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Make sure mew check out the September YEN PLUS!

The serene image on this month’s YEN PLUS just makes you want to settle down in some cushions with a soothing beverage as you enjoy this month’s magazine. That is, if you’ve forgotten that the full image (pictured in last month’s chapter) includes a number of corpses in the background… Don’t worry, there’s plenty of that as the tragic story continues in Milkyway Hitchhicking! This month also features a challenge for supremacy among the wolves of Soulless, a fresh onslaught of zombie attacks in The Dark-Hunters: Infinity, the truth of Will’s secret in the return of The Infernal Devices, and the continuation of all of your Y+ favorites!

Soul Eater Not! is taking a break this month, but you can check out the first volume in stores now! And be sure to look for Volume 2 in October!
This month you also brings the long-awaited sixth volume of Jack Frost!
Check the full list of new releases here!

Thank you for reading!

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41 Responses to “Make sure mew check out the September YEN PLUS!”

  1. Will the Maximum Ride manga end with the last book in the series, or will it be cut off, or put on break?

  2. just saw on book depository that Durarara Saika arc is getting released next year. thankyou so much for continuing the series, but please translate and release the novels soon as well.

  3. I was wondering if Milkyway Hitchhiking would be available for purchase in the future? I missed the first chapters and was disappointed that there was not a way to catch up.

  4. Mew? Is that a pun?

  5. Please consider licensing the Jinrui wa Suitaishimashita light novels.

  6. @sorrano It’s one of Milkyway’s verbal tics ^^

  7. @Shaku – This times one thousand. The Humanity Has Declined anime was one of the most experimental, thought-provoking, and hilarious series I’ve ever seen. The Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita light novels would only be even more spectacular, I imagine.

  8. Will we get to see the cover for “Thermae Romae” this month?

  9. Not quite on-topic, but will you guys be at New York Comic Con?

  10. @Oni
    We will indeed be at New York Comic Con! (Sometimes we’re listed under our parent company, Hachette, in the program.)
    Look for more details on Con goings-on soon!

    You will get to see the Thermae cover very soon~
    It is going to be so, so awesome!
    I hope all of you will check it out! Historical and hysterical!

  11. You’ll be at Comic-con huh? See you guys there. I’ll be expecting light novel related announcements. :3

  12. I enjoy the novel adaptatations but would it be possible to see more original stories (i.e. manga, manhwa or works from any country really)? The number of YA novel adaptations is becoming a bit much.

  13. I simply love the infenal devices!! (not sure I spelled that right…lol)
    Its my fav ribht now. Grins
    Have a great day!

  14. @Shaku and Cholisose Agreed! I’d love more Humanity Has Declined so much!

  15. Just found a new series that i hope you translate soon, the series called “Bakemonogatari” or “Ghostory”

  16. I was wondering what the chances were of some of the earlier volumes of With the Light: Raising an Autistic Child getting a reprint? Volume 5 in particular.

  17. Would it be possible to see original works from Svetlana Chmkova, Cassandra Jean, and Rem as opposed to adaptations of urban fantasy young adult novels? They all have simply breathtaking artwork.

  18. “song of the doll” and it is only 5 volumes long!

  19. @Meep We apologize for the delays some of you have noticed in a number of books needing reprints. We have resolved the issue, and you should see any books previously out of stock back in stock soon!

  20. @Abby

    Thanks for letting me know. ^^

  21. The only issue with wanting to have any novels licensed is that there will probably only be a digital release…

  22. @jellorific
    Just because Another is getting a digital release doesn’t mean it’d be that way for all LN releases after, and even if it did, a digital release is way better then no release…

  23. What are digital releases?

  24. I have been loving the Sword Art Online anime and would love to get a chance to read the Light Novel it is based on. Can we get an English release, please?

  25. @Shaku
    Why would they publish Another as a digital, then publish, say, Bakemono,(if it were licensed) as a physical release?
    That makes no sense. If anything they’ll be consistent.

    >Digital release better than no release
    In a sense, at least it was licensed. But i don’t have a kindle or any other means of reading digital releases except for my computer. If I were planning on reading it on my computer anyways, It’d be easier pirating it than paying for it…

  26. @Yummzi When we’re talking about digital releases, we mean books that are available as e-books. Another will be available wherever e-novels are sold, and Erotic Bookstore will be available on the Yen Press app and wherever Yen manga titles are currently available.

    @jellorific Easier pirating, perhaps, but certainly not a good way to show your support of the author! Supporting licensed publications of light novels, digital and print, is the fans’ way of telling publishers that they want to see more of this material available in the US market. Piracy tells us they don’t have any respect for what the author has created!

    And remember, a print edition of Another isn’t out of the question. As Kurt mentioned at our San Diego panel, Another may be made available in print at a later time depending on how it is received upon its initial release.

  27. @Abby

    So I’m expected to buy a digital release to show support for the author despite the fact that I won’t be able to read it?
    Sounds swell.
    Then I’ll have to buy a physical copy on top of that just to be able to read it. Great.
    Maybe when you guys slash your prices, I’ll consider buying multiple copies. But that seems to be a long shot as just about every release of yours is above the average price of a manga volume.

  28. @Abby – Do you know when Another is planned to be released? I’m thinking of getting an e-reader so I can read that, and any other light novels that may be released in that way in the future. I’ve been slow to jump on the e-reader bandwagon, but it seems clear this is the route publishing in general is taking. I hope the cuts in production costs can at least mean more official light novels in the future.

  29. @jellorific
    >Why would they publish Another as a digital and then a different LN as physical? They’d stay consistent.

    If that were the case, Another would have been released physically wouldn’t it? Since all other novels they’ve licensed have been physical releases, being consistent would mean Another would also be physical, but that isn’t the case. So don’t assume.

    >don’t have any means besides computer

    Then buy a kindle or w/e and stop complaining, especially if you think novels you want are going to be exclusively digital from now on its a good idea.

    The problem with having the possibility of a physical release depend on how the digital release does is that your making the people who want a physical release buy the book twice in a sense.

  30. @Shaku

    I don’t want a kindle or whatever else.
    That’s why I buy /books/
    Because I want the physical thing.

  31. @jellorific 60% of horror novels sold are bought as ebooks, and Another is marketable to non-manga/anime fans. LN cost more to translate and frequently sell less than manga, so why wouldn’t they go for a cheaper and more marketable approach to Another?
    @Cholisose It’s possible to read ebooks on a computer, so it’s not necessary to spend money on an ereader if you only want to Another or a few other digital exclusives.

  32. @Serene
    Doesn’t change the fact I still want a physical copy.
    If it doesn’t get a physical release, I won’t buy it.
    Simple as that. Sure, I want to read it, but not badly enough to get an ereader or read it on my computer.

  33. ….iiiiin other news, I can’t wait for the new talent search! Hurry up and announce it, Abby!

  34. @Sorrano I know right!! I’m in the same vote. i want to see the 3rd talent search!!

  35. I don’t just want to see it. i want to be in it!

  36. @Allan
    Me too, I think I’m more prepared this time.

  37. I feel more prepared. You know. I believe that we all can entertain the audience without any trouble. Do u think so to?

  38. Somewhat. I believe that any story can be made interesting if told properly.

  39. @Sorrano Hehehe, yeah that’s right! The only thing that matters in manga is how you tell the story. the artwork can look crappy as heck, but still be a popular story if told right.

    I hope when the talent search comes this year, you make into the final selection.

    Let’s both do our best!!

  40. Shinsekai Yori manga, please.

  41. @Allan
    Same to you! Let’s try really hard!

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