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Announcing Yen Plus

The San Diego Comic Con is here, and with it comes the big news: the new digital version of Yen Plus is here!!

We’re kicking off the August issue in a major way, making it available to everyone as a free trial. (Update! The free trial period has expired.)If you like what you see, you can begin subscribing for just $2.99 per month with the September issue.  September’s also going to be important because that’s when we start rolling out the Japanese side of our content.  We can’t spill the beans just yet on exactly what that will include — but we can say that a certain little green-haired girl will be gracing our pages for the first time!

If you’d like to get a quick look at all the fantastic content we’ve got lined up for you in our August inaugural issue, you can click here for the full title list.  Or you can just cut to the chase and click here to sign up for your free preview!

If you’ve got feedback, let us know in the comments below, and let the dawn of the Yen Plus digital era begin!

UPDATE! Kurt Hassler responds to some early thoughts in the comments here. Keep them coming!

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203 Responses to “Announcing Yen Plus”

  1. Ummm, WHAT? @____________@


  2. It doesn’t say in the FAQ so I was wondering will it be against yen plus rules to use the print screen button to make a backup of the copies you bought? Thanks.

  3. Your click here for the full title list led me to a page with no information. I guess I jumped the gun a little? ;)

  4. Hello. I just signed up for the website but it is telling me, that I have access. I live in the US though and you said it was free…

  5. It says that I don’t have the proper access when I tried accessing it a second time.

  6. Thank you, Yen Press. It’s actually difficult to explain how happy I am with this. I can’t wait to get a subscription and watch it evolve over time.

    Any chance that manhua could be introduced, now that the magazine doesn’t have to be limited to black and white print series? Also, is there any possibility for manga series, if they can catch up to the Japanese release, to simultaneously be released here?

  7. After logging in, is anyone else seeing a message that says “Sorry, you don’t seem to have proper access. Please check you Yen Plus membership. .” (sic), an HTML or CSS error which is pushing the content area of the page under the sidebar, and, most importantly, the comics viewer simply not working?

    Perhaps this wasn’t quite ripe for launch…

  8. The profile has some bugs in it. I’m not able to view the preview online yen plus.

  9. Error message after logging in to magazine account: “Sorry, you don’t seem to have proper access. Please check you Yen Plus membership.”

    Browser: IE 8
    OS: Vista

    Same error message

    Browser: Firefox 3.6.6
    OS: Vista

  10. Congratulations!!! I can’t wait to order my subscription. I think you guys picked the perfect price point too. I have loved YenPlus since it’s first issue and did not mind picking it up each month at my local comic book shop. Now I am off to read the free Preview.

  11. Sign-up didn’t work with Firefox 3.6.7, but did work with Internet Explorer 7. I was able to access the site with Firefox once the account was created.

    ‘Tho I’m going to miss the paper copy, I look forward to the trial.

  12. :D I wished I could’ve subscribed to the print version, only have issues 1 & 2 sadly..will have to get the rest some other way, but I can already see myself subscribing to the new Digi-YenPlus \o/. ._. First I need a job though, else I won’t be able to subscribe for long ^_^;

  13. EDIT: Though, one problem right now, could be just my web browser but when I click the pop-out viewer I get the message “Sorry, you must be logged in to Yen Plus to view this content.” however I just logged in…
    Browser is Opera 10.60 Build 3445

  14. I’m now able to see the reader. However, when I click the pop out viewer in order to see the pages full screen, I get the following error message: “Sorry, you must be logged in to Yen Plus to view this content.” Unfortunately, I am logged in.

    Browsers: IE 8 & Firefox 3.6.6
    OS: Vista

  15. Inside every cynical person, there is a disappointed idealist

  16. shadow skill Says:

    The online reader could use some work. I think this idea is really great. Having a way to stay current with the releases in Japan or elsewhere will certainly make purchasing more attractive to people who are apprehensive about purchasing these things as they become licensed because they end up getting forced out of the loop because of the time it takes to get things to press and so forth. I really hope Highschool of the Dead is in your September line-up.

  17. I love that the magazine already is up and running but I guess I have one suggestion: the pictures need to be bigger I had a really hard time reading even with my glasses and the subscription, is it going to be a monthly thing or can we do a 6 month payment? Good luck!

  18. It’s a pretty good idea,
    But you should keep an archive.
    People who read this might want to start a new series, but don’t have the budget to go pay for your sadly over-priced books and dish out some more money to keep up with the series.
    That, and if you actually want to attract the audience you think you will, you’d keep an archive so people can freely read a series up to the most recent chapter on there. They’re paying for it anyways, so why not give them the whole package?

  19. Sounds great! My only issue is that the text can be incredibly difficult to read on some of the pages, even when the window’s on full-screen. I’d also like to suggest an archives option whenever you get the time to get around to it.

  20. I think green is the most popular hair color for female characters. I think Lum might have started that trend. And boy, was she lovely.

  21. Hey, I’m sorry that I’m asking that question but is Yen Press going to issue Higurashi series named “Kataribanashi-hen”?
    It’s really great…

  22. I tested it on iPad, and it works quite well, good enough for me to sign up for a subscription.

    It took some work to find the the correct zoom, but then it was easy to browse and read. The text was a little to small for comfort, but the manga read well.

    A suggestion for improvement would be to make it possible to read one page instead of the spread of two pages. Then Yen Plus would be very comfortable to read an close to perfect :o )

    And I hope that you will make more of your products available digitally.

  23. YAY! The talent search is coming soon! Better get ready! But, um why are there LESS chapters in the online version? Whatever, it IS a trial, so I’m gonna cut you guys some slack. I just won’t log out because people are having trouble getting back in, it seems.

  24. FYI: The pop out option is now working for both my browsers. (IE 8 & Firefox 3.6.6.) Thank you! I look forward to reading the new chapters. :D

  25. I’m really happy that the online version has finally launched! Congratulations! I’m excited about Yen Press’s embrace of digital technology. Since you guys are (hopefully) setting a model for other major manga presses, I’d like to give you some feedback for the online reader that will hopefully improve everyone’s experience.

    First, I think you should consider sharpening your image quality. No matter what browser or what zoom level I use, the text is fuzzy and difficult to read. Trying to read a column of text (like in the Otaku Pimp section) actually hurts my eyes.

    Also, it would be nice if the reader could navigate with the direction keys alone instead of having to click on buttons to go from one page to the next. My computer doesn’t have a tiny screen, but it’s not enormous, and I have to fit the page to the width of my screen to be able to read comfortably. This means that I have to scroll down the page to view everything, which is no problem, except that I then have to scroll back up again to click on the button to go to the next page. Having to do this over and over again becomes frustrating and annoying fairly quickly, and I feel that being able to flip between pages with just the left and right keyboard buttons is much more ergonomic.

    As damning (of myself) as it is to say this, I feel that the image quality and interface model for the scanlation websites are much better than your own. Since I would much rather pay for the privilege of reading legitimate manga online, I hope you guys can fix this. Regardless, I have no problem with paying for such wonderful content when the time comes to subscribe, and I wish you the best with this awesome new venture!

  26. Lovely work with this, it’s great to see companies trying out new methods of distribution. I don’t think I’ll be ordering a subscription at the moment, simply because the magazine doesn’t have any series that I want to read, but I’ll certainly keep an eye on it in case that changes.

    There are two things that I think could be improved:
    1. While I understand why you don’t want issues to be archived, I’d love to at least be able to access digital versions of the first few chapters of a series. It’s a lot easier to judge whether I want to buy a series based on chapters 1-3 vs. chapter 52, and I imagine that you’re hoping that magazine sales lead to graphic novel series.

    2. Being able to zoom in more would be fantastic; I found some series, such as Aron’s Absurd Armada difficult to read even when zoomed in as much as possible.

  27. @anon, the point of this is to appease people who want to stay up-to-date with a series while also getting money from the actual books. If 10.99 is sadly overpriced for you, maybe you should try a different fandom. Back ten years ago we had to pay $15.00 a pop, and it was poor quality, flipped, and only lasted a couple of years before we had to re-buy the entire series.

  28. @Jessica
    It’s over priced because there’s no that much content. I buy lots of manga on a regular basis from just about every manga published America has to offer.
    Take Del-Rey for example,
    They have Mushishi, good quality manga, soft cover, beautiful art, 240 pages. $12.95
    Viz, Kimi ni Todoke, They leave out the extras that the Japanese release has, but they left the cover intact and didn’t Americanize the series, 192 pages, $9.99
    And their Signature Manga section
    Children of the Sea, beautiful cover art, color pages, 320 pages, $14.99
    20th Century Boys, Covers are great seeing that they changed it from the original release, 216 pages, $12.99
    Alice in The Country of Hearts, They went back to the original cover so that’s great, Though they kind of suck at centering text in speech bubles, great series, also the binding isn’t so tight that you have to be careful when you read it if you treasure your books, 224 pages, $10.99
    Even Deadman Wonderland, Color pages, they didn’t censor it as far as I can tell, cover is ugly, but it’s soft, 248 pages, $10.99
    Dark Horse
    Gantz, great series, uncensored, They didn’t touch the cover, 224 pages, $12.99
    Ghost Taker’s Day Dream, Nice cover, story, everything, 216 pages, $10.95
    Seven Seas
    Dance in The Vampire Bund, Great quality, loli vampires at their best, 208 pages, $9.99
    Then Yen Press
    Higurashi – Good series, though imo, the binding is a bit too tight, great quality otherwise, 192 pages, $10.99
    Kobato., I want this series like burning, it’s great, CLAMP, 160 pages… $11.99 wat.
    Spice and Wolf Manga, Looove the series, 192 pages, $12.99
    And it’s like that with most series.
    All under 200 pages, but more than 10 dollars.
    I buy it anyways, but since I’m still cool little teenage mooching off my parents, with prices like this, I can’t afford to get those books until a holiday, when other series I want get licensed.
    Yes, other companies do the same exact thing, but not as bad as YP does. I mean, 160 pages for 11.99? What the heck.

