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A new YEN PLUS kicks into gear!

This month’s cover is graced by Jem, that handsome devil from The Infernal Devices! In this month’s chapter, things heat up between Jem and Tessa, while the purpose behind Will’s demon hunt is revealed. If you haven’t yet explored the world of the Shadowhunters, be sure to look for The Infernal Devices Vol. 1, in bookstores now!

While you’re there, you can also find the first omnibus of Aron’s Absurd Armada! Four-panel, full-color, and lots of fun! AND the second volume of Soulless: The Manga is also coming to stores this month! You can read the last chapter of volume 2 in this month’s issue of Y+!

The November mag also has exciting new chapters of all your favorites, including the start of a new story in Milkyway Hitchhiking, fresh tragedy for Ethan and Lena in Beautiful Creatures, and a new job (with a new uniform~) for Tsugumi and the girls in Soul Eater Not 19!


Also! In case you missed our announcements at New York Comic Con:

  • The Wolf Gift: The Graphic Novel by Anne Rice
    (And if you’re an Anne Rice fan, don’t forget to look for Interview with the Vampire: Claudia’s Story in stores this month! Click here for a preview!)
  • Doubt by Yoshiki Tonogai
  • Are You Alice? story by Ai Ninomiya, art by Ikumi Katagiri
  • Highschool of the Dead Color Omnibus 2
    story by Daisuke Sato, art by Shouji Sato
    (Will include volumes 5-7 and an art book of Shouji Sato’s illustrations!)
  • Soul Eater Soul Art by Atsushi Ohkubo
  • K-ON! High School and K-ON! College by Kakifly
  • Puella Magi Kazumi Magica and Puella Magi Oriko Magica by Magica Quartet
  • Durarara!! Saika Arc by Ryohgo Narita, characters by Suzuhito Yasuda, art by Akiyo Satorigi
  • We are also pleased to announce that we will be collaborating with Square Enix to release English-language digital editions of Square Enix titles worldwide! This includes titles such as Black Butler, Soul Eater, Pandora Hearts, and Durarara!! Fans the world over will be able to read digital editions of their Enix favorites through a number of channels beginning this winter.
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    69 Responses to “A new YEN PLUS kicks into gear!”

    1. The cover with Jem looks great!! I sooooo love that story! Plus…. I cant wait for the new Doubt books….I have the old ones. They are some of my fav. Ill probably have to have a new set. Wink. Lol

    2. is doubt going to be an omnibus or single volume releases?
      ans i will say this agin, thankyou so much for releasing my favourite series
      also, when is another goingt to be released?

    3. @Detrimont
      Doubt will be released as two omnibuses, each containing two volumes of the original.
      The Another manga will be released as one omnibus in fall of 2013, and the novels will be released digitally in early 2013.
      Hope you enjoy!

    4. SteinumStein89 Says:

      THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH FOR DOUBT. I have been waiting for so long.

    5. oooo Doubt, that’s what i missed while i went to the bathroom….i didnt like the ending of the series but it was a good series. Looking forward to it

    6. universalperson Says:

      I see that Kazumi Magica has been added to the New Releases page. I’ve also read that Oriko Magica will be released “after” Kazumi Magica. Does this Oriko Magica will only be released after all the volumes of Kazumi Magica? I’m just curious; if you can’t tell me I understand. Thank you very much for this news!

    7. @abby
      i’ve got my fingers crossed that sales go well so i can get a physical copy

      i’m also going to say that you should try and get licenses for Liar Game, and Silver spoon

      and i forgot to ask this before, but what about the release of btoom?
      (please leave them in single volumes, cos the covers are awesome,how they look like x360 game cases is the best thing about them, and putting them in omnibus form would ruin that)

    8. Wow, two Madoka new titles :D
      So is there a chance for Puella Magi Madoka Magica different story and Anthology?

    9. I am beyond thrilled to see the Saika arc of Durarara!! on this list, plus Are You Alice?, Orika, and Kazumi series have been on my to-read list for awhile now. I’m so glad I can check them out through Yen; I just know I’m going to love Alice, and I’m snatching up Madoka as it is. XD

      Keep doin’ what you’re doin’, Yen. It’s a wonderful thing imho.

