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We’ve given our loyal YEN PLUS subscribers a bit of a head start, and we are now ready to open the NEW TALENT SEARCH to everyone!


Please make sure you’ve read everything carefully!
We look forward to seeing what you come up with!

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137 Responses to “NEW TALENT SEARCH”


  2. Due to the increased length of time is it possible to send in more than one piece of work. So my question is can one person send in 2 or more submissions for this contest?

    And thanks for the details, Yen Press. I believe the increased time frame will help bring in new talent and give people the time to create work that they are even more satisfied with than maybe last talent search.

  3. @JAVM I’m pretty sure you can send in more than one piece of work, but my suggestion is (and theirs probably too) is to just work twice as hard on one submission. G’luck

  4. I like the increase of the dealine( sort of ) maybe they could have put the dealine around the 15th of feburary and then announced them on the 15th or 30th of March. THats just me…

    I accepted this Yen Press and i will work my very best!

  5. i am so excited for this, but i am so confuse on the page size ratio 1:1.5? it ask just like all their other books, but all of their series was published are all different sizes. can anyone help to determine the right size of the page art? there aren’t any diagrams like the last ones.

  6. I literally died when I saw this!!!! Hahaha mostly because I was thankful that there was a large amount of time to finish…

  7. @Syku is right, @JAVM, we highly recommend you focus your attention on polishing a single piece of work. Quality over quantity!

  8. A standard Yen Press book? So I can just trace around one of my Ugly Duckling volumes and go with that, right?

    No, I’m gonna trace Nightschool instead and hope Chmakova’s talent rubs off on me!

  9. @Quang

    Here this is what i did. (Sadley) i tore a piece of the page from the magazine. (thankfully it was something i didn’t like ) Traced it the size and i just assume thats what they meant.

    And thats what i’m going with.

  10. @Allen @Sorrano Oh dear, I think you’re making this hard on yourselves! Your pages just need to be proportional to a standard manga. That is, taller than they are wide. The page sizing does not have to be exact, just rectangular.
    If you’re really concerned about the proportion, take the height of your drawing space and divide it by the width of your drawing space. If it comes out to approximately 1.5 (doesn’t have to be exact), you’re good to go.

  11. finally… been waiting forever for these details!

    i’m glad there are no specific, difficult-to-follow page size guidelines, and happy there is more time. creating a 32-page story is a lot of time.

    but i think it’s stupid that it HAS to be left-to-right when so many of us are already used to both reading and creating manga in right- to-left form. it greatly annoys me that i have to do it in a form opposite of what i want to do, when creating manga takes so much time and effort. and also, i don’t like the rule about not posting it on the internet until april 30th, because only the selected people will be contacted, so there is no guarantee we will be contacted, so whoever isn’t contacted will wait all that time for nothing.

    that said…

    i’ll probably enter despite the things i don’t like *shot*

  12. @Abby thanks for the page clarifications, that has hostly been the most concerning aspect of this! Thank you very much for making it that much less stressful!! ^.^;

  13. just a simple question, does the 32 include cover or is the cover counted separate, like 32+cover?

    and color, no color or mix color?

    thats it, thanks!

  14. @abbey – so essentially we could just draw on an A4 piece of paper? (as that is rectangular)

    Also thank you for giving us this opportunity again! I can’t wait to finish and send in my one-shot to you guys.

  15. @Arrow Yup! If your drawing space is approximately the shape of a manga page, should be fine!

  16. @cetriya As is says in the guidelines, the 32 pages includes the title page. 32 is all you get.

    As for whether or not you may use color, use your best judgment. Your objective is to present your best work, and if you do your best work in color, that is fine.

  17. @Abby
    Now THAT makes sense! I’m gonna write that down RIGHT now. Thanks. ;)

  18. One last question, should the pages be trimmed? For example, if I create a work that is 6×9 page size and print it out on 8.5×11 paper, should I trim it or send it to you with the bleed showing? Do you have a preference? Does it matter?