  29. It’s looking very good so far; I’d suggest a bigger size for your pages though. When “full sized”, it’s actually just a zoom in of a smaller page, so the text and drawings look too fuzzy and low quality. It’s not that bad when they fit the window, but it gets hard to read at times.

    Besides that, you’re off to a good start with a great price. I really like that it still feels like a hardcopy issue, with articles, fanart and advertisements. I’ll definitely keep registered if you fix the above issue.

  30. This is a lovely idea. I am reading on an iPad and was able to use the iPad zoom feature to get the page large enough. Otherwise everything is a bit small.

    I had some problem with the reader, however. I’m not quite getting to the end of a chapter at which point some glitch stops the page from turning. Perhaps my session is becoming invalid? I don’t get an error message though — it’s just that all controls stop working at that point.

  31. Hooray, it’s here!

    I found the reader easy to use, aside from the typical first day bugs, though I do agree that some of the text was a bit hard to read, even in the biggest view.

    Gotta say, three bucks a month is a good price – especially if y’all add more chapters per issue in future months. But even if you don’t, heck, 350+ pages for $2.99? Maybe you guys should have a sit down with DC and Marvel. ;]

  32. I don’t really like how you have to have PayPal to subscribe to this monthly. :| Some of us don’t have it and never will, tbh.

    Otherwise, love the interface…

  33. I can’t help but notice that Soul Eater, Kuroshitsuji, and Pandora Hearts are missing from this month’s lineup. Meanwhile, Squeenix just announced this a few days ago. Also, the FAQ that’s supposed to link me to a list of currently serialized titles in the magazine is a broken link.

    Not to be a conspiracy theorist or anything, but what’s up with that? Are Squeenix titles no longer going to be available in Yen Plus? Will I have to pay for a subscription on Squeenix’s website to get them instead? Some honesty about the matter would be appreciated.

    Also, I have to echo the chorus of complaints that the image quality in your new online version is atrocious. I have to be blunt: It’s really, utterly atrocious. I don’t even need to point to scanslations to make a comparison here. Other legitimate, legal online manga sources – i.e. Viz’s website – have far superior image quality. When I view Yen Press’s online pages at full size the image quality is so degraded and blurry that it’s shocking.

    This is so disappointing. I want to support Yen Plus, but I’m not going to pay for a subscription if a) three of the four series that I bought the magazine for are no longer going to be serialized, and b) the image quality is so poor that I give myself a headache trying to read the online pages.

  34. Yen Press I love most of you and all but the pay by Paypal thing kills fans because most of us don’t have one;_;

    Another thing, Square Enix offers its series in english for free?!( same EXACT translation of Yen’s Black Butler, unfortunately): So, why is it that Yen Press can’t do the same? I mean besides Square Enix, anime companies are already streaming their content for free as well.

  35. No archive? No subscription for me, thanks. I might as well just buy the books…

  36. @nenena, read the magazine before making a four-paragraph write-up? They explicitly stated that the manga side would return in September.

  37. Also, @nenena, click on the Pop Out viewer and make it fit your page. I have a 19-inch monitor and I can read it perfectly.

  38. @Jessica, read my comment before making a second response? I did use the popout viewer and read the page at full size. The problem is that the full size is blurry and of poor quality.

    Yes, I saw that the blog entry here mentioned that there is no Japanese stuff this month and that they can’t “spill the beans” on their Japanese lineup yet. But my question is still legitimate, I think. ^^;; Why should I consider paying three dollars for next month’s issue if I don’t even know what’s going to be in it yet? And what’s going on with Squeenix launching their own pay-for-online-manga service at the same time that YP omits all Japanese titles from their own online magazine launch? It still smells stinky to me.

  39. bansheeblue13 Says:

    I read on anime news network, you licensed Otoyomegatari!
    I can die happy! Ever CMX closed down I was afraid no one would license this. THANK YOU SERIOUSLY!!!

  40. Kathryn: In case you haven’t noticed it yet, you can go back and forth between pages by clicking the pages themselves; click the page on the right to go “forward” (in LTR terms) and the page on the left to go “back.” No need to use the buttons on the top.

    Anyway, now that the pop-out viewer works, I find reading the magazine more tolerable, particularly if I disable the status and navigation bars in my browser window. And I disagree about the image quality being poor; it seems legible to me, unless I zoom in quite a bit. If it looks poor on your display, check that you’re not still using Internet Explorer 6; it (and I think also IE 7?) was notoriously bad at scaling (resizing) images. Plus, it’s also old and broken and full of security holes. Upgrade to IE 8, or better yet, switch to Opera or Firefox.

    But is this true about PayPal being required for making payments? If so… no sale. I don’t trust PayPal and their skeezy antics. I think my money would be safer if I just put cash in an envelope and sent it in the mail. C’mon… you guys are a grown-up company. Use a grown-up payment processor.

  41. [...] service launches this fall… Yen Press has revealed more details about the digital version of Yen+, which launches in August with an expanded slate of titles that includes Yotsuba&!. After a [...]

  42. Ughhh, I’m not a fan of reading this online–I forsee migraines if I do that. Guess I’ll pick and choose the series I want and buy the GNs instead. :/

  43. Yes, it DID say something about new series in September, didn’t it??? See, that’s one of those things I skimmed and completely forgot…sorry!
    I too noticed that there is getting to be more competition for yen press especially with square enix doing their thing and all. A lot of publishers have had to look elsewhere for talent, but most oel manga receives such poor recognition and it’s hard to take those kinds of chances in this economy. Personally, I just think the oel manga business just needs time to grow, like the 40+ years of manga making in Japan.
    I wonder if a Japanese mangaka came to America to get published, would they be considered oel? And would they be overlooked like one?

  44. This is a great idea but there’s no way I’m going to subscribe without the real japanese manga. Why withhold the titles? Will you still have kuroshitsuji and nabari no ou or not?

  45. Just read the first chapter of Daniel X and I can now say with total honesty that I FREAKING LOVE IT! The artwork by itself makes this worth looking into, in my book, but add in the intriguing premise and likable characters introduced thus far? And boy am I hooked.

    As always, Nightschool was thrilling to a fault. This chapter seemed extra long and jam-packed with amazing revelations, twists and turns, and one heck of a cliffhanger.

    I’m beyond psyched to see another Maximum Ride manga come out, and especially with one of my favorite sightless characters, to boot!

    I’ll admit I was very sad to learn Yen+ would no longer be published physically, but I’m really happy it’s still going and can be more efficient/eco-friendly now.

    Hoping you guys can eventually release the light novels of Baccano! and Durarara!! as you’ve done more for light novels in the states recently than any other company I can think of. <3 Love you guys eternally for all that you're doing.

  46. Count louis Says:

    Two things, I could have sworn you guys said some where it was going to be free, I need to find the original letter I received… and also, this has already been brought up, are you going to have square enix titles? or should we just pay to read them over there?

  47. @ Garrett Paypal is used by lots of major companies – including eBay. Nothing sketchy about it.

  48. I love the online magazine! The viewing format was easy to use and I had no troubles signing up. The content so far is just as awesome as the print addition. I thought the new additions looked promising. Aron’s Absurd Armada is cute and Daniel X was interesting. I am looking forward to seeing what the Japanese side will have to offer and I will definitely be signing up in Sept. Best of luck on this new venture!

  49. @Garrett

    “If it looks poor on your display, check that you’re not still using Internet Explorer 6; it (and I think also IE 7?) was notoriously bad at scaling (resizing) images. Plus, it’s also old and broken and full of security holes. Upgrade to IE 8, or better yet, switch to Opera or Firefox.”

    So the full-size pages ARE just the smaller pages rescaled? That would explain why they’re blurry and poor quality.

    BTW I’m viewing everything with the latest version of Firefox. Still looks blurry and poor quality to me. Especially when compared to other online manga viewers, like Viz’s online manga viewer.

  50. So I heard you guys have laid ruinous claim on High School of the Dead, halting scanlations and forcing the fans to wait for your snail’s pace releases to catch up. Just wanted to say thanks for that.

  51. @Garret: I was very dubious of paypal but after trying it I’ve yet to find any troubles with them. Three of my most trusted online stores use it and no problems so far. Better than paying the fees credit (and now even debit) cards rob you with.

  52. I truly hope, unlike the Shojo Beat online “magazine,” that you *quickly* make your site disability accessible.

    Here’s my loyalty resume: I have every single issue of Yen Plus. I make sure my local library has your books. Last year, when Yen Plus went missing from my local newsstand, I hounded them until we figured out how to get it back and then posted the solution here & elsewhere. I buy what compilations I can on my public long-term disability income, esp. Yotsubata-And-Bang.

    I haven’t looked yet at yr sample online magazine, but someone in this comment thread said people have to click to turn pages. Sigh. Your site must be reasonably accessible to the disabled, which means it must be able to be accessed with the keyboard for those of us in a lot of pain. Mousing *hurts*. Keyboarding hurts a lot less. And then there’s those of us whose hands shake too much for mousing.

    In addition, you have the opportunity to make manga accessible for visually impaired people, like they do with Descriptive Video Service. After all, you already translate the Japanese printed & pixelated text into English text files of some sort before converting the English text into pixels and print. Put that online for the screen readers and you are halfway there! And there are TONS of resources out there for more methods and accessibility standards.

    I swear, it makes me want to **cry** that pirate sites are more disability-accessible than licensed ones–but crying would take even more energy!!!

    Again, I’m basing my criticism on an early comment in this thread and what I’ve seen from other members of the coalition. Plus, when I read the “click-only, keyboard would be nice” comment it threw me into _such_ despair, and due to my energy limitations, I had to choose between typing this up and reading the site to verify that comment, so…

    I understand where the coalition is coming from, but if you are gonna take the high ground, then for heaven’s sake, TAKE THE FREAKING HIGH GROUND (and YES I AM YELLING THIS AT THE MONITOR AND CONFUSING MY CAT!!!).