    10. Started reading the November Yen Plus & reached the New Releases section. Page 12A. I don’t know what book you’re describing for Soulless vol 2, but I’m 100% sure you’re not describing Soulless vol 2. Looks like someone somewhere cut and pasted the wrong copy description..

    11. I’m going to keep pushing for a physical copy. There’s no point in making physical dependent on digital.
      Like I said before, this is like what happened with Spice and Wolf, to and extent. People who want physical copies aren’t going to buy your digital copy. Some might, but then they won’t re-buy the novel.

    12. @LKK
      That would be Black God ^^
      Thanks for bringing it to our attention! We’ll get ‘er fixed asap!

    13. So will there not be a New Talent Search this year? As i remember the 2nd talent search was on announced last year on this month. Then you would give everyone else the chance to look over it on December.

    14. More artbooks, please! <3
      Seriously though, I'm so glad for Soul Eater Soul Art.

    15. When will the competition begin this year?

    16. T. Hotori Fangirl Says:

      AHHHHHHHHH, KAZUMI AND ORIKO MAGICA!!!!!! 8D YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!!!! I hope there are plans to release “The Different Story” as well. I’ve been wanting to read it since it was first announced ^^

    17. Omg! Infernal Devices was soooooooo good this month! Cant wait till next month.

    18. Light novels please :) Maybe some Chuunibyou?

    19. Kazumi and Oriko Magica?

      And K-on!

      Yen press, I love you.

    20. Gomen, talent search not competition.

    21. Another license request

      3am danger zone

    22. I already knew about the licenses and expressed my happyness on another post ;)
      So… Yen Press, now that Puella Magi mangas are kind of “your property”, maybe there’s a good chanceon you picking up the two-volume light novel, the three-volume ~the different story~ spin-off and the Athology? I know anthologies aren’t common licenses, but there is market for Puella Magi! Thank you.

    23. What apps will the digital releases be available on? Is the magazine available to read on the same apps or will it be device specific only? I like to use my android phone as a substitute e-reader, hence my curiosity. I’m interested in a digital release but I’m concerned about how I would access that copy since currently I only know of being able to access and read the magazine via my internet browser interface which currently doesn’t work very well with the magazine. Something I will put up with for the magazine but not for a book. So I’m hoping you’ll have them released in a format better suited for digital reading. Thank you for reading! PS I love omnibuses and certainly willing to give digital a go since space is a premium where I live and I don’t have a lot extra for book storage.

    24. So grateful for more color High School of the Dead. Please tell me this second volume will be the same size and quality as the first one! I’m proud to have that on my shelf.

      Looking forward to more K-On! and Madoka. What formats will the digital Another novels be in? I asked before about Kindle since that’s what I’d be reading it on but if it’s at least PDF or something, I can manage.

    25. @Allen, i’ve been waiting too. If i remember right, the second talent search start a little over a month later than the first one. So we may not hear anything until december.
      Also, bewarned, you’re up against me and some of my friends from dA. So give it your best shot!!

    26. you’ve updated your book list with all lecenses, but you still havent added some the book licenses from the last announcement, namely Another

    27. @Detrimont
      Generally I hold off on making pages for new series until we have a firm release date for at least the first volume.
      For Another specifically, you can expect to see the novel released in the early part of 2013, and the manga omnibus in fall of 2013.

    28. @Richard J.
      The second HOTD color omnibus will include colorized volumes 5-7 plus an art book featuring Shouji Sato’s illustrations from Highschool, Triage X, and some of his earlier works. Will look very nice on the shelf next to the first one~
      As for Another novels, they will be available wherever e-books are currently sold (generally it’s only our manga titles that are limited by device).

    29. @Lorelei
      The digital novel release of Another will be available wherever e-books are currently sold. Manga digital releases do have some device restrictions, but they will be available where our manga is currently available, including the Nook device and app and through the Yen Press app.
      As for the magazine, currently it is, as you say, only available through a browser.
      We’re constantly working to expand digital availability, so there will be even more ways to get your hands on digital content from Yen in the future!

