. They’re not going for it.

    You’re more likely to crease your binding. If you’re really careful, you might be able to avoid it. But 700+ pages in one volume might make that rather difficult.

  46. I really wish you guys would pick up more license rescues, like AiON or Sakura no Ichiban by Yuna Kagesaki! I love her series, but unfortunately they both got cancelled when Tokyopop went under. Sakura no Ichiban never even had a first volume release! Or series by Banri Hidaka. V.B. Rose wasn’t finished, neither was I Hate You More Than Anyone (both of the publishers went under). I’d really like to see any of these series back in print and completed!

    Regardless, I do love many of the wonderful titles you do have, like Bride’s Story and anything related to Haruhi Suzumiya, and many, many more (such a long list!). You guys seem to pay attention to what the readers want, unlike some of the other publishers out there. Can’t wait to see what else you have coming this year for licenses!

  47. @jellorific We simply can’t make any decisions on a print edition of Another until the novels have actually been released into the digital market.

  48. @Lia The Another manga is indeed four volumes in one, all color inserts/unused cover art will be included. We just got copies of Umineko Episode 1 Volume 2 in house that are about a hundred pages shorter than the Another omnibus will be. Because the larger trim size more closely matches the Japanese proportions and because we take care with text placement close to the bound edge of the book, you actually shouldn’t have to break the spine to read the book comfortably~

  49. @Abby But you do realize the people who /do/ pay for the digital one aren’t going to pay for a second copy? Plus the people who don’t want a digital aren’t going to get a digital copy? The only outcome i see from basing the physical on the digital is there only being a digital release, and people like myself, who still buy manga and LNs, won’t have the chance to have the series on our shelves.

  50. @Abby, thanks for that info about the next umineko volume, though i knew it was going to be huge, i was really supprised when i received the first volume and found out it was only a 2 volume omnibus, it’s huge, it’s twice the size of my evangelion 3 in 1

  51. @jellorific Our objective with the Another and Erotic Bookstore releases is not to force the same to people buy digital and then repurchase the book again if it comes out in print. Releasing e-only books is something publishers of all kinds of books are doing as more and more people move toward reading e-books. If it’s something that our readers support, we see that as another opportunity to bring you great content in a new way. And if something like Another does well as a digital edition, there is a chance that we would consider a print edition for collectors and those who like physical book-reading. We aren’t trying to punish fans, we’re just trying something new.
    As I’ve said, even if you aren’t a fan of digital readers, you can still support the Another digital release by telling your friends, families, and librarians who ARE fans of digital readers to check out the novel.

  52. @Detrimont I know, it’s crazy huge, huh? The volumes of Episode 2 are a little shorter, though, so even though there are two-and-a-half volumes per omnibus, they aren’t quite as long as that first episode!

  53. Hey guys this is kind of random but I was just curious;

    If you guys choose a brand new Comic or Manga to publish, who designs the logo for it? Do the editors or does the creator of the comic itself design it?

    Sorry for the random question lol it was just something that was gurgling around my mind.

  54. @Kelly Whether we design a new logo depends on the series. Generally speaking the Japanese logo is usually created not by the artist of the series, but by the graphic designer who creates the final look of the cover. Some of the licensed series actually have English logos (Soul Eater, Highschool of the Dead, Jack Frost, Doubt, etc.) and in those cases we often keep the logo from the original. When we have to redesign a Japanese logo, our in-house design team makes a new logo with feedback from editorial.
    You should check out Wendy’s post on how the Alice in the Country of Hearts logo was designed! And while it’s not logo-specific, you might be interested to see the cover development of Thermae Romae~

  55. @Abby Oh wonderful! Thanks for directing me to these, that’s pretty cool. :)

    Thank you for letting me know. It’s something I’ve always been curious about.

  56. Will Yenpress also release Umineko Chiru?

  57. @Levani22 We will post more Umineko release dates for subsequent episodes as they are finalized~

  58. Alright ^^ . I can’t wait for VOL 2. If I’m lucky I might buy it on day 1. :D

  59. @Abby The only thing I have to say to that is that other companies simultaneously release physical and digital copies of their books.. I’ve also read that nook, kindle, etc sales are going down, as people are indeed still going to continue buying physical books..