    I recommend that the coalition, the whole shebang, should collectively apologize for their individually and independently repeating the same mistake. It is not unusual that ALL y’all would follow the same pattern and ignore your obligations to people with disabilities, so just *admit* that it should have been a consideration right from the start and then *commit* to working on it with earnest effort.

    How can I get this through to you… Disability access to online businesses is like disability access to a bathroom in store-front businesses. If you don’t plan ahead and provide it, things are gonna get pissy.

  53. Thanks for sharing the first number.
    I have one important question that would condition my subscription: will it be available on eReader? I don’t mean iPad, but rather Kindle, etc.


  54. nenena: “So the full-size pages ARE just the smaller pages rescaled? That would explain why they’re blurry and poor quality.”

    From what I can tell, there is one size of image which is scaled either down or up depending on the size of the reader window and what the user has selected from the “Select view” menu. The “Full Size” option is actually scaling the images up from their regular size, so they will appear blocky/blurry – I’m not really sure what “Full Size” is supposed to mean, then. Perhaps another glitch.

    But anyway, on my MacBook’s smallish display, if I hide the navigation and status bars, adjust the width of a browser window to about 75% the width of the display, and then use the “Fit Width” command, I get a readable two-page spread without having to scroll vertically much, if at all. I still would much, much, much rather be reading this all on paper, but if it must use some sort of in-browser reader, I suppose this is the best we could ask for. (Except for maybe if it used vector graphics formats like SVG to render the text, so that it appeared sharper when zoomed – but baby steps, baby steps.)

    Jolio: Saying PayPal is safe and competent because eBay uses it (owns it, actually) is like saying Joseph Goebbels was a good guy because he was a Nazi.

  55. This is so disappointing. I mean, come on guys…no archive?? With my subscription to New Scientist I get access to every article put on the site indefinitely. So you’re going to try to charge $3 per month for something a person can only see for 2 months? That’s ridiculous…

    I bought every single issue of the actual magazine, but I can’t say I can support you on this endeavor unless you change some things.

  56. @Geekdiva

    If yen press doesn’t enable read aloud programmes to read it you are entitled under the new DMCA rules to bypass their DRM legally.

    “(6) Literary works distributed in ebook format when all existing ebook editions of the work (including digital text editions made available by authorized entities) contain access controls that prevent the enabling either of the book’s read-aloud function or of screen readers that render the text into a specialized format.”

  57. So no manga this issue, huh? Can’t say I’m particular attracted to this if the first issues doesn’t contain anything that I want to read. I’m not even sure that I want a “free” version of crap in my email, much less pay for something I really don’t want to read.

  58. Christine M Says:

    OMG my picture made it in the new yenplus online!!!
    this was awesome! but what about the other manga???

  59. Thank you for your effort at not just giving up and closing the magazine. Thank you for allowing the use of digital media so that I can carry my laptop instead of a bulky magazine plus I feel like I’m not killing a bunch of trees. I understand though that there will probably be a bunch of trial and error stuff going on since this is a new enterprise. I’ve used Paypal forever and have no problem using it, it’s not a big deal to sign up for.
    I do have to say I don’t like that I can’t see past issues that I paid for. I would appreciate the ability to view my archived issues because for some series I like I don’t have the room on my bookshelf. Please change that option (Does anyone know if the Kindle has that ability with their publication subscriptions?) Keep up the good work.

  60. the new digital magazine is cool, i can’t always tell what they are saying because the text is so small.

  61. I am glad about this but.. I have never read yen plus before and I had been reading maximum ride and black butler(ala volume releases) and I have been watching when they cry,soul eater, and spiral (THANK you for doing that manga) I heard all those where in yen press, so I was a bit surprised when I found only maximum in yen plus. along with Daniel X (another great book to manga choice) gossip girl (that has been in there for a while), and you have a new comedy (still need to check that out), and then some gothic looking manga (jack forest, night school) and then time and again (not sure what that is). I really hope this works out for you guys I really do, but I am not that interested in the manga you have in there atm, I am guessing yen plus is also meant to showcase show case new stuff but I wish that some of the series that used to be in the magizine still where. I might get some months when there are multiple series I like that month. but I am really doubtful I will be able to follow the series I like at the moment since I could not follow ride very well and I do not want to attempt that again with other series. I also think the digital model, but I think I will be at the square manga reader alot more. really hope it works out for you

  62. Excellent idea. Its too small on my netbook screen for me to be able to use it, though … full size left the text too small to read, and no higher zoom available. I imagine it would be even worse trying to look at it on a 7″ internet tablet or a smartphone.

  63. Ex: “Fans” like you are killing the industry. But you know that already, right?

    I won’t use as many words as geekdiva to say so, but yes, keyboard navigation would be nice.

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  65. For what its worth my two cents:

    While I’ll miss the print version, I can’t complain about the price. At $2.99 a month I can use the leftover money to start buying the GN’s for the series I like. Also, though I have no issue with Paypal (I use it religiously), I can see why others might.

    I didn’t have any issues with blurry image quality even at full screen mode–which thank you for that. My screen is only 14″ big however, so that may be part of it. I did have problems reading the text for the columns–its too small and the contrast between the page color and text color also made it hard to read.

    Couldn’t see the full list of current titles, but I’m not worried. I read ‘Nightmare School’, ‘Jack Frost’, ‘Time and Again’ and I lol at ‘Gossip Girl’, that’s well worth the $3 pricetag without considering what Japanese content you may provide.

    RE: SquareEnix titles
    Not the place to worry about this. I’m assuming there was a contract involved for their titles and distribution in the US. What will be will be. However since I can’t log onto the SE site without it telling me, every time that my pw is wrong, I may have to hit something.

    Since I’ve been reading Yen+ since the first issue having no archive is fine for me, but as a new undertaking some sort of archive may be good. Problem is if you make it automatically part of the subscription than there’s no reason for others to buy the GN’s first and $3 is way too little for that. On the other hand, middle of the story for almost all of the series–alienating new audience. Maybe try a model like NetComics? They charge like twenty-five cents per a chapter to read online and its a limited timeframe–for most of the series that’s under $5 to catch up.

    I will love you if you got High School of the Dead. Just saying.

    I had no issue with navigation–I’m reading on a laptop and I don’t have a mousepad, just a touch pad and I prefer clicking on the page rather than a button or the navigation keys. Shouldn’t be hard to tweak though to make it so those who like the nav keys can do it.

    Anyhow thank you for the hard work you’ve put into this and thank you for continuing to try and keep a focus on getting the content out to your audience.


  66. [...] that holds the rights to titles such as Yotsuba&, K-ON! and Highschool of the Dead, has launched the online version of their monthly anthology magazine Yen Plus this week, replacing their [...]

  67. Thanks so much to everyone who’s weighed in thus far with your feelings and opinions about the new format of the magazine! We’re taking notes on everything, and what we reasonably can change, we will.

    There have been lots of comments so far, but I am going to pick out and address a few that have stood out:

    Keyboard Navigation — The request has been heard, and we are working to implement this function. I can’t give a specific e.t.a. just yet, but this is something we expect to be able to roll out soon.

    Image Quality — This is something that seems to vary computer to computer. That said, it does sound like some folks are having issues with the full view rendering, etc. That being the case, we’re going to do a bit of experimenting to increase our resolutions to improve this. Just bear in mind that we’re also trying to balance loading speeds, but we’re going to play around a bit and see what can be done.

    Archiving — Lots of requests for a full archive of content on all of the titles featured in the magazine. Now this is one that’s going to require a LOT of explanation and discussion, so I think I will just slot out some time in the near future to put together a whole post on the subject and why we ultimately chose to go this route of giving readers access to two volumes’ worth of material.

    Current Titles — That link should already be fixed. (Love the easy ones…)

    Japanese Content — We’re looking at the addition of our first wave of Japanese content next month and hopefully a lot more on the horizon! This one is gonna be evolving for a while.

    Okay, I hope that hits some of the highlights, but we will be checking in looking for more of your feedback. Keep it coming!

  68. I’m really excited about the change. The low subscription cost is nice too. A shop for downloading the rest of Yen Press’ stuff would be great.

  69. I read the August issue, and the navigation seems alright. Took me a bit to figure out that I didn’t have to squint at the screen, but could in fact make the image bigger… heh. >.>”

    Honestly, I’m not sure how I feel about Digi-Yen. I really liked getting the tangible issues, and regret that I didn’t discover Yen Plus during it’s first issue. I do wonder though, what happened to the July issue? Did I miss it or something? June is the last one I got…

  70. like others i really love reading yen plus but i do not like it online. when it was in print i was able to buy it at the book store and carry it around to read and now if (and that is a big if) i buy it i will not be able to take it with me i have to be near a computer it is not convenient. i also have no means of buying it online because my parents will not go for it. i know it is cheaper online but even if i have to pay more for the print version at least i have it. i really do not mind paying unless it goes back in to print i guess that the july issue is the last i will buy. i hope that you change your mind and go back to the print version

  71. I liked the printed version of Yen+, but the digital version is a good idea for several reasons. The pricing is nice too. I also like the new series Daniel X.

    I’m wondering a couple things.
    Will One Fine Day be back in the September issue? Will there be a way to archive or view older releases? Will we be able to download the magazines as e-zines to e-readers or to a reader program?

    As a sidenote: The digital version viewed perfectly fine on my screen (it’s a nice screen). The only thing I didn’t particularly like was the white space around the “pages”. I also viewed it on an HTC Incredible, which worked fine as well… though the page-flipping animation was kind of lost on it.

  72. Jellorific Says:

    @ Hassler
    No comment on release dates, eh?

  73. Count louis Says:

    I bought Yen+ for around a year, I don’t think I will continue online. Personally, I’m not big on digital content, I like having tangible objects. The only things I’m willing to pay for are Crunchyroll, low subscription and access to all content all the time. And WoW. I’ll keep up with the manga volumes though.

