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Walkin’ in a YEN PLUS Wonderland~

Max and the flock know how to make the most of a good snow day, and we at Yen Press are happy to give you one more way to relax and enjoy this December—kicking back with the latest Yen Plus! This month’s issue kicks off with a new chapter of Maximum Ride, which just so happens to complete the sixth volume which you can find in bookstores this month!
This month also features the dramatic conclusion of Beautiful Creatures. On the night of Lena’s Claiming, tragedy has already struck. Can Lena save what she has lost? Or will she lose something either way… Be sure to also look for the collected hardcover edition of Beautiful Creatures next February!
In addition to exciting new chapters of Witch & Wizard, Infernal Devices, and your other Y+ friends, you can also check out a first-chapter preview of Umineko WHEN THEY CRY Episode 1: Legend of the Golden Witch in this month’s issue! This creepy closed-circle mystery from the creator of Higurashi WHEN THEY CRY will keep you guessing till the very end!
Soulless is taking a break this month to allow Alexia time to recover from the events of the last chapter (which you can read in Volume 2), but she will be back next issue with a stunning cover and a brand-new chapter!
Soul Eater Not! is also taking a break this month, but the girls will be back with new adventures direct from Japan soon!

Thanks for reading!

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77 Responses to “Walkin’ in a YEN PLUS Wonderland~”

  1. “The Maximum ride” gang look so cute on the cover!

    I’m really intrigued by YP editor mentioning Talent Search in the Yen plus opening letter. She mentioned if there were any better ways to discover talent.

    I think it would be cool if YP had the talent search twice a year instead of just once a year. I also think YP maybe should have a portal or website that promotes high quality web comics that, are approved by YP staff first, something like that new comic section on crunchy roll.

  2. So i gues you have much room for the New talent search. Well thats all right if you guys are going to skip out on it this month.

  3. Sorry, i meant to say i guess you guys don’t have much room for the talent search.

  4. @Allen Senior Editor JuYoun Lee addresses the New Talent Search in her editor’s letter this month.

  5. why am i so poor, i can’t even pay to read this so i know about the search OTL
    Oh well. can we still just send in a 10 paged project???

  6. @hackwolfin We do not yet have details on the New Talent Search. If you are an amateur creator, further information will be forthcoming in the new year.

  7. I want MAXIMUM RIDE 6 sooo bad!
    OH-YA !!!!!
    can someone tell me when SOUL EATER NOT 3 is going to be in stores,PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Ah so the contest hasnt been announced yet. It would be great if it didnt start till June as I have a lot of commitments this winter/spring but still cant wait to c the entries.

  9. oh that makes sense. i guess i’ll have to wait because i don’t have paypal. Will the talent search be adress to those who don’t have paypal next month?

  10. OMG! Can people just be patient about the talent search? Yen Press said it was an annual event, so they WILL post about it soon. I want to enter too, but I am not constantly asking YP when the search will be or when they are posting the guidelines.
    I’m sorry, but I had to get that out.
    Anyway, thank you Yen Press for giving inspiring manga artists an opportunity to showcase our work to you. I look forward to the challenge!


  11. @Abby, oh thanks. I’ll make sure to have some money by then so I can read everything~~~~
    I hope you enjoy what i’ll send you, and another question: can we send them through email this time?

  12. Actually, I saw this coming. It makes more sense to do the talent search at the start of each year. Besides, they’re probably restructuring it.

    Honestly, I think TP had a good idea with their pilot program. Nix the shady contract and property stealing schemes. The core concept of putting first chapters on the internet for people to read and respond to was where it’s at. Then you could see what’s potentially popular before you spend money to put it on the shelves. Have a poll so people can vote on what they wanna see more of the most. Pick people who showed real potential during the Talent Search. Theoretically, it’s a strategy that SHOULD work. Just be ten times more honest than Tokyopop. A small number of artists will do.

    And please, PLEASE, refrain from doing epics. NO new artist should start out doing an epic. They should work their way up first. I have NO IDEA why no one gets that.

  13. **We don’t have any details about the New Talent Search at this time. Sit tight, relax and enjoy the holidays, keep drawing, drawing, drawing, and we’ll have more information and specifics in 2013!**

  14. @anna We aren’t quite sure ourselves when Soul Eater Not! 3 will be available, as Ohkubo-sensei is still drawing it, and Japan hasn’t finalized the release date for their edition. As soon as we have more information, we will let you know!

