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JULY 2014

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31 Responses to “JULY 2014”

  1. Um, this is the month for the beginning of Umineko Episode 4…can’t wait for more Blood Lad! ;)

  2. Yeah the Umineko Episode is wrong it’s supposed to say Episode 4 not 3 :)

  3. And you put Kei Natsumi again! Soichiro!

  4. the N.M.H.I.L.A.I.I.Y.G.F.I.N.P. volume 4 is supposed to say July in the release date in its page not April btw

  5. Hey, you know how the second Alliance book says Roromiya not Rokkenjima in the description? Will the book have that error or did Amazon just goof up????

  6. @Kait – Since the cover of this volume is still a work in progress, that error will not be present on the final book.

  7. Please, use Ange cover for that Umineko volume!!

  8. Oh good! Thank you :)

  9. @Hiera I am sure they will. They always use the volume 1 cover for the first volume in each arc :)

  10. Yay! We get to see Ange in action! :D And Sakutarou… :(

  11. Now that Omamori Himari and Is This a Zombie? have reached their final (main series) volumes, I wonder if the side story series are to come…

    Also, Accel World is missing from the main book listing.

  12. Um, I have a question: Whenever you guys release a new volume of a Ryukishi07 work, why do you guys remove the small box in the background that provides scenery that are always in the original Japanese volumes? Just asking cuz I’m curious :)

  13. Why is there such a large gap of time between PandoraHearts 20 and PandoraHearts 21? It shouldn’t take 5 months to release a book like that.(Maximum should be 2 months)

  14. Does your Umineko license include Chiru (the answer arcs), Tsubasa, and Episode X?

  15. @Cameron – Volume 21 was released in Japan in late Nov 2013, so taking into account the licensing, receipt of materials and assets, translation, lettering, editing, proofreading, proofing, printing, and distribution, July 2014 is a pretty quick turnaround. :P

  16. I can’t wait to read Black Butler. They left book 16 at a cliff hanger.

  17. YP i still really hope you guys will get the pandora hearts caucus race novels ;u; would be a dream come true

  18. I know who’s on the cover of Black Butler vol.17 & 18. On the cover of vol.17 it’s Edward and on the cover of vol.18 it’s Ciel. (Vol.18 is being released on October 28th which is also my birthday!!!)

  19. I can’t wait to see Ange in manga form. She slowly but surely became my favorite Umineko character as the VN episodes went on (Well, I like Erika too…but still!).


  21. Soichiro’s name isn’t credited on the copyright for Ep. 4 in Umineko’s page :/

  22. Redworthy Says:

    I’m going to miss ‘Is This a Zombie?’, pity it ends before the whole story is actually over…
    I hope you release the spin off manga and the Light Novels because they will finish the whole story.

  23. The Accel World light novel page redirects to the manga page instead. o__o;;

  24. Ah Umineko cover with Ange looks so awesome :3

  25. I’ll be getting Is this a zombie and Umineko Ep4 for sure! Counting down the days.


  27. Guess what? Coles gave me Soul Eater NOT!volume 3 and Black Butler volume 17 before the release date. Black Butler volume 17 is epic and Soul Eater NOT! volume 3 follows the Anime (it has more Dr.Stein!!!)!!!

  28. What is going on with the pricing of Black Butler on Amazon?
    Please tell me that is a mistake, I refuse to pay $19.64.

  29. @tt: I reckon it’s another casualty of the Amazon vs Hachette price wars. Just buy it on Rightstuf or Barnes & Noble instead.

  30. HI @ Linger
    I just purchased Black Butler Vol. 14 on Amazon so the cost was $13 + shipping & handling + tax = $18.39!
    The price of the books are usually $11.99 on the cover of the book. So why do Amazon & Yen Press publisher charge even more When will it end? Another problem is that Amazon is charging items from multiple orders. And you will be charged separate shipping charges for EACH orders. Has Amazon always done this before?

  31. @Marci: It’s because Amazon is purposely trying to hurt Yen Press’s business. Yen Press doesn’t want to price titles like that, because it discourages sales. Amazon has also disabled pre-orders for Yen Press books. Just google “hachette amazon feud” and read up on it.

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