  74. Well I may have missed this (sorry if I did I will read again)
    But if you continue to send the non manga comics to us every month via email I will be in LOVE!
    I love max, Dan, and Night school the most, since I have been caught up with the Japanese releases of the manga’s. Thank you for Daniel X, I have always wanted to see what Number 1 looked like. <3

  75. I’m ok with the new version of Yen+. I don’t really like navigation, image quality (I’ve seen better image quality on scanalation sites >_<) etc.

    This is something that's really been bugging me, but regarding fanart submissions: Since Yen+ is now online, will digital art be accepted? Or was digital art OK from the start but no one bothered to submit?

    Keep working to improve the magazine! c:

  76. [...] of the problems that many fans have already noted on comments for Yen Plus is the lack of any Japanese manga in the manga magazine, like Black Butler or One Fine Day. [...]

  77. Well, I am very excited for this and think its awesome. I went through and read all the stuff I usually do but there were a few issues with it. On full screen with full width it was still very hard to read the words in the bubbles and the sharpness was not that good. I suggest one page at a time unless a panel is two pages (I know that Soul Eater has many two-page-panles). I must agree with SRR because I like to sit in the car when we are driving somewhere and well I can’t do that with a digital copy of Yen+.
    Well, I guess since I am here and sending you guys a comment I might as well say what I think about you taking your manga off scanlation sites. I found it very depressing when you took off Soul Eater and all your other stuff off I am a huge Soul Eater fan and on one manga was were I started reading it. I was very sad because the last chapter left me hanging from a cliff not knowing what was gonna happen to Kid and everyone else (the last chapter I read was I believe 72). For me if I had not discovered Soul Eater on one manga I would have never picked up Yen+ and bought as much of your manga as I have. I am sorta feeling at the moment that you are being hypocrits. You say you don’t want any of your manga online but then you go and put the magazine online. I understand that it makes it harder to sell manga with all the current Japanese chapters online but for some of us that came late into the life of Yen+ we (at least I do) want to be able to catch up with the manga in the magazine without purchasing the manga (by buying the manga and reading it we are sorta catching up but not enough that we can read the latest issue of the mag without getting confused). May I suggest that you archive all the chapters of all the series you publish on your website so that those of us that want to catch up with the magazine can? I also like the idea of having the latest Japanese chapters (in scanlations or something like that) realesed at the same time as the ones translated into English are realesed.
    So anyway, congrats on the succseful move to the Internet and fabulous job so far.

  78. Tea: One Fine Day is done; its last chapter ran in the last print issue of Yen Plus. Your other questions are answered earlier in this thread (briefly, “only last month’s” and “not yet, at least”).

  79. Okay! Just checking in with the latest news.

    Last time I mentioned the issue folks were having with the image resolution of the pages. We’ve gone back and implemented a fix, and at least on our end, it looks to be a dramatic improvement without significantly decreasing the loading time. So give it a look and let us know what you think.

    Related to the image resolution issue, a few people have noted a lack of “zoom” functionality. While it isn’t a zoom per se, there are several options for increasing the size of your image display. The main option is the Pop Out Viewer. Click that, and the magazine will relaunch for you in a dedicated browser far larger than the one embedded on the site. Still not large enough? Click the “Select View” at the top of your browser. The largest option is “Full Size,” but you might also try “Full Width.”

    And I’ll try to respond to a few questions since my last post:

    @ Jellorific — Was there a question about release dates?

    @ Kai — We would be very happy to accept your digital fan art submissions for the magazine. Just be sure to fill out the release form when you send it!

    @ Sonya — Glad you enjoyed your first experience with the magazine, and I hope that the fix we just implemented makes your reading experience better! And just to address your last point. We have never said that we don’t want our manga online. We very much want to reach out to readers online which is the whole purpose of this venture, but we want to do so in a way that makes sense for our business and allows us to continue creating and licensing new content. What we don’t want are people with no rights or permissions to the material putting it online, undermining the creators’ copyrights, and ultimately harming both this industry and the hardworking people who pour their blood, sweat and tears into creating the material. So I hope you’ll stick with us and keep reading, content in the knowledge that with Yen Plus, you are actually supporting the manga and creators that you love.

    That’s it for now. Do keep your feedback coming!

  80. While I could read it before, the image quality is even better now! Looks like the fix worked.

    Is there any chance for Aron’s Absurd Armada to printed, or will it be online-only? It looks cute and I already would like to own it. (And it seems to author has created Warning, Raccoon! which looks adorable as well…)

  81. Hey Yen Press! I enjoyed reading the magazine. I just wish there was more of a zoom, and since I didn’t read the print magazine some of the established titles were hard to get into. Glad to hear that more Japanese content is coming, too. I don’t know if I’ll keep up with it personally, since reading on the computer isn’t something I really enjoy, but I think it’s a good deal, especially if you work out the bugs people have been bringing up.

  82. Jellorific Says:

    I’m not sure if there was one in this specific post, but there are some in almost all the other ones. I’m surprised you didn’t know.
    Basically, everyone wants you guys to speed up your releases. It’s ridiculous that we have to wait ~6+ years to finish a series when we can go find it online and get it for free or just watch the anime. The fact that we have to wait so long isn’t an incentive to continue buying and reading at all.
    Just a suggestion from your fans that buy the series you publish.

  83. Jellorific Says:

    @ Hassler
    Oh, and a question that was never answered by you guys,
    Is the first Spice and Wolf novel going to get the same cover-re-printing treatment ever?

  84. Hello,
    Sorry, I haven’t read all the previous threads.

    But, for me the free sample didn’t work very well as I had problem reading the text bubbles. I loved having the print version of the magazine to read I have been reading it since the first issue and once I couldn’t find it in stores near me any longer I pleaded with my parents and managed to get a subscription.

    I might also like to read it online but my parents hate (more so than they due manga) PayPal due to things in the past, so even if I wanted to I couldn’t subscribe online.

    I own, in book form, at my mom’s house (I have lots more books at my dad’s) 97 English GN of which 30 are regular Yen Press novels and 1 is a Yen Press omnibus. I also have 17 French manga and 12 Japanese manga (none of which are licensed in English :( at least that I can tell).

    Things I like about the Yen Press GN’s:
    They translate and keep the original Onomatopoeia
    They have Translation Notes at the end so that the readers can understand why they translated it that way or something about Japanese culture
    The fact that they do OEL, Manga and Manhwa (maybe in the future they could add Manhua)
    They keep the original reading direction
    They do not change the names to make them sound more English
    They have the original Honourifics in the majority of the manga (not sure about Manhwa, as I’m not familiar with it) and there is no reason for OEL to have those honourifics
    They have multiple genres ( Shoujo, Shounen, Seinen)

    What I dislike about Yen Press:
    Not much actually.
    Maybe the price, but it’s not that much more or less than the others and I like Yen Press for the things mentioned above.
    I cannot find some of my favourite titles near me. :(
    The nolonger in print magazine

    I will continue to buy the GN volumes when I can find them near me, but I won’t be reading them online.

    Please keep up the good work.

    deal with it.

  86. After hearing that the resolution had been improved, I went back and reread the chapter that was the most difficult for me to read previously. In my case, that was the pirates chapter using the popout viewer. This time around, it was much easier for me to see the dialogue. I still wish that there was a way to make the page a little bigger. A zoom feature would be a nice addition down the line. But for now, there’s been a visible improvement in image resolution. Thank you.

  87. I’ve tried it again, and now the full screen / full size option is high enough resolution to actually read the text on a netbook. I’d not use it on a regular basis with pan and scan, but as you say you are working on key entry, I’ll hope its fixed then. One thing: if the pages start top left, then PageUp/Dn should bring the next page up at top left rather than in line with the position it was on when PageUp/Dn was pressed.

  88. I’ve got a 24″ screen with 1920×1200 res. and the image used to be blurry, but now it looks perfect! I’m glad to see that the readers’ suggestions are kept in mind, a big positive for Yes Press. Now I’m definitely keeping up with my online subscription, I have high hopes for you.

  89. I don’t know if it’s my computer or what, but I only get this white screen whenever I try reading the issue: it doesn’t matter what I click.

    what should I do?

  90. Unfortunately I still have trouble with page turns. I can get part way through a chapter, but then the reader won’t advance to the next page. In most cases, I can start a different chapter — but then run into the same problem as I try to read to the end.

    Sigh, this is perhaps some weirdness with the iPad. I’ve tried both the mobile Safari browser as well as the iCab browser, but with the same problem.

    Are other iPad users out there seeing this problem as well?

  91. How about a premium/newstand price ($5? maybe 9$ like the newstand price?) for being able to archive issues?

    I know that I’d really appreciate it and would be willing to dish out a little extra moolah for such a feature.

  92. @Hassler: How soon is “very very” soon for that contest?

  93. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the new and improved image quality! The pages look wonderful now. And thank you for listening to us rabble-rousers and responding in the comments here. :)

    I still wish that there was an option to either download the magazine OR pay a little bit more for access to an online archive. Because… Okay, don’t laugh at me, but I have a really hard time following the story of Gossip Girl from month to month. (I know, I know.) When I had the print version of Yen Plus I almost always had to go back and review the previous month’s chapter of GG before I could follow the current issue’s chapter. And I’m sure that I’m not the only person here who can’t keep up with complicated monthly serials unless I have the ability to review previous installments.

    Now, don’t hate me for this, but I’m going to rouse a little bit more rabble here: When are we going to hear about the Japanese manga lineup and/or whether the Squeenix website carrying Yen Press translations of their titles is going to affect the availability of Squeenix titles in Yen Plus?

  94. I really like the idea of an digi-Yen+.

    Some suggestions:
    Have y’all thought about a PDF or epub version of the digi-mag?

    When I clicked to go to the next page(embedded version), a few times it wouldn’t take me to next page and would just display an ad page. I also tried the popout viewer and the naviagation worked a LOT better. I didn’t have any issues with the popout viewer.