  15. @Noelle


  16. Besides, I have to be excited about the search. Even if I don’t enter, if I have to see another corny book adaption, I’m gonna scream. I agree with Jeanie, though, if they start it in June, it’d be great for that very reason.

    And yes, I know there’s no details yet, I can read so there’s no need to go all bold type on me. I’m still allowed to speculate, right?

  17. Once again, I post for a physical copy of the Another novel.

  18. @Sorrano It’s so people scrolling through the comments will see it, not personal!

  19. @Sorrano. Ah, my bad. That’s what I meant. Thanks for the correction. ^^;

  20. @jellorific Still no final decision on print release for Another novel, but we are looking at a 3/19/13 release for the digital edition!

  21. @Abby
    I’m just pushing that basing a physical release on how well a digital release does is a really bad idea, since everyone who wants it and was willing to get the digital won’t buy a physical copy since they already own it…

  22. @abby i’m just glad that you’re considering a print edition, can’t wait for the manga omnibus, a question though, will the manga omnibus be hardcover?

  23. I hope that during the next talent search, drawing right to left is also allowed. I am used to doing it this way, and because I also like to translate my story into Japanese.

  24. @Abby:Thank’s for the info on SOUL EATER NOT! 3 !it means alot!

  25. thank’s for the info on soul eater not 3 :)

  26. Hey! Can you guys take up FAIRY TAIL?:D

  27. i’ve just seen the btooom volume 1 cover, and i’m wondering why you’ve changed the cover design, the original design was awesome BECAUSE it looked similar to an xbox360 case, but now that you’ve changed the green to blue, it takes away that allusion. but i’m guessing it’s too late to change it. but IMO, that was probably the worst thing you could have done

  28. @Detrimont While the original design was very cool, the packaging and logo were too similar to the licensed Xbox branding for us to print in this market. We wanted to keep the look of the game box, however, which is why we changed the logo and color to something original. We hope you understand, and will check out this great survival manga series when it comes out in February!

  29. @anne Fairy Tail is published in the US by Kodansha Comics USA.

  30. @Arrow While I can’t tell you anything else about the talent search, I can promise you that drawing in left-to-right orientation will be expected. We are an English-language publisher, and therefore we publish all of our original material in English reading orientation.

  31. @abby
    makes sense about the btoom cover, i just wish you would have kept the green

  32. Please license the Darker Than Black: Shikkoku no Hana manga!

  33. @Abby okay thank’s anyways

    hey,is maximum ride 7 coming out in 2013?

  34. @Abby – I don’t mind adhering to your format terms. It’s just that I personally think that the reading-orientation shouldn’t be factored when it comes to the quality.

  35. Can you please consider Silver Spoon by Hiromu Arakawa, i’ve been reading and rereading it in the past few weeks, and i can’t wait for a official english release, even if it was an omnibus

  36. @Arrow It’s not a factor in the quality of the work, but we’re looking for artists who might one day work with us. And if an artist wants to work with us, he or she will be expected to work left to right as we publish comics for and English-reading audience.

  37. @anne I can’t give you a firm date on the release of the 7th collected volume, but there is more Max on the way! Chapters will continue to run in Yen Plus magazine every month!

  38. @Abby Thank’s ^.^

  39. I am sorry for asking it in the yen plus comments,but I was wondering…well I am interested in sending in a project pitch in.But I am not sure if i can,so can I send in a project pitch or not?
    (sorry for writing this here)

  40. OH, also you guys should take up SANKAREA!
    That would be awesome!
    (may you pleeeeeeease reply to my last comment,please!)

  41. @anne Our submissions guidelines are under ABOUT tab above. If you are an amateur artist, you might wait for the New Talent Search, details of which are forthcoming.

  42. Merry Christmas ~ Korea’s half a day faster

  43. @Abby thank you again.
    (I’m a amateur illustrator and write. non of my work has been publish yet, but it would be nice if it was.)

  44. OH,sorry but my friend wanted to know if you know anything about the MAXIMUM RIDE movie?
    (sorry,I know your a book wedsite)

  45. You should totally license the Persona 4 manga.

    And Persona 3 and Devil Survivor 2 (the one in GFantasy) while you’re at it.