    And thank you!

  19. @ScrumYummy Doesn’t really matter, your preference!

  20. I only have two questions.

    1) Does Yen Press have a preference as to how we package our submissions? ie) Stapled together, duo-tang, loose stack, etc?

    2) Also, should we print double-sided? Or should that be avoided?

  21. im just curious im using B4 manga paper, its total page isze ratio 1.415, however that is for the page size as i delve deeper in to the trim live area and outer margin the overall ratio shrinks, or does only the page size ratio matter.
    one other problem, even if i use b4 paper, not all the page is used, actually the every thing up to the trim size is infact A4 size i can crop the image in A4 sive after scanning it, but when printed on regular printer paper, 8.5/ 11 what happens, imean i also did the ratio for that and that only equals 1.3 how does this work

  22. @ivory The guidelines say “approximately.” You should be fine.

  23. @shutupadrian Use your best judgment. You are presenting your best work to us, so only you can decide how to best represent yourself.

  24. Is it like last year when there was no age limit as long as the work is good enough?
    I think my work could be considered even though I’m young. Thanks!

  25. @SureIAm It sure is!

  26. i am extremely excited!!
    though i am also incredibly surprised you gave us so much time… 3 months… it is really much… well, for me, since i have a plot inside my head since previous talent search.

    my question: you wrote: “Please do not recycle a short story you have already completed. We would like to see the work you are able to complete within the time frame allotted.” as i said, i have a plot already in my head, i even tried to work on it but some time ago i saw that plot wasn’t done well and ending is wrong, so i try to recycle it. i didnt make drawings, only tried to make sketches for pages( ended up with 10 or so). can i work on this plot to make it into oneshot or this is goes exactly against the words you wrote before?

    one more little question: if you want to publish someone’s work first time and they want to have a pseudonym but don’t know which to choose – do you suggest them the nickname\help to choose?

    about contacting every participant about their packages – i have an idea: maybe they should send an email to you after sending their oneshots and you will check the emails from packages and later send one answer to all whose packages you got? just an idea :) because it is really sad to wonder why you didnt get answer – because you weren’t good enough or your package didn’t get there where you were sending it.

    thank you :)

  27. no age limit?! yay!!

    btw i have some questions:

    1. when is the deadline? (can’t find it in the article)

    2. should it be colored? or black and white?

  28. oh, an additional question… does it have to be back-to-back? (i.e. page 1 is on the front, while page 2 is behind it xD)

  29. @Abby
    Can I send Character file/about the characters pages?(With the 32-page short story)
    I think the more art the better, good luck everyone!

  30. Can I use this specification at this link? It says it was the one used for the last talent search. The trimmed size is 1: 1.5 and it has all the areas an stuff.

  31. Thank you!I am very excited! :) I was confused about the proportions, and how they were 1: 1.5.I’m not sure what you mean about that.Is it suppose to be the paper size or the the panel size. Plus, If I use B4 paper can I send the copy as an 8.5×11 paper? Also, does it have to be one chapter of the story or just one whole story as 32 pages? I’m sorry I am so confused and how i’m asking so many questions but, Please answer them. :)

  32. blah:
    I don’t think they care if the idea is new or not, what they want to know is that this comic was drawn in the allotted time period; that you are able to produce good work within a deadline.

    1. “Talent Search submissions will be accepted by mail only and must be postmarked no later than March 31, 2012.” That means the date that the mail stamps it with when it’s processed can be no later than the 31st.
    2. Abby mentions earlier in these comments that the work should be in whatever you feel is your best work. Either is alright.
    3. I’m not a rep here or anything, but I do know that no company ever wants submissions printed on both sides, whether they’re comics or not. It makes it harder on both ends of the chain to produce and read and sort.

  33. @Dana Your final page of art, regardless of what size paper it is printed on, should be a rectangle that is roughly shaped like a standard volume of manga. That is, about one and a half times as tall as it is wide.
    For your story, we have specified that it should be self-contained, a standalone story, not the first chapter of a larger work.