    Keep up the good work!! ^^

  95. Sometimes the pages don’t turn, it flips but it’s on the same page. Also, i think it would be nice if there were a way to access the editions for more than two months :/

  96. Dear Yen Press, please license Umineko: When They Cry. That is all. :)

  97. What I think is that they only want to allow us two months worth of viewing in order to save money on storage space and to get us to buy the collected version. People who visit scanlation sites always say they buy the manga they really like. This is our chance to prove them right. However they could give us like a week a chapter to catch up for people who are just getting access to the site.

    over all with the trial version all I want is a smoother transition between pages. Not the load times, but better controls, and one page at a time except when there is a 2 page spread.

  98. Anonymoose Says:

    Dear Yen Press,
    Please license Vinland Saga.

  99. bambi, yes, that’s exactly the problem I’m having!

    nenena, I have the same practice of looking back on earlier volumes to sort out the plot and characters.

    If the idea of yen plus is more of a preview, and we can subsequently buy and download the series we really like, the perhaps I can stand to be a little confused and forgetful. But maybe the items in yen plus will not get full release ( like that very nice “Haunted House Call” extra) and it would be nice to be able to revisit these. Likewise if it turns out that the early yen plus version of a series has differences from the full ebook release… well those are the differences that are fascinating to fans.

  100. judi(togainunochi) Says:

    I love this, really miss printed version, but I’ll take this.
    The navigation of site leaves a little to be desired. I don’t want to mention competitor, but Viz Ikki site is so much easier to read and navigate. I will subscribe, though!
    Love Aron’s Absurd Armata., but I was missing page#9.
    So, now I have something to go with all the printed YenPlus I buy. :D

  101. I don’t have anything truly constructive to say, but I just wanted to thank you guys for putting this together. I have a hard time paying for digital copies of manga volumes because I rarely find the few dollars saved to be worth not having a book in hand. However, this is the perfect compromise–reading a variety of series I might not otherwise pick up for three dollars a month, yet still being able to buy hard copies of the series that I like.

    I hope to see more OEL one-shots, too. It’s a shame, albeit an understandable one, that more short story collections don’t make it over to the States, so I appreciated “Haunted House Call.” Especially since it was by Madeleine Rosca! I do hope that this is a sign of an impending OEL series from her.

  102. I loved the printed version of yen, but as for the online
    version I’m not so sure…

    First off the reader had a hard time loading, and when it did after I turned the page it would display the page before, and I had to wait forever (around 10 minutes per page or longer, even after refreshing the page) for it to correct its self, although somtimes that never happened.

    I like some of the ideas above; it would be cool if I could buy the online subscription, and have access to a download link or somthing so I would be able to load the pages onto my computer. It would solve the problem I’m having with the online reading, and I could read it on the go (like on my laptop in the car without internet)(I spend a lot of time in the car so that option would be great) and so I could have access to my favorite yen issues for longer than 2 previous issues.

  103. Dear Yen Press, the Japanese Series I mentioned before is ?????????? (Corseltel no Ryuujutsushi) and sequels. Please liscense.

  104. Welp! I’m super glad to see Yen Plus is back! I recently went to subscribe to the hard copy but then I found you had already discontinued it. But I’m MUCH happier that it’s digital. Personally, I can’t stand clutter, and since I read a TON, I don’t like to buy my books on paper. I usually just rent or buy digital. Otherwise I’d quickly run out of space in my apartment. Also, anyone who is considering a move in the next few years, just think about how heavy a box of books is! It’s super heavy.

    Anyway, I really like the price point, only I’m a little worried about fragmenting the manga services (I’m already assuming I’ll have to go to SE for Black Butler, but if you can finagle a deal with them on that, then please do!). I don’t really want to subscribe to a ton more services.

    Nevertheless, I will *definitely* be buying at least your first pay issue.

    Side Notes: I used the in page browser (firefox) and pressed ctrl and + at the same time to zoom. Worked like a charm. Good quality and I can make it as big as I like.

    I like how you preserve a magazine feel, rather than just sticking the chapters front to back.

    I don’t really like to start a series in the middle, though I recognize your reasons for doing so. Any chance of making the back volumes available *digitally* in the near future? You can save a tree(or several thousand), lower your prices at the same time, and hopefully encourage more purchases.

    Since most of these seem to be listed in wiki, I guess I can suck it up for now.

    In conclusion,

    I wish you all the best of luck in your endeavors, and hope Yen Plus online is an epic success!

  105. go,go,go maximum ride!!!

  106. I have been a subscriber since the very first issue and even now go back and reread some things. I love yen plus and getting a RL copy was the best. I could take it places with me but with this I can’t and I can’t curl up in bed with it and read before going off to sleep. I say that going all digital sucks royal ass but I’m happy your just not totally doing away with it. I wish there was an option to either go Digital or stay hard copy with this but I guess I will just have to deal with it.

    This made me cry!

  107. Hello everyone!

    With the current state of the industry, I’m grateful that YenPlus has found away to survive! T.T
    I swear I’m not being dramatic, when I say that after two years, I literally could not live with you.
    Once a month, I MUST have my Nightschool, Time & Again, Jack Frost, Black Butler, and Soul Eater. To think of not seeing them is serious panic time…
    I know my BB and Soul will be back soon, and I can’t wait to see them again.
    Take care everyone, and thank you for all the happiness!

    Jen >_<"

  108. Someone else asked a similar question, but I’d also like to ask: Will some series be sped up? Now that it’s online, and you don’t have to worry about page count, could it be possible for some series to get more chapters per issue (thus speeding up the release rate of the graphic novels). I know for now you’re just working out the kinks, but once you do, please consider it :)

    For the record, I’m mainly asking about this for Nabari No Ou (I’m sure everyone has a specific series they want faster, for me it’s Nabari). I heard it’s about to end in Japan, and at the current rate, we won’t see that end for another 3 years :(

  109. Nevermind….just got my answer for Nabari in the comments section for November releases. A good answer, too!

  110. Being able to read content online is wonderful, but,like almost everything, it has its flaws.Because I am still only a teenager, I cannot subscribe.I had to get my parents to sign me up for the free trial.I will probally no longer be reading my favoite magazine because they refuse to pay online, even if i offer to give them the money monthly and that the price is only 2.99 an issue.Plus, I do not always have a computer on me.The printed version was easier for me to acquire.But, unlike some,I think the online quilty is good and I hope to one day read the magazine again.

  111. Questioner Says:

    Yen Press I think you should make some sort of forum for things/issues related to Yen Plus. It’d be less of a hassle to scroll down and get lost in the sea of problems.

    Plus, since many people have already made accounts to access Yen Plus, why not put them to good use, other than just reading the magazine but getting involved and actually discussing the content like a community rather than as an individual?(who rather than just rants, garners at something worthwhile?)

  112. Think of the targeted users. Many people are using laptops. This means their screen isn’t that big. Also, most resolutions are widescreen now.

    As of now the default setting for the manga reader is fit width, which would be okay if it was actually the width of the browser but it is not. It is the width of the container of the web page, which is smaller than the width of the browser if it is maximized to full screen.

    This forces readers to take an extra step to select the pop up reader to enlarge the images to a readable size.

    There’s two steps I can think of to make this easier for the readers.

    1) Trash the container, and make the default a similar layout as the pop-up. This means should take the full width of the browser, and not have the navigation of the manga on the side. Put it on top if you really want it, but there is already a drop down listing the chapters.

    2) Make a user settings, so users can create a default view setting they like. Whether if it is full size, fit width, or what not.

  113. @ Hassler

    Quick question on the availability of digital issues Yen Plus, will it also be available for the UK/EU?

  114. So, tried the first issue, worked pretty OK although I’m not all that happy with screen reading compared to paper… As requested by others, some better zoom and keyboard nav, please.

    However, even when logged in I can’t access my profile; each time I switch page on the site it requests me to log in again. Both IE 8 and latest version of Firefox, same thing. I even added it as trusted site for cookies, no change.

  115. Lottie-sama Says:

    Could you tell me exactly which arc of “Higurashi” Yen Press is going to issue?
    What about Minagoroshi-hen, Matsuribayashi-hen, Kokoroi-Yashi-hen, Hirukowashi-hen, Utsutsukowashi-hen Mahjong Chapter (Jan) and Kataribanashi-hen?
    I really want to know it, because I’m going to buy orginal Japanese version, but if Yen Press would issue thoese series I will buy them in English.
    So are you going to issue them?

  116. Lottie-sama Says:

    Oh, and I want to know is Yen Press going to issue “Umineko:when they cry” series? It’s side story to “Higurashi:When they cry”. Two of them are written by Ryukishi07. I think a lot of people will be happy if you issue it ^-^

  117. sorry but i didnt really like how it turned out. i love the idea of getting it online, but the print is really smll and it is alot harder to read. but i do love and appreciate the effort you put into it

  118. @Lottie-sama, Yen Press has the license to Minagoroshi and Matsuribayashi (they asked scanlation sites to remove those two series), but at the moment they don’t have any of the side stories.

    Also, I AGREE SO MUCH about Umineko. I love Higurashi, but I love Umineko more. It’s more of a mystery, and it’s one of the hardest mysteries to unravel… ever. I figured out who the murderer was in Higurashi during the third arc, but I only have a vague guess as to who the killer is in Umineko.

  119. Wasn’t the new issue of Yen Plus supposed to be online on the second Tuesday of the month?

  120. Yen Press, give back white papper!!!

  121. Will a staff member please go through and answer the questions we all asked?


  122. ePub would be good. I own an eReader which has no network connectivity, so a web-based option won’t really work.

