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JUNE 2014

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8 Responses to “JUNE 2014”

  1. Wow, you guys have something that I want for every month!

  2. This is Puella Magi Madoka Magica: The Different Story, right? Not the original one again :P

  3. @snootymatt – Yup. Fixed to avoid confusion. Thanks!

  4. Yay for more Sword Art Online manga! I’m quite excited to get the first light novel in April. I just picked up volume 3 of Durarara!! Saika Arc, and I must say, I am thoroughly impressed with the inclusion of a dust jacket. It’s so beautiful…way to go Yen Press! I’ve never seen such a cool extra in a manga volume before. Here’s hoping you continue such excellent releases going forward, you have my support!

  5. Hello Yen Press,
    I think the artist for SAO Fairy Dance manga is not the same one who drew the Aincrad manga.

  6. @Shiki – Fixed!

  7. Hello Yen Press, aren’t you going to publish in June Accel World Light Novel first volume ?

  8. Stardust902 Says:

    please will you publish the kingdom hearts 2 manga??? kingdom hearts 358/2 days is already completed now :D

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