  34. @Monty Thanks for helping out your fellow commentors!

    @kawaiiangel Yes, if working off of specific dimensions works better for you, those would be fine.

    @hackedwolfin Character sheets are kind of unnecessary for a self-contained short story…but we won’t penalize you for including them. However, keep in mind that the pages of your story should give us enough insights into your characters without needing detailed character sheets.

  35. so a self contained story is a standalone story starts and ends, but has enough of a potenital to be something of a serlization, like the one shots-of bleach and death note,

    or does this story have to end like right then and there a begining middle and end, like a vengance stroy, of a mario save the princess scenario.

  36. so to clerify everything that i read, as long as the pages have a 1.5 ratio to them, your work is proffessional looking, it is turned into the post office on time and it is a stand alone story where the comic/manga you create has a begining, middle and “permanent” end, and will never be continued. then it doesnt matter what kind of story it is with of course the exception of it has to be your own orignal characters and story plot even if it uses cliche story types like a vegnance stroy, or mario scenario, save the princess story.
    as long as it fits these requirements and is proffesionally done, then there is no problem with the story, and we will have a good chance of being contacted.

  37. @ivory, I think you’re making this much too difficult than it should be. Think of the story like this, when you are asked to write a short story, what would you write? The point is that it’s self-contained, it doesn’t need extra chapters to explain what’s going on. It doesn’t need to have a ‘permanent’ end if you don’t want it to, you can end it on a mystery, keep the reader wanting more, only they don’t get more.

    It doesn’t matter whatever kind of story it is, Yen Press publishes a large range of genres. You will be contacted if your work catches their editor’s eye.

  38. Autumn Smith Says:

    Oh, I never found out If I got a response to this comment which i posted earlier on a different thread but, will Yen Press be publishing “Yotsuba and monochrome animals”? I saw it at a japanese bookstore (and really should have bought it) because I have been wanting ever since. Glad to see an extended deadline for the New Talent Search! Hopefully I will finish by then!

  39. Everyone good luck. Lets all push our selfs to our limits and beyond.

  40. Im out here to proove something. Because i love manga. its my life. its more then an art, its a way of life -manga!- im not ganna lose easly. haha but i hope theres some good competition.

  41. Alright! I screwed up last year cos’ I found out late but I’m gonna work to the max this time around!

    Regarding the ‘not being allowed to put it up anywhere until the date’ can we put up like, maybe just the cover page and the first/second pages? Some of the peeps did last year.

    I think that it’d be cool if we cool show our friends, family (and fans, if we have any) what we’re working on.

  42. @Monty, thank you for your answer :)

  43. Hey everyone. I want to wish everyone Good Luck on your submissions. I am very excited about the talent search and I can’t wait to show Yen Press my work. I was really late last year but I going to make sure I am on time. Lets all do our best and I wish everyone the best! XD

  44. pigsareawesome Says:

    I know the pages will be single printed, but my question is about how the pages are viewed. I have read many times that editors read pages by placing two next to each other to make sure the panels don’t accidently run into each other.

    Since the submission is read left to right, will the page spread be the first/title page as read by itself, then page 2 and 3 read placed together, then 4 and 5, then 6 and 7 and so on? Or will they all be read as singles? I need to know this so I can plan a spread if I decide it is useful for my work.(And I think it would be good for others to know.)
    Thank you!

  45. Can this be printed like a book and bound? I had a thought that it would be really cool to show my work as I would intend for it to look as a finished product and have a DIY printer make it for me, and then send it to you guys, but I didn’t want to do that if it was going to disqualify me/make you mad. :B

    Alternatively, I could also include a copy that was not bound, and/or a copy on disk.

    I am under the impression that in the end you won’t mind either way. But eh, just in case. Thanks again!