  123. Will Yen Plus ever be printed again? I have never subscribed to a manga magazine before, and I was hoping to finally do so with Yen Plus, but now it’s only being published online. While I do read most of my manga online, I think I’d prefer to have the magazines printed out. Also, my parents don’t like buying things offline, so I don’t think I’d be able to get it anyhow. :c

  124. @ Lottie-Sama & Em

    Agreed. Yen Press, please consider licensing Umineko soon. It’s just awesome. Plus, considering the rate Higurashi is going (Which is really good so far, a new volume every 2 months must be difficult work already), it may not be until at least 2012/2013 if you plan on releasing the manga in chronological order (Though SE does release several volumes of Umineko at once, next week volume 4 of EP2: Turn of the Golden Witch, and Vol 2 of EP3: Banquet and EP4: Alliance will be out in Japan). It would be awesome if you could release Higurashi and Umineko side by side as is being done in Japan right now.

  125. I want Umineko too! Please, lecence it if it’s able!

    And I also want Kodomo no Jikan, Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan, Ookami Kakushi and Higanbana no Saku Yoru ni (Ookami Kakushi and Higanbana are Ryukishi07′s works too, like Higurashi and Umineko).

    The most I want Umineko: When They Cry. But I will be happy too if you issue some of other series.

    And about Higurashi: are you going to issue side stories other than “Beyond Midnight Arc” and “Onisarashi-hen”? I want to see “Heart Healing arc” and “Kataribanashi-hen” licenced.

    And can you issue Pandora Hearts faster? Just a little?
    And how many volumes will finally have Pandora Hearts?

    I’m sorry, I have asked a lot of questions ^^’
    But please, anserw!

  126. I agree with Umineko =D hopefully the manga is better than the anime~
    also LOL @
    Also I like this idea it means that this magazine can be brought by people who arnt American [like me]

  127. Yen Press, please licence Umineko! Everybody wants it!

    And I want you to licence “Onii-chan control” too. But the most I (and everyone) want Umineko!

  128. Yay, so many people want Umineko!

    And Yen, you don’t have to worry about Umineko spoiling Higurashi or anything, because it’s a completely different series with brand new characters.

    It’ll be a pain to have to wait until you’re done publishing all 30+ volumes of Higurashi before you start Umineko! It’ll take two years for you to finish the Massacre and Festival Music arcs alone, and that’s not even including Eye Opening, Atonement, Demon Exposing, or Heart Healing.

    @ed, the manga is a LOT better than the Anime. The Anime crammed four arcs into 26 episodes, while the manga is taking its time. So far each question arc is 4 volumes alone, which is much longer than the Higurashi question arcs.

  129. AGuyWhoLikesYenPress Says:

    Yen Press, I’ve got a proposition to you. If you issues Pandora Hearts and Crimson Shell why don’t you issue Rolan The forgotten king, by Jun Mochizuki too?
    Here’s cover for volume one:

    What do you think? Pandora Hearts is amazing manga, but story of Rolan is real interesting too!

    Please, think about it.

  130. I was startled to hear people defend Paypal earlier…yes, it’s very convenient and quick and everything, right up until something goes wrong, at which point they just tell you where you can go and what you can do to occupy your time until you get there, while they stroll confidently into the sunset with your money.

    Digital sucks. I’ve said it before, and now, having seen the finished product, I say it again loud and proud. If it were any more expensive, I’d have nothing to do with it at all. I don’t care if you have an online version for people who want it, but why’d you have to ax the paper rendition? An ebook format is no kind of substitute. Not even a lousy PDF…

  131. Will the information about the contest be posted on the main website, or will only people that subscribe get the info? I don’t currently have a subscription to the web version of your magazine and was curious as to whether and when you may have that contest that was advertised in the print version of Yen+ from the beginning.

  132. Hi guys,

    Just checking in, and I’ll try to address some of the questions that have been coming up as best I can.

    The most persistent question seems to be whether or not there is a chance we might be looking at increasing the frequency of our releases. The short answer to this is yes. There are series that we have done this with already (most notably HIGURASHI), and there are a few others that we will be speeding up a bit next year. That isn’t to say that we are going to release every series we publish every other month, however. We take great pride in the quality of our books, and giving them the attention they need to maintain that quality takes time. But yes, some series will be released more frequently. You’ll start seeing this with BLACK BUTLER beginning in January.

    There are also a lot of licensing requests. All I can say on this front is that we hear all of your requests, but our policy is not to comment on any series that we do not have formally under contract simply because if it is something we are discussing it could negatively affect our negotiations. So by all means, please keep the requests coming. We do listen even though we can’t respond directly.

    @Danton, to your question as to whether YEN PLUS will be available in the UK/EU the answer is absolutely! We hope you’ll check out the September issue next month!

    @Questioner, thanks for your suggestion of adding a Forum to the magazine. This is actually something we are already looking at, so keep your fingers crossed!

    Lastly, I just wanted to say that for the most part everyone seemed to think that the changes we made to the image resolution in the reader was successful, and we’re thrilled. That being the case, this is how we will be presenting files going forward. Thanks for raising the issue!

    That’s it for now. I have a stack of books on my desk demanding my attention, but please keep your questions and comments coming!

  133. And what about Umineko…?

  134. I totally love how you Yen Press fold ignore the Spice and wolf questions.

  135. folk*

  136. @Maria — Since Umineko is a licensing question, we really can’t comment one way or the other.

    @Jellorific — If we reprint the first volume of Spice & Wolf, it would be with the same cover approach that we are currently following.

  137. @Hassler
    That’s what the Spice and Wolf fans want.
    I just want to know if you will, and if you do, when.
    I don’t have the first book yet and I want it.
    But with the original cover.

  138. Thanks for speeding up the releases of Black Butler and Pandora Hearts *_*

  139. I’m so glad to hear that you guys listen to every license request! Here’s some Square Enix titles off the top of my head that I would love to see you publish. ^^

    Umineko Legend/Turn/Banquet/Alliance
    Book Girl manga
    Darker than Black Shikkoku no Hana
    Bloody Cross
    Seto no Hanayome
    Kimi to Boku

  140. @ Hassler

    I can understand why you won’t say anything concerning liscensing. I am glad that you at least took the time to answer that question.

    I am glad that you guys put all the things I mentioned above into your manga, manhwa, and OEL. Do you have any manhua?

    I love the fact that you have Shonen and Shojo, Seinen and Josei. Especially since the market for Josei isn’t very high. I own vols 1-6 of With the Light.

    Do you think you could have a seperate forum or something for series suggestions by fans? I suppose recommendations to make the GN novels better could fall under here or in another closely related tab.

    I also realize that like “The Man, the Boy, and the Donkey” one of Aseop Fables whose moral is “Please all, and you will please none.”

  141. I’m happy that you are answering, I hope Umineko will be licensed, but I have very important question: what about the paper? I don’t like yellow paper, the pictures looks much worser on it. Are you gonna give back white paper?

  142. Ok, so thoese are my requestions:

    1.Umineko: When They cry
    2.Kodomo no Jikan (Children Time)
    3.Rolan the forgotten king
    5.Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan (Bludgeoning Angel)
    6.Onii-chan control (Brother Control)
    7.Angel Beats!
    8.Higanbana no Saku Yoru Ni

    I hope you will licence someone of them…

    I want white paper too. Even if books will be cheaper. Yellow paper is real horrible… But I’m happy you’ve got colored pages.

  143. Oh, and I forgot about it: what about side stories of Higurashi:When They Cry? Like Heart Healing chapter, Utsutsukowashi-hen, Kataribanashi-hen, etc.?

  144. I was hoping the online versions would be downloadable, so we could be able to look back whenever we wanted just like the printed versions. Will this ever be available?

  145. Dear Yen +,
    Im don’t really like this whole digital Yen. It’s not the same. And, it doesn’t work very well. I’ve been trying to turn the page and it wont turn! If i click the turn page button and it oftenly doesn’t work! I’ve barley read anything and I’m not happy with the new Yen. Sorry I’m being so mean but its true.

  146. This is all quite lovely, full of potential, and I’m hoping it looks exceptional on my Kindle, but it’s pretty useless to me, personally, without Nabari. I’m disappointed.

    I do wish I had the option to keep my back issues. I re-read the paper copies. If I’m paying 3 bucks for these anthology volumes, you’d best believe I’m not going to be pleased without back issues/archives. I hope I’ve just misunderstood. If not, this sort of nonsense is one of the worst elements of the Cloud I’ve encountered since I started keeping a virtual bookcase. When I buy what little manga has to offer on Kindle (Maximum Ride, for instance) it’s mine. I can connect the Kindle and back it up on disk. I’ll pay $3 for a big bag of chips and happily have nothing to show for it afterward. But this is *a book*.

    Have I misunderstood how this works, all? I came to the page and saw a list of archives in the sidebar, but sign-up had a disclaimer that stated they don’t keep archives.


  147. Will you not be showing the Japanese manga, because that is one of the things I really liked about your magazine. I liked how it had both Japanese and Korean/western manga.

  148. I want Umineko!

  149. Hey, answer new questions! We want to know about white paper, side stories of Higurashi, our requestions and other.

  150. When is the September issue coming out? There’s not much time left in August, you know.

  151. I love this new Yen Plus. I love the new stuff you have added and how you are trying to keep this magazine alive. I’m going to support any decsions Yen Press makes because frankly when it comes down to it, 95% of the manga I buy is published by Yen Press. (Im buying at lest 9 different series from Yen Press) So I don’t really see the need for “back issues/archives” because in the end I’m just going to buy the mangas. Also hopefully we will see more Aron’s Absurb Armada, its a series worth following ;)

  152. @Jellorific — If we reprint, it will be with the same cover approach that we are using on the second volume and going forward. However, I could not tell you when that might happen. It depends entirely on how quickly our current inventory sells.

    @Rose — We do have a bit of manhua on our list. Check out THE HISTORY OF THE WEST WING and AN IDEAL WORLD when you get a moment. With respect to a separate forum for license suggestions, we are currently looking at adding a Forum for Yen Plus subscribers in the future, and I’m sure we’ll be able to add an appropriate thread there.

    @Hanyuu — Unfortunately, we no longer have access to the paper stock that was used in our earlier publications, so we’ve had to make the transition to our new paper stock which is some of the highest quality being used by manga publishers in this market.