    30. Hi,

      when will “Highschool of the Dead Color Omnibus 2″ be published ?

    31. @hackwolfin Thank you for warning me. You do the same!
      because i won’t be going easy on any aspiring manga artist. Espeically you!!

    32. @Stargate HOTD 2 will be coming in early summer of next year!

    33. Does characters from orginal Madoka manga appear in that Kazumi or Orkiko mangas?
      And are you planning releasing Madoka Different Strory?

    34. thanks @Abby, it all makes sense now
      But now for some license suggestions

      First up is the Tokyopop series that you should try and get the licenses for since they werent finished, or in desperate need of re printing
      Battle Royale
      Dragon Head
      Future Diary
      Deadman Wonderland
      Fruits Basket

      And now the series that you should license before another company does
      Liar Game
      Iris Zero
      Any of the Corpse Party Manga Series
      Persona 3 Manga
      Persona 4 Manga
      Devil Survivor Manga
      i think that’s it, if i think of anymore i’ll just post again

      and since you’re doing Doubt, i’m guesing you’re also going to be doing Judge as well, since it’s the sequel?

    35. @Hiera Some of the characters from Madoka appear in the spin-offs, but most of the focus of the story is on the new Magical Girls introduced. If you like Madoka, the new series expand upon the mythology set up in that world, so they’re definitely worth checking out!

    36. I wish series like Kyo kara maoh, kaichou wa maid-sama and Shiawase kissaten came back… I bought all existing volumes and now they are just standing there, crying out to be completed…

      I think Kyo kara maoh would be a perfect title for Yen press!

    37. @Abby
      Thanks for answer :)

    38. @Allen, ufu fu fu… i have yet to see your art, so mind showing me so i know what I’m up against? (click my name to see my art) Espeically me? Does that mean you’re scared of me? loljk

      this years contest will be fun, won’t it~~~

    39. I’m so glad you’ve picked up Are you Alice?! I thought that was a very fun looking one. I’ve read a few chapters from Zero Sum. I’m glad to see more from Zero Sum are coming to America. I just hope someone may pick up Amatsuki and Karneval, and perhaps re-pick up Saiyuki.
      Well one at a time, right? I’m excited to own your version of this one for my collection. <3

    40. how could i forget

      the durarara and baccano novels still need to be licensed, please license them for next time

    41. How long will the Translucent slip cover for Thermae Romae be available?

    42. @jellorific The translucent slip cover was only be produced for the first edition of the book, so availability is only until supplies last. I’d say, if you want it, get on it quick! Anywhere you order it now should still have the translucent covers.
      (Future printings will still have a jacket of the flattened artwork.)

    43. @hackwolfin mmmMMWWAAAHAHAHA!!! I don’t need to show anyone my work!! I only said espeically you cause ur no different. Ur also live bait, to eat and destroy. In anycase, it will be a amazing year, show me some of ur A-game. ALL OF YOU MUTHAS!!!!!

    44. May I ask how much First Edition Thermae Romae prints are left?

    45. @Anon We have not reprinted the volume yet, so any copy that is available now is a first edition.

    46. @hackwolfin Oh but don’t worry. You’ll see my work. When it is published in the YENPLUS magazine.

    47. I wonder who’s going to be the artist for “The wolf”? Has it been announced, yet?

    48. @Allen, oh. Things were gonna be fun ‘n’ games, but things are serious now!! I’ll meet you in dust behind me >:U

      ufufufufufu…. but anyways i’ll play dirty (meaning i’ll get dirty from all my hard work) and win, then you can have fun reading my stuff :D and… if you don’t win too, i’ll remember the person that won’t let me see his amazing art~~

    49. More K-On!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Anyways, Yen Press should pick up the “King of Hell” series that Tokyopop was doing. I loved that series and was sad to see it end at book 23. I want the series finished!

    50. @hackwolfin Don’t u mean leave me in the dust? Well it does not matter. Once i make it to the finish line and go back just to see if you’ve eaten my dust, YOU’LL BE NOTHING BUT DUST when i get back.

      hehehehe….but i like ur energy…Don’t worry you’ll see my work….WHEN I WIN….