  46. pigsareawesome, i join to your question,it would be really useful for all of us.

    people, how about to join a little community for those who wish or going or were participating in yen press talent search? for sharing useful information and experience. check it here(you must be a member of deviantart to join):

  47. Well. While I’m happy that you guys are holding this contest again, and so soon with such a time frame I’m quite disappointed about it. I wasn’t able to enter the first one and I won’t be able to enter this one either because I’m working on my animation thesis. And it sucks that I’ll have to be done a week before the contests deadline x D A week won’t be enough time for me due to preparing for graduation X D !! Ah, my luck!

    I have a couple of questions, when you say short story, does the story have to have an actual ending, or can it be open ending/end of chapter kind of story. As in.. A to be continued, sort of story…??

    And my last question, not really relating to the contest but here it goes… The guidelines mention at the end, how published professionals may submit their portfolios for consideration according to the guidelines on the Contact tab… Does this also apply for unpublished artists? Or is Yenpress only looking for the work of published artists (outside of contests)?

    Thank you very much!

  48. so,if i want to keep my original work. I should print my manga

    page on one side of piece a paper.(just the front…back page blank)

    my printing paper size is 8.5″x11″, but my guide line is 7″x10″. does that sound right?

  49. @kong Yep, that sounds fine.

  50. @ScrumYummy We’d like it to be printed one way or another (not a digital copy), but whether you send it out to make a bound book, use a three-ring binder, or just paperclip it together, we don’t really mind. We make our decision based on your work itself, so the presentation is up to you!

  51. @pigsareawesome Your story should begin with a single right-hand page, as most books/manga do, making pgs 2-3 a spread, 4-5 a spread, and so on. (If you’ve already started, you don’t have to go back and fix your work.) When you provide your copy to us, just use your best judgment in how you may best present your work to us. If you deliver it in single pages, we’ll figure out how the spreads go. And if you want to show it to us in spreads, that works too!

  52. thank you so much for answering my question. I been worrying about my proportions size all day,now i feel better.:)

    i don’t get why we have to make our manga read from left to right? is there any reason behind it? just wondering.

    can i send my manga through email?(if yes please provide me a email address)

  53. Thanks Abby! You are so very helpful! :)

  54. Digitally done, I assume…?

  55. This is a video that explains the page layout for the talent search, I hope it helps

  56. @Abby – earlier you said drawing on A4 is acceptable. So I could use A4 but perhaps include a margin around it about half an inch? (drawing within that boundary)

  57. @Arrow As long as your page of art is rectangular and taller than it is wide, you should be fine.

  58. Redprincess Says:

    Dear wise and all knowing Abby, I have started a one shot but it’s opened ended. I have no desire to go further than this, but I wanted the ending to be left open, is that fine? or is it frowned upon and should have a neat little tied up end? I tend to like to leave open endings to make people question and have their imagination take over from there… thanks

  59. pigsareawesome Says:

    Just wanted to say thank you for answering my question and work hard to everybody participating!
    Test yourself to see what you are made of and can do!

  60. @Redprincess I am now making that my official title :)
    It’s absolutely all right if your story doesn’t have a neat and tidy ending. Open endings are fine~

    What we’re really trying to discourage is people sending us what is clearly just the first chapter of some greater story they have in mind. If the story is set in a world or includes characters that are part of a larger setting you’ve created, that’s not a problem, but the story itself has to stand alone.

  61. I have a semi-unrelated question. You mentioned that if we don’t get contacted, we can still add the work to our growing portfolio. But if it wasn’t good enough to pique your interest, why would we still put it in our portfolio? A failure doesn’t really belong in there, don’t you think?

  62. @Sorrano True, we may not be interested, but if you are submitting your art to other companies or have a portfolio review, it’s good to put samples of your most current projects, and showing that you have completed a full short story isn’t a bad thing either. And every company has different editors who are looking at different things, so a work that doesn’t catch our eye may catch the eye of someone else.
    Even if we don’t contact someone about their work, that doesn’t mean it’s a failure! Beyond our goal of finding new talent, we hope that the Talent Search gives you the opportunity to push yourselves to be better storytellers and artists, and anything that helps you along that path is valuable indeed! You may cringe in a couple years to see where you once were and how far you’ve come (my own comic in Yen+ has taught me that much ^^) but everything you do is no failure if it leads you to improve your skills!