  60. @Abby I really wish Yen Plus would allow the reader to read more than the present and the last issue. Sometimes I get behind and it’s frustrating to be missing chapters. Also would it be possible for more manga/manhwa/non YA adaptation OEL manga to be added to the magazine? I don’t mind the novel adaptations, they’re okay. But I’m more inclined to purchase compiled volumes of original works from the magazine as opposed to YA novel adaptations and I find them more interesting to read. Also will Yen Press be releasing the Milkway Hitchhiking graphic novels in the near future? I really enjoy the series.

  61. @Jellorific, sorry interup you and Abby, but you must look at this in a different way.
    1) Abby, has said that this sometime new the company is trying. She may not even have a lot to say in it.
    2) You can also read ebooks via smartphone, computer, and any kind of tablet. Those have been selling and most of my friends read books via one of them.
    3) Think about it, there is many webcomic artists that let you read their works for free first, then sell it in book form later…
    psp wont let me type more…

  62. continued,
    4) If it doesn’t get printed oh well. You are one against many people that will read the ebook.

    I agree with you full heartly, but YP is just trying something new and both of us are just gonna have to wait and hope for the better C:

  63. @Levani22 of course they’ll release the solution arcs, they are doing so with higurashi, so why wouldn’t they with Umineko?

  64. @Abby ……Hm I hope Umineko won’t ever become a digital copy. If that will be the case, I won’t be able to buy the uminekos anymore >< .

  65. Any news on Goong 13 onwards? It’s finally finished in Korea and I really want to have the rest on my shelves… <3 PS love you guys for finally releasing Chocolat 8!

  66. @st_owly More info on the remaining volumes of Goong will be coming soon.

  67. @Levani22 While we have plans to release all of our Square Enix titles digitally, we do not intend to cancel print publication. The only reason you don’t see dates up for the remaining episodes has to do with how we license and schedule titles. Once we have final dates on the next batch of books, they will be posted.

  68. @hackwolfin I imagine I’m not the only one against the digital release. I’m just more… vocal about it. Sure, new things are nice. Its probably good for the company. But as they open a door to new customers, they’re closing a door to some. Sure, there will be people that buy both, but there are also those that enjoy owning the book and sitting in a chair with it, turning the physical pages. Nothing can beat that, in my opinion. Even if I can read it on my phone, why bother? I’d rather read the actual book and add it to my shelf.

  69. “Having a physical copy shows that you have a collection in some sort, but when you pay for digital you are throwing your money in the trash bin.”

    “Physical, it’s the only reason I buy any anime or manga. I can easily download it but I want the physical copies to my shelf. Sometimes I don’t even open the packages…”

    “Physical, I can pirate the digital.”

    “Physical, no question”

    “Physical copies are more mentally stimulating.”

    “only releasing digital is going to cost them at least half of their sales. release both, make physical more expensive, include a digital copy in the physical”

  70. Please, licence Ano Hana manga…

  71. Yeah!!! More Goong comming!! Im sooo excited. And thanks again for finishing chocolate! I lloveeeee it!

  72. @jellorific I couldn’t agree with you more, that’s why I’m sad when manga go exclusive to digital. Its really hard to adore your collection through a computer.

    On another hand,since Yen Press has exclusive to Square Enix
    titles any chance we can get Zetsuen no Tempest licensed.

  73. Is it true that you’re going to publish both Surprise of Haruhi novels as one single volume?

    Please tell me that’s not true. Keep them separate, please.

  74. Any plans on bringing the Durarara Lite novels over?

  75. Hi again….^_^ is there anywhere to buy some of the goong books?? Im missing a few….but on amazon they r going for crazy amounts…like one I need is going for 75 bucks! Cry….any thoughts?? Thanks sooo much Abby. Have a great day.

  76. @anna sky There have been some delays in reprints, which is why people are trying to sell some volumes for astronomical prices. We are catching up on these reprints, and you should be seeing missing volumes of many series back in stock soon. Sorry for the inconvenience!