    @yanagi — I seriously doubt that Yen Plus will ever be downloadable. Our current model is specifically designed to let fans keep up with the latest chapters of those series running in the magazine at a minimal cost. Allowing readers to “own” that material would necessarily increase the cost of the magazine significantly which isn’t our goal. However, we are looking at other opportunities to allow our readers to digitally download Yen content, so stay tuned on that front.

    @Bunni — You have not misunderstood how this works. It is true that you will not have archival access to issues of Yen Plus for the $2.99 subscription. We are able to keep the price low only because this model is the equivalent of “renting” instead of “buying.” We feel that this is a fantastic value particularly for the amount of content that you’re getting. If you look at some of the downloadable comics models that are already out there, you’ll tend to find that you’re paying anywhere between $.99 to $1.99 per chapter. Just using the current issue of Yen Plus as a comparison, you’re getting about nine times that amount of content for just a dollar or two more. It’s a great tradeoff, and it’s only possible because you’re renting the content as opposed to owning it. Now if you don’t feel that model is for you, that’s absolutely your call as a consumer. And as I mentioned to yanagi above, there may be other alternatives that you feel suit you better in the future.

    @Lovie Jean — We absolutely want to keep making Japanese content available in Yen Plus and are working through our contracts in Japan to make that happen.

    @LKK — The new issue of Yen Plus will go up on the first Tuesday of September.

    @Lauren — Thanks for the kind words and support. We really appreciate it. And you can fully expect to see more of Aron’s Absurd Armada in next month’s issue!

  153. I have to admit that while the Korean and OEL titles were often of mild interest (I am *so* glad we got to see all of Pig Bride in print), it’s the Japanese titles I actually bought the magazine for. I do hope that Soul Eater and other lovable series will be available soon.

  154. thanks for answering my question. I appreciate it! It makes a lot of sense when you call it renting instead of buying.

  155. I will most likely be waiting for the books to go to print instead of paying for the monthly online service. There’s just something so wonderful about holding an actual book or magazine in your hands, :)

    That said, the free preview was great (no issues on my end) and I’m thankful for the volumes of the magazine that were published as it definitely opened my mind to series I honestly wouldn’t have even glanced at otherwise.

    And since everyone seems to be sharing license requests, I’ll add in a few of my own.

    Arakawa Under the Bridge
    Natsu no Arashi
    Seto no Hanayome
    To Aru Majutsu no Index
    Until Death Do Us Part

  156. Thank you for the update on when to expect the next issue. I’ll definitely stop by the first Tuesday of September to “rent” the new issue. :)

  157. Rent? I’ve made no secret of my open hatred for digital, but seriously, it just keeps getting worse–rent? So, I’m paying you actual money for something that promptly vanishes? Hey, guess what, I just made a call as a consumer.

    Just for the record–there seems to be some love for the digital switch here in the forum. That’s fine. If you like it, hey, takes all kinds, right? But whenever the subject comes up in my anime club, the manga group that meets in the bookstore, or just hanging out with my friends, sentiments are running strongly against–as in, out of about two dozen people, only three are in favor of it and four more are on the fence. One wonders about the statistical accuracy of this thread.

  158. @Jack, it’s 3 dollars a month. For that price you get two months worth of issues. Each issue stays up for two months before it “promptly vanishes”.

    Anyway, this is just an alternative for the people who want to read new chapters each month while still buying the books as they come out. If you don’t like it, then simply wait for the books to come out.

    And I honestly wonder about the statistical accuracy of your club. The only people who would join an anime club are hard-core old fashioned otakus who hate any kind of change, so your club’s sentiments are clearly biased.

  159. @ Em

    Hey, you have every right to love the digital switch–and I have every right to loath it. And you’re speaking to someone who collects books. From the perspective of a person with a complete, eight-volume set of encyclopedias from 1823, this little two-month archive scheme is very nearly insulting.

    By the way–wow, you must be a great judge of character, to so completely analyze and understand the personalities of a dozen people just from a wild generalization and the fact they disagree with you. Anyone ever told you you’re a bit of a jerk?

  160. If we could all please refrain from name calling and a general lack of civility, it would be greatly appreciated. While this is the internet, it is also our “house” as it were.

    Everyone is entitled to his or her opinions, and Jack, it may well be that this initiative isn’t for you. As I’ve said, that’s your decision, and it sounds like you’ve made it. Fair enough. With respect to your comments about the “rental model,” it’s really not a new concept. For all intents and purposes, that’s what you’re doing every time you walk into a movie theater or an amusement park and don’t leave with a print of the film or a roller coaster in your pocket. We’re simply giving people the option of sampling the wares, enjoying their entertainment in the moment, and decreasing the wait between installments of some of their favorite series at a very low cost. If you’d rather own, then the books are there. I’m a fan of print myself.

  161. Unfortunately, an online version really isn’t for me. But that’s really only because I’m unable to purchase anything online. Oh well. Maybe another day.

    On another note, your light novel titles interest me Is Yen Press interested in expanding their selection in the near future? A simple answer would suffice. :)

  162. @Gena

    When you are able to purchase online, we’ll be here!

    So far as light novels are concerned, we’re always looking at what’s out there, and there are one or two that are of interest to us. Beyond that, though, I’m afraid it becomes a licensing discussion which I can’t really elaborate on. Hope that helps.

  163. Mushroom2Cow Says:

    Hm…I’m curious about online…not sure if I’ll get into it very much, but I’ll try it out for a bit. And a small request, perhaps license Liar Game?? I would the happiest Mushroom Cow in the World! ? ^__^

  164. >one or two that are of interest

    Oh come on. There’s loads more that are spectacular, and if treated properly, will sell heaps in America.

  165. I hope they start to sell the boogiepop light novels since seven seas droped them :D
    also @Hassler
    How manny chapters is your magazine going to be from the Japanese/Korean version? and When do you plan on releasing Highschool Of The Dead? I keep chcking your site for updates but so far nothing :(

  166. Wants Umineko!

  167. Can you make the viewing pages any bigger? In this format some lines were almost impossible to read! :(

  168. You know, since we’re on the subject of internet comics, I think that whenever you guys do the contest, you should try to team up with theotaku. They have a great system for posting comics online, and a lot more people would join it just to enter, not to mention all the hits they would get. And you guys wouldn’t have to worry about the clogged mailboxes, because everything would be online. It’s a win win situation, I think. Especially since people would comment, and you would get a sense of what would be really popular, and what would sell. But unfortunately, not everyone has a scanner.

  169. you should license Elfen Lied :D

  170. *Enters the licensing bandwagon,…again*.
    ~ To Aru Majutsu no Index (manga, which is a squeenix title, and the novels, if possible, by ASCII Media Works).
    ~ Until Death Do Us Part (another squeenix title)
    And I second Angel Beats.
    And, Ilegenes, if possible (It’s serialized by Mag Garden)

    Also, forgive me if I sound impatient, because that’s not what I’m going for, but, when is Uragiri wa boku no namae wo shitteiru coming out? Next year?

  171. Just thought I’d submit my ideas for what should be “license-rescued” by Yen Press. The titles include:

    Mamoru The Shadow Protector (a.k.a. Kage Kara Mamoru)

    Ninin Ga Shinobuden (a.k.a. Ninja Nonsense)

    Lunar Legend Tsukihime

    The links below include the reasons why the two titles mentioned above should be rescued (scroll down to the section marked “RTO Reader’s Choice”)

    As for why Tsukihime should be license-rescued, one word: vampires.

    As a long-shot, I’d also like to throw Those Who Hunt Elves into the mix:
    (Granted, no one’s going to license a series that’s 22 volumes long. It’s so obscure, it has never been fully scanlated.)

    [Insert generic "Keep up the good work" RAH-RAH speech here.]

    As for Yen Plus going digital: if it gets future volumes of, let’s say “Bamboo Blade” or “When They Cry/Higurashi” out faster, that’s the only thing I’d be in favor of.

  172. Haha! LOL “Liscense-Rescued,” that’s funny!

  173. @Mikashi The first omnibus volume of Uragiri will be out around June of next year.

    @ed Look for Highschool of the Dead in January 2010.

    We’ll have pages up for all of our new announcements as soon as Abby digs herself out of her desk.

  174. Will you update the New Releases page soon? I’m tired of checking Amazon to see what’s coming out in 2011. ;_;

  175. @Abby – Oh, it’s going to be an omnibus? Awesome :D .

  176. @Hassler, is there any chance of fixing the page turn problem?

  177. GothicLolita Says:

    If you want requests, ok. I want you to licence Umineko no naku koro ni and Book Girl manga. When you will tell something about your new titles?

  178. I’m just wondering about the light novels
    Why do they have to come out once every 6 months?
    does translating really take that long?

  179. Forgot to add this
    i love reading both Book Girl and Spice and Wolf
    Owning both volumes of s&w and the first volume of Book girl but after an amount of time i lose interest in them.
    i almost forgot about s&w all together
    luckily i didn’t and bought the second volume
    now i have to wait 6 months for book girl and still another 4 months for S&W
    i like the way the haruhi novels too but like the other 2 it takes too long to release
    I forgot to buy the 3rd volume and still haven’t picked it up yet

  180. soooo anyone think they might not be doing any more publishing, look its september already and they haven’t made nothing since july. just thought id throw that out there

  181. @Meowth — I can assure you that the next issue of Yen Plus is on schedule. If you refer to our login page, you’ll notice that the free trial of the current issue of the magazine runs until September 9th. On Friday the 10th, the September issue will go live for subscribers with some great new content added on the Japanese side of the magazine. We hope you’ll check it out!

  182. hfsgurghifjfifjiehfjskdnjirhjfuhejahbjdhurhdujwgdkedhuedyhuwydhyhdghabsjehdugdajhsgjegdhhdgehgdd Says:

    Hassler, when will be the new post?
    You forgot your password?