  63. if i did not get contacted. do i get feed back for my work?

  64. @Abby
    I get it. So long as you do your best, you have no regrets and nothing to lose. And an up to date portfolio is a must!

  65. so to clarifry, if we make a stand alone begining, middle and end, have proffesionally done, and it reads left to right with each “page” of manga taller than it is wide we will be probably be contacted ?
    secondly, however, i have a concern, are you gonna pick stories that fit personal taste or are you gonna accpet all stories no matter what they are about, becuaes wouldnt that mean that there is less of a chance for someone who wrote a horro story to be contacted than one who wrote a dramody or historical fiction?

  66. @ivory Ultimately, our decision will be based on the quality of your storytelling and artwork. While it’s true everyone has their own personal taste in terms of what they choose to read for pleasure, we aren’t basing our decision on whether or not someone fits into a particular niche. Just look at Yen Plus magazine, everything from horror to steampunk to sci-fi to comedy. If it’s good, it’s good, no matter the genre!

  67. @watshu No, because we receive so many submissions, we will only provide feedback to those who are contacted by the deadline mentioned in the guidelines.

  68. Is there an age limit/requirement of who is eligible?

  69. @Kana No, we base our decisions solely on the quality of your work.

  70. A Yen Press Talent Search sounds great! Thank you! XD

  71. Aw, awesome! A deadline I might actually be able to make this time! (Provided college doesn’t completely devour me, that is.)

    Hm . . . does the comic have to be in “long-form” format, or would a strip/yonkoma format work? (With 2 strips per page, as is typical.)

  72. girlnextdoor Says:

    am really working on my comic for this!!!

    btw, a slightly off question: does it matter if you live somewhere else? (when I say somewhere else I mean outside USA)

  73. Can I put my contact information on a separate page by itself? Is that included in the 32-page limit?

  74. if we send it in right to left does that meaning it wont even be looked??? is left to right a defent requirment?

  75. dear abby i was wondering on the type of manga could that include hentai

  76. @mr unknow “The subject matter of your story is up to you.”

  77. dear abby i was wonderin are applications acceptted even from outside the usa, (im in London). also is left to right a requirment or do you also accept right to left.

  78. @tim
    “International creators are eligible.”
    “Your story must read left-to-right.”

    Make sure you’re reading things thoroughly, folks!

  79. @Abby Will we be able to put some illustrations in with out work?

  80. hello, i have another question:
    if i start working now drawing some comics for exclusive use(adult themed comics that are available to people only after paid registration on adult site) – does it mean that i cannot participate in yen press talent search because of such type of a work?
    thanks in advance, it is really important for me now…

  81. @nekotea Your whole story is a comic, so…the whole thing is illustrations! It isn’t necessary to send us additional images or character designs with your story, but you certainly won’t be penalized for including them.

  82. @blah Unless you have worked with a publishing company on your comics, you are eligible. Your past work does not disqualify you, regardless of its adult nature.

  83. @Abby, i meant not that it’s adult-themed but if it can be called publishing company?

  84. @blah What you’re describing doesn’t sound like it would be considered being “published” in the sense of “working with an editor,” etc. You are free to submit!

  85. thanks a lot! for sure i will then :)

  86. So by working with an editor, do the artist’s works get published in Yen Press?

    I’ve never seen an issue of Yen Press with one of the artist’s works from the previous talent search so I’m not very sure…

  87. Sorry, another question. If we use an alias name, should we provide our real name or not?

  88. Hi! I’m so excited to participate, especially finding out that there is no age limit. First, if a manga is selected, what happens after that? Secondly, is it our decision if we want to send the story printed out with extra paper space, or if we want to trim out the guidelines?