    51. @Allen, I mean what I say :U

      But, there is no dust eating for future mangakas, like myself, now is there? Will if you gonna win, then I look forwarded to working with you. Then we can see each other’s works at the finish line and have a video game match of some kind instead of tea XD

    52. Soul Eater Rocks! I can NOT wait for the art book and more vol!!!^.^ (I LOOOVE SOUL EEATER)

    53. Awesome, Oriko Magica and Kazumi Magica!! :D I was hoping for those! Also, Doubt! would definitely be a series I’d consider as well. :D

      And might as well jump on the “wishful thinking” bandwagon. I’d love a translated and published version of Shiki by Fuyumi Ono on my bookshelf (manga and novel). I also hope for a printed version for Another, as I hate reading on a screen.

    54. I suppose the dust jackets have been dropped for Spice and Wolf staring with Volume VII.

      Why Yen? Granted, the last one did not work too well with Holo suddenly owning both a set of human AND wolf ears, but I’d like the dust jackets continued for all of them for consistency sake as long as they are well done… though I still like the original art best.

      In fact, of all of the volumes, VII was the dust jacket I was actually most-looking forward to seeing.

    55. just found another series you should publish
      Dolls by the mangaka group naked ape

    56. Um, I’m sorry for asking so many times, but is there a possibility for you to release Higurashi Kataribanashi-hen?

    57. A reminder to all of you bringing up licenses, we cannot discuss our intentions of licensing new series. Rest assured, we are aware of the series you bring up, and it’s great to hear what you’d be interested in reading. But until we release an official announcement on something, we can’t discuss what our plans are. We hope you understand!

    58. It’s ok, I understand ^^
      So just consider publishing:

      Higurashi Kataribanashi-hen
      Higurashi Saikoroshi-hen
      Higurashi Hirukowashi-hen
      Umineko Episode X
      Shinsekai Yori manga
      Madoka Different Story
      Gakuen Nightmare
      Deadman Wonderland

    59. Durarara!! Light Novels need to be licensed~

      Come on Durarara!! great~!!

    60. Cool pickups. I cannot express how impressed I was with the first HOTD Omnibus. Excellent quality. I will definitely pick up the second one and any further HOTD works if the writer and artist ever decide to get off their fannies and quit quibbling.

      Also, looks like you guys stopped doing the “alternate” covers for the Spice and Wolf novels. I didn’t hate the other ones, but it somehow shows that you guys are giving up on trying to reach a “broader” audience by using a RL model for the cover. I’m just hoping you guys publish as many novels as possible.

      Also, I will definitely pick up all the Madoka GNs.

    61. OMG, AYA was licensed, yayyyyy!
      Now to my life to be complete, you have to license “Karneval” *.* Anime will be airing in April, I would love to be able to buy the manga in english *.*

    62. Why haven’t you done more TokyoPop recuses?

      I want Silver Diamond finished and The Ice-Cold Demon’s Tale put on the market, in omnibus format. Silver Diamond was TP’s better selling titles.

      Hell, why hasn’t anyone recused Fruit’s Basket (seeing with how popular it is, surprised Viz hasn’t), and any of those series that were 1 volume away from being finished.

    63. @Vata

      TokyoPop is down but not dead, they are still acting like they are going to be publishing more stuff so maybe that’s why more books aren’t coming out?

    64. When will the Square Enix titles mentioned be available for download through your iPad app? I would really love to get the digital copies of Pandora Hearts.

    65. Oooh! Milkyway Hitchhiking!! Sirial can do no wrong, to be honest. Is there ever going to be a book for Milkyway Hitchhiking? I’m so bummed that i missed the first chapters ;^; I’d buy like 3 copies if there was a book! <3

    66. Are you Alice? wow is my favorite manga, I want it!!!

    67. Eto? May I ask that when is the last vol. of Durarara!! Saika arc going to be out? Itäs been so long since the second volume was out but the third one never came~

      friendly greetings from Finland.

    68. @Akka-riin – It’s out this month!

    69. Is there any chance of licensing Drrr!(Durarara) novels?
      and the ongoing manga of durarara

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