  77. I just want to say thank you for translating so many good mangas. You’re actually my favorite manga publishing company! I can’t wait to read some more from you. ^_^

  78. What’s this I hear about the last two Haruhi novels being combined? Does this apply to the paperback and hardcover versions?

    That’d be real shame. I really wanted to have two books with the two different covers.

  79. @Abby
    Is there a reason why Amazon does not have Watanagashi-hen? I want to collect Higurashi but I can’t skip the second arc >< (It has every arc other than Watanagashi.)

  80. @Levanni22 it’s because it’s called the cotton drifting arc in english, all the titled are translated

  81. @Levani22 The “official” Amazon listing does seem to be missing. We’re looking into it, and the issue should be resolved very soon. Sorry for the inconvenience, and thanks for supporting Higurashi~!

  82. just somebody Says:

    Well I have to say that I’m with jellorific about ”Another”. I will buy the manga and novel (later), but only in the physical form, because I am a collecter and nothing can beat seeing the copy on the shelf. Just to bad to hear, that it’s going to be a paperback and not a hardcover :( I expected a similar hardcover edition like the one of ”High School of the Dead coloured Edition / Omnibus”, but I guess that my expectations were a bit to high… Still, I’m turning the back on the german publisher who already released Another and am going with Yen Press! :)

    To the other themes. I would also love to see B.O.D.Y. by Mimori Ao actually finished, since I bought all 10 Volumes from Viz Media and the ”great” publisher just thought of cancelling it without notice, after people like me spent 80 € on the books O_O” Why thank you Viz (meant ironical). But as much as I would love to buy and own the last 5 books or again all of them (all 15) I doubt that any other publisher will pick it up.

    I really hope to see the rest of the Goong Volumes / Omnibuses in the next months or at most next year. I hope that my waiting for 2 year now will pay off. And also please don’t forgett to reprint the 8th volume. I would surely pay 20 € for it but 100 € is just to much o_O”

    The only question that I have is: why are so few titles posted for every month of 2013 beginning with june? I know that Yen Press doens’t release much, but 6 – 8 manga are really just a handful. I hope that the lists get longer :)

    Also I have to make some advertisement here, since Raiders is so good and still to unknown O_O Firstly the drawings are amazing, the concept is insane and good and the series doesn’t drag at all with just 9 volumes. More people should check it out and maybe then, I’ll get to see the day of light of similar series.

    Also I have to say: My god, a big thank you for Nabari no Ou (which I started recently and will have all 13 released books in the next 2 months :D ), for Btooom, even more for Until Death do us Part (all of them are ordered and preordered) and especially for the gorgeous edition of Interview with a Vampire – Claudia’s Story. I read Anne Rice’s vampire chronicles as a teenager and what’s better than also having a manga of it!? Phu the hard cover edition of Claudia’s Story sure kicks ass. It’s big, has a silky boojacket (yes silky, you heard that right!), a wonderful red hardcover with nice golden writing on the spine, AMAZING artwork and the way tha pages are bound is excellent! Really high quality! More of such copies should be released! It’s an eye candy on the inside as well as on the outside! Thanks a million Yen Press!

  83. i remember reading some time back that yp was going to finish .hack//Link, it was in a magazine or something. But anyways, do you plan finish it? (single volumes please)
    also can you licence
    guilty crown
    star driver

  84. Please, licence Hekikai no AiON by Yuna Kagesaki.

  85. more OEL manga I like how your the USA’s only real manga magazine li those in japan keep it up but like more funny cheerful happy stories you all run a lot of dark manga not saying aren’t good but you all need a balance

  86. @Abby
    Thank you so much. I have waited amazon to update it since forever.(months actually.) I should have asked you guys much sooner :D

  87. Any chance we’ll see the Soulless volumes published in hard cover down the road? Could make due with paperback but would LOVE something more sturdy!

  88. How do I read old issues of the magazine online?

  89. @Briann – Only the current issue and the previous month’s issue are available to Yen Plus subscribers. Older issues of the magazine are not available to read online.

  90. ereader books To fill a blank?

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