  89. Hey just wondering if you really don’t have a manga idea and you make up some random stuff would that count as manga

  90. Also, can a few pages be posted online of our manga before the 30th of April?

  91. pigsareawesome Says:

    Dear “Wise and All knowing Abby,” :)
    May I please ask what would happen to the person/people who are contacted? I am quite curious to know and perhaps that might give even more motivation?

  92. If we got selected. how many days do we get to make a chapter? like 7 days to make a whole chapter or someting around that number or what is the dealine for each chapter?

  93. DaemonisFides Says:

    Ack, just now found this…I’d better get started! O__O

  94. if our entry is taken into interest and we are contacted, does that mean we have a chance of becoming a published and serialized author?

  95. So like, what is the actual size of the paper needed?

  96. @Temari Rectangle-size! Use your best judgment!

  97. Sorry, one more question!

    Does it have to be 16 pages front and back, or does it have to be 32 pages front and back?

    Or, does it have to be 32 pages single sided?


  98. @Temari 32 individual pages. Whether you present them as 16 pages printed on both sides or 32 pages single-sided is up to you. (We recommend single-sided just so the art on one side isn’t visible on the other, but it’s your choice.)

  99. Thank you for the help! But I have one more question ^_^;;;;

    Is it okay if you go like 3-4 pages over the page limit? Would that effect your chances?

    Also should we had some sort of one-page-long Artist Bio at the end?

    Thanks for the help!

  100. @Temari We ask you to fit your story to the page count specified. As a professional, you will often be given a fixed number of pages for your story/chapter, and this is a test of your ability to follow those guidelines. You are welcome to include more detailed bio information about yourself, but it is not necessary.

  101. Dear Abby,
    Thank you so much for answering so many of our questions :’> Much appreciated. I have a question about the presentation. I know you have said earlier to present the best that we see fit to do but I am planning to submit my entry on something similar to manga manuscript paper to get a feel for it. I was wondering if I should cut it out and all to when I’m finished inking or would it be easier in any way if I didn’t. Thank you again =’]

  102. @Asahii You don’t necessarily have to trim your paper right to the edge of the finished art if you don’t want, it’s really up to you. We’re looking at your art, so while we want you to present it to us as cleanly as possible so we see your art in the best light, we’re not going to be picky about whether you put it in a fancy folder or use special paper. Also, make sure you’re not sending us your original pages (the pages you actually physically drew on); please send us copies!

  103. I remember >

  104. Hello! I was wondering, if any of us live in the New York Met area, can we hand deliver the submissions to the Yen Press building on Park Avenue?

  105. pigsareawesome Says:

    Dear “Wise and All knowing Abby,” ^_^
    I am sure no one had asked/answered this before so I am asking you.
    For the text part of our comics should we go with hand lettering, digital lettering, or write the text lightly in pencil in the balloons and boxes(or tape a sheet of tracing paper over the art and write the text on the tracing paper where we want our text to be at)? Or does it not matter?
    Thank you.
    (And this other question has been asked before but I still want to know if you can answer it. What happens AFTER the person/people is/are contacted?)
    Once again many thanks!^_^

  106. Hi there… should the story submitted be one complete story or a part of the story is allowed? I look forward to hearing back from you the soonest. Thank you in advance.

  107. @Rony As it says in the first line of the guidelines, your story should be self-contained. It should not just be the first chapter of some larger work you have in mind.

  108. Wow I wish I found out about this contest sooner. I don’t think 3 weeks is enough time for my best friends and I to develop a short story and characters. I do have a question. You never state what happen if someone wins. Do you plan on publishing their short story and they receive profit? or do you sign them on to start a series?

  109. do we have to typeset the work and send the copy with the dialogue printed, or can we just attach a script. because doing the fonts takes a looooooooong, painful time.