  183. hfsgurghifjfifjiehfjskdnjirhjfuhejahbjdhurhdujwgdkedhuedyhuwydhyhdghabsjehdugdajhsgjegdhhdgehgdd Says:


  184. When you say new content, do you mean previously unannounced series?

  185. i know it’s a preview but where is Pandora Hearts and Kuroshitsuji!?!? D= and i know you’re trying to be eco-friendly but i miss holding it in my hands and reading it in the middle of class -giggles- oh the fun~ xD and I’m not really the one to read Manga online =w= there is ONLY ONE series that i read online and that is because the English release is to slow for my liking but i do buy all the books as they come out here to Canada =w=

  186. @AGuyWhoLikesYenPress

    *o* I AM A HUGE JUN FAN! and i would also love to read Rolan The forgotten king!! that fact Jun Mochizuki draws the art for novel make me want to read it but i don’t understand Japanese -emos- I would buy it in a heart-beat if it ever came out here >w<

  187. If we’re talking about getting things licensed, I’d love to read the Hakushaku to Y?sei light novels and manga. :) And if there’s a manga for Book Girl, I’d love that as well. (I bought the first light book, and it’s amazing *A*). Also, perhaps you could license Liar Game? :) If you did though, could you publish them faster than 2 times a year? Because the online scans are in the 100+ chapters, and I don’t want them to be taken down and then have to wait forever to get back to where I was in the story.

    Also, is there anyway to publish the Kieli light novels faster? Just a little? My friends and I love them to bits. >3< I can't wait for the third one this month! :D I'll comment again later with some more titles I'd like to read. :)

  188. Dear Yen Press, please licence Umineko. Anime was great and I really loved to read manga version. But in fact, I hate reading scanlations. Please…

  189. Hey Yen, I have a little bit of advice if you ever choose to license Umineko!

    You should definitely consider giving it a 2-in-1 omnibus treatment. The series will probably have over 40 volumes in total, so this cuts down on books, and it also allows you to use high-quality paper and a larger trim size.

    High-quality paper is important, because starting in Episode 2: Turn of the Golden Witch, colored text is used frequently. The Japanese edition just uses black text even though the characters refer to it as red/blue/gold, but I think it would be a major improvement if you used actual red, blue, and gold whenever colored text is used.

  190. Hello it is me again,

    Thanks Hassler for answering my questions and for mentioning the manhua. I’ll check them out when I get a chance, though I’m doubtful that I’ll find them in a bookstore or even a comics/ manga specialty store near me (I always check to see what series they have by you guys).

    I was wondering if you (Yen Press) or any of your competition has ever thought of doing a partial bilingual manga to help someone learn Japanese. I know I would pay to own it.

    My thoughts;
    Lots of people start to learn Japanese because of anime and/ or manga.
    Having it fully bilingual destroys learning. (See my story about French below)
    Pick a series that is appealing and lots of people will enjoy.
    Have maybe the first chapter fully Bilingual with spaces between the Kana so that beginners can see individual words, the second chapter bilingual but without the spaces, the third chapter and on word only translate the word three to five times so that we actually have to work to learn the language.
    Include furigana!!! At least at the beginning so for volume 1
    At the end include a mini dictionary type thing
    Maybe a CD so we can hear the text spoken in Japanese
    Translation notes (like you do anyways)
    Maybe you could add little cards for common words or phrases in the manga
    I realize that something like this would probably cost the consumer three to six books worth of manga for just the one volume of manga, so 39-78$, not including tax, worth. But it would be worth it in my opinion. I already paid over 80$ for my Japanese-English, English-Japanese Kodansha’s Dictionary, 22$ for my Beginners Japanese Dictionary, the only romanji :) is at the end where they have the Hiragana and Katakana charts, I loathe romanji. 30$ for my Dictionary of Basic Japanese Sentence patterns, 39$ Japanese for busy people the Kana version and I have many more lexicons.
    Perhaps if this kind of idea is popular later a Korean, Mandarin, and Cantonese version could be added.

    How do other people feel about this? Am I totally off, or are there others who would like this kind of idea?

    In case nobodies noticed I’m Canadian and there for have to pay 1.2 to 1.3 times the price for any book or practically anything else for that matter of what I buy. You Americans are lucky in that sense.

    I know from when I was starting to learn French, I read Tintin, Asterix, and Les Schtroumpfs (Smurfs) in their original language FRENCH but I never got the humour or the puns (which Asterix is full of) or any of the slang because it wasn’t my first language and you don’t learn slang in school. For me I love reading but… reading in French, a language that I’ve known and spoken for almost a decade to the point most people would call me fluent, is still a chore for me. I own three manga series in French and only one of them I do not own in English (because Viz butchered it, grumbles). I like them because they have few words than a novel, the art is a bonus, phrases and or words tend to be repeated and I can generally get more of the story than I do a novel. But seeing as I have read them in English already I do not get the full learning experience out of them. Also with my Bilingual Bible I get hardly any learning out of it as I can just so easily cheat and get the answer from the other side of the page instead of working to learn it and so I hardly retain any learning of it at all.

  191. Hi YenPress! I love you guys, while I’m not a big fan of serial magazines personally, I’ll always support your wonderful GN releases.

    I have a few requests as far as licensing goes!

    1. Umineko no Naku Koro ni
    2. My Girl (Sahara Mizu)
    (My Girl is a wonderful series, it’s sort of in the same vain as Bunny Drop, but it’s more mature, in my opinion. Please do check it out, it’s a spectacular work)
    3. Onidere
    4. Minami-ke

    Hmmm…I can also think of “Honjitsu no Neko Jijou” by Sakura Iwamichi. It’s a 4koma about the author’s cats, very funny, if you guys like cat manga ;3

    Hmmm, Abby, could you have meant January 2011? And YenPress, thank you guys so, so so much for picking up High School of the Dead. I’m so excited to finally be able to buy it (legitimately) in English!!! :D

  192. More requests~~.

    I just thought of a license-rescue.
    Two manwha.
    The first: NOW, by Park Sung Woo. It was originally licensed by ComicsOne (now gone), then Infinity Studios (which I’m pretty sure is also gone), and unfortunately, I only have the first six volumes (Infinity Studios started to do e-books [which, really irritate me, but I digress.])

    The Second: Zippy Ziggy, by Eun-Jung Kim and Seung-Man Hwang. Truth be told, I don’t have any volumes for this one (I only got interested in it on a whim and began to read the scanlations…>.>;.) But I’d be totally happy and buy them if you licensed it (I prefer books to scanlations, actually).

    Squeenex Requests:

    Zetsuen no Tempest, by Kyou Shirodaira and Ren Saizaki. It currently runs in Shonen Gangan and has four complied volumes, I think?
    Also, Spiral: Alive, which is the prequel to Spiral: Suiri no Kizuna.

    Akita Shoten, Mystery Bonita: KEY JACK, by Chika Shiomi, I’ve been interested to read this for a very very long time (never been able to, though, since there’s only a scan for a oneshot complied in it, but anyways), it’s about a man who can unlock any lock (like a safe, for example).

  193. Oh! Speaking of branching out, I’d love to see an English release of “Octave” by Akiyama Haru. It’s wonderful, and I’d just love to see it here in English. (I believe it’s a Kodansha title?)

  194. Well I know that you had to stop the regular magazine because of money and everything else, but man this is such a let down compared to the old way. Also if we’re paying 2.99 a month, there should be a way for us to save or download it. Especially with out having a look back function longer than 2 months. Also the set up is really disappointing, one page at a time is so much easier and then it can be bigger on the screen.
    If this way doesn’t work out either, please no matter what continue Maximum Ride. It’s my favorite non-Japanese manga ever.(Beating Aoi House and Dramacon)I wish it would come out in paperback form faster than it does.

  195. Yes please do, liscence Spiral: Alive.
    Can I mention that I cannot find several of your titles anywhere near me. i.e. Spiral: the Bonds of Reasoning, those manhua that you mentioned, Very Very Sweet, Sarasah (I want to find out what happened after the magazine dropped it), Nabari no Ou etc.

    I forgot to mention Cultural Notes, as culture and language are tied together, and It would probably be popular with Japanese Language Schools and Japanese Classes. But I don’t know for sure. Besides, I’m just an amature with the Japanese Language you guys are the pros you know what helps people translate and learn the language.

    I realize that your probably going NOO! more illegal manga online. But in case you’ve forgotten, the majority of those have been shut down and maybe some people just honestly want to learn the language and through manga might be an injoyable experience.

  196. I know this has been said a million times before, but I’m also going to jump onto the bandwagon: If possible, I’d LOVE it if you licensed Umineko no Naku Koro ni!

  197. Oh and also, someone above suggested Liar Game — I second that as well. Very cool series.

  198. i have suggestions
    Seto no Hanayome
    elfen lied
    Ga-rei Tsuina no Sho

    Light Novel:

  199. PLEASE Publish Liar Game and Rabbit Doubt ^__^

  200. Another series that I would LOVE to have is the manga and light novel versions of Torikagoshou no Kyou mo Nemutai Juunintachi. It’s written by the same author of Kieli, my favorite series, so I’d be overjoyed to have these as well.

    Hope you were able to catch my previous suggestions, too. All of them are so amazing. *A*

  201. @Hassler
    “I’m a fan of print myself.”

    Then would you please answer why Yen’s current releases look yellow?

    I mean Yen hasn’t dulled in its quality of color pages but the fact that all the pages could be viewed as lemons is bothersome especially when this started at the new year that was 2010:p

    Is Yen celebrating the year it downgraded on paper quality?

  202. I am a true reader but i want to know about the rules to the talent search

    can someone tell me

  203. [...] Whether this initiative will have a direct impact on piracy remains to be seen. Younger consumers will undoubtedly mourn the transition to an online-only edition, as it requires a credit card to purchase, while collectors are likely to protest the lack of a tangible object. Both groups complained loudly when Yen Press made a similar decision to discontinue the print edition of its Yen+ anthology in favor of an online version. [...]

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