  46. @anne Kodansha already licensed it last summer. I think I heard the first volume would be coming out next summer.
    Personally, I’m hoping the Durarara or Baccano novels are licensed. Pleeeeease? =3

  47. @Abby Do you know if you are going to be publishing any more of the higurashi Side story manga series?
    meaning these ones:
    Utsutsukowashi-hen/Reality Breaking Arc
    Kokoroiyashi-hen/Heart-Healing Arc
    Hirukowashi-hen (dont know the english name, sorry)

  48. And I hoping for Deadman Wonderland :)
    Now it’s back from hiatus so isn’t it right time to licence it? ^^ It will make lots of your readers happy

  49. Please, please, please, please, please, please….please…save Zaregoto…i just read the 2 delrey had released and the series needs to be finished, this trumps all of the light novels i’ve ever wanted from you guys :(

  50. hi when btooom and doubt come out in ther respective dates, how much is there an interval between each volume?

    i wanna buy them all as soon as possible!

  51. @Lia Release dates for all of our series are under the BOOKS tab above! Both of these are spaced three months apart.

  52. @anne You can check James Patterson’s young adult website for updates, but we do not have any info at this time. The current website is but the site will be migrating to a new hub soon…

  53. Please liscence Inu x Boku SS!!! I really love it, it’s such a shame it has yet to be licensed.

  54. i’m pretty sure i read it before here, but i can’t find it so i’m going to ask. if you self publish work, or have in the past, you can still get a job with yp right?

  55. can you hurry up with umineko translating?

  56. oh and, i make my manga/comics digitally, using a tablet and sai. will that be an okay medium for submiting a porfolio to yp for a job?

  57. Thank’s :)
    (oh and happy new year)

  58. @hackwolfin Self-publishing or publication with another company does not bar you from submitting your work to Yen Press. And working digitally is perfectly fine (a number of our creators do ^^)

  59. @aa Every three months for a 500+ page omnibus isn’t fast enough?! Gah! You’re killin’ me!
    Seriously, though, we are trying to bring Umineko to you as quickly as we can, which is why we chose to package it as omnibus editions in the first place. We hope you understand that producing a quality publication takes time, and that you will continue to look forward to the next Umineko omnibus next month–the end of Episode 1!

  60. @Abby

    It’s fine. Don’t take to heart what people say. I’m sure it does take time and people should be grateful. I am. Especially with the Soul Eater and SE Not releases, so good job!.

  61. @Abby, ahh thanks. now mind can be at peace until the yp telant search starts~~ while i’m off to work on two new ideas of mine. Gah, too many ideas i wanna get out there!!!

  62. thanks so much for your reply

    speaking of omnibus form what happens to the missing covers? do they appear as pages inside?

    aso thanks so much for hard work cant wait to ship some of the series u all do :)

  63. @Lia We do include the unused cover art as part of the color inserts. And if both volumes had color pages, all color pages will appear as well~

  64. wow! awesome thanks so much for your time can’t wait!

  65. It will be awesome if you publish Lucky Star since Bandai dropped the serie X3

  66. Hey, is there any chance that there will be an Soul Eater,Soul Eater Not, or Maximum Ride omnibus?
    (There 3 different seires, at least 1!)

  67. Probably not the best place to ask, but are the any plans to re-print the early volumes of Mizuki Namura’s Book Girl? They have become rather difficult to come by.

  68. I love Alice in the country of Clovers fanatic rabbit….soooo Great!!

  69. Yen Press-san, Is it possible for you guys to localize Corpse Party : Blood Covered Manga too? ..I would buy it…

  70. @Abby, is there plans for some new yp originals? You know, story and art by the same person that works with you guys. I like when you guys do that instead of just doing a comic version of a book.

  71. Hi! I have a question…I’m trying to decide which comiccon to go to this year…Can you please tell me which ones you guys will be at?? I live in the midwest..sooo I have to plan to travel…smiles
    Thanks and have a Great day Abby!

  72. @aa why not all of the corpse party manga series, they are all great, and i would buy them all, except masume, dont localize masume

  73. abby, when WILL the next license announcement be anyway?

  74. @Anna We show at Comic Con International (San Diego) and New York Comic Con every year, so if you’re looking to make a trip of it, those are probably your best bets~

  75. @Detrimont
    You are right , musume was so bad that it almost ruined my image of Corspe Party….

  76. There so cute and the book just wants u to keep reading it (well for me it does) I wont stop reading and its so sad I cant get my hands on the 6th book yet D: to bad my fav character has (well im guessing) acting the whole time :P but its the best book ever!!

  77. :D :) get ur reading on!!

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