  110. Would you please state what happen when someone got selected. I really want to know. thank you Abby.

  111. I have a quetion. What if I send my manga BEFORE the deadline
    ,but the manga arrive at April the 2 or 4. Would i still be disqualified

  112. @manga As it says in the guidelines, your entry must only be postmarked by the deadline. If it arrives late, that isn’t a problem.

  113. YES! Abby I’m so happy. You are the best of the best.

  114. To make sure I understand this correctly.

    If I send my manga on march the 31
    it arrive on April 7. I would still by accepted?

  115. Sunday-Chan Says:

    Dear Abby,

    Can I use Express Mail and mail it that way? I would really like to know this before I make any shipping options.

  116. @Sunday-Chan As long as it is in the mail by the deadline, you can ship it however you like.

  117. @manga When you drop it in the mail, the post office will mark it with the date they pick it up. That’s the date that we’re looking at. The arrival date does not matter.

  118. Abby is the best Says:

    do we have to sign any form or any must have stuff in our mail. Before we send them.

  119. confused person Says:

    just wondering, but do we have to typeset the manga?
    And should we include the title and credits on the front cover..?

  120. @confused person We need to read your pages, so please do put the text in the bubbles. As for your “cover,” if you mean the title page of your story, yes, please include text there as well.

  121. @Abby is the best <– debatable ^_^
    You don't have to sign anything before sending in your work. You retain rights to your work, nothing will be published anywhere without your permission.
    Do, however, make sure you include your contact information (name, e-mail, address, phone) so that we can get ahold of you if we are interested. Some people last year made themselves very difficult to find…

  122. are the talent search are only until the deadline end? (31 march)
    so if someone try to submitted their works in April, or May, (and any other month )
    you wont accept it?

  123. Hello. I come so close in finishing a story but couldn’t make it on time. May I ask what is the difference between the annual Talent Search and the regular submissions?

  124. just checking Says:

    hi, I know questions such as this have been asked but I just wanted to double check to be sure –

    when you say postmarked BY the 31st, do you mean it has to be postmarked ON friday the 30th at the latest, or it can have a postmark ON saturday the 31st itself?

    thank you in advance for clarifying, I hope my question was clear.

  125. @just checking Sending on Saturday is absolutely fine! It’s crunch time!

  126. pigsareawesome Says:

    Abbbbbyyy~~~ If I don’t have enough time to typeset, can I just write the dialogue and sound effects on a sheet of tracing paper and tape that onto the printed page?
    Thank you!

  127. I already send my manga. hope you guys receive it. (the cover was a boy carrying 3 bucket of water).:) I was wondering if

    the editor are going to contact the person that they are interested on exactly April 30? or they going to contact as early like April the 6 or 5 or something like that because I think it already arrived.

  128. Yeeeaahh!! It’s over!!! I can’t wait to see who won!!

  129. pigsareawesome Says:

    I finished on time but the post office closed before I could send it. -___- Wonder if I can send it in next year (along with a new entry:)), I did like it and still want it to be looked at. >.<;

  130. “Creators of interest will be contacted by April 30, 2012.”

    So… 10 days left…

    Has Yen Press started contacting the creators of interest or is that all happening on April 30?

    *goes and checks my inbox repeatedly*


  131. Is Yen press allready started contacting the creators or is it all happening in April 30? Same quetion a “shutupadrian”

  132. Please….I am totally dying for some news on this… phone is going to be worn out from me checking so much…..heheheheheh pleeeeeeease im going crazy here. Its sooo exciting.

  133. @S Deep breaths! We will probably post a notice once people have been contacted as we did last year.

  134. will the creator’s of interest be contacted by phone, email, or both? and also, how many days would the company try to take to get in contact with the creators?

  135. khd puppet maru Says:

    aaa mooouu~ todays the day maaaaan~ im ’bout to go friggen crazy,un….*cant..stop…shaking..* i so worried (///__ TT)

  136. So, the creators of interested will be contact in Friday?

  137. I hope there is